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Fun fact: That fox has that same smug expression on his face for 90% of the movie.

Zootopia, also known as Zootropolis to Britfags, or Zoophilia, as we would say, is the latest furfag offering released in American theaters on March 4, 2016 by the same people at the House of Mouse who created other fantastic films such as Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6. Starring a fox and a rabbit, this is yet another film which seeks to convert the new generation into furries, which unfortunately seems to be the case for the Western world.

The movie

This is an actual character in the film. Typical.
Zootopia is one of those films...

The film takes place in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals (because that plot setting hasn't been used a fucktrillion times before amirite?) who discriminate against each other depending on what species they are. A rabbit named Judy Hopps, rebels against social norms and insists on fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a police officer. She graduates from training and is sent to Zootopia where some degenerate piece of shit named "Chief Bogo" assigns her to parking duty. During one of her shifts, she meets a fox and his miniature fuckbuddy who are partners in crime. They trick Judy into buying an ice pop for them so they can illegally resell it for profit. Sometime later this weasel faggot decides to steal from a shop in broad daylight like a fucking genius, and Judy chases him into Tiny Town and pwns the little wanker. Despite single-handedly apprehending a thief, Chief Bogo doesn't even give a fuck and almost b& her because she abandoned her shift to go after the Weaselfag. However, Judy is saved at the last second when a random otter goes missing and she volunteers to take the case, with the promise that she must solve it within 48 hours or else she's permabanned.

Judy catches Nick Wilde illegally reselling ice pops for profit and blackmails the bastard into assisting her with finding Otterton. Nick complies and traces down Otterton's limousine in the middle of a barren, icy wasteland where crime boss Mr. Big brings them back to his headquarters and tells them that Otterton went savage and attacked his chauffeur, Manchas. Judy confronts Manchas (a jaguar) who also goes savage and nearly kills the duo. With 10 hours remaining, Judy and Nick are able to locate Mr. Otterton through CCTV footage and arrest Mayor Lionheart after witnessing his involvement with Otterton's disappearance. Some other dumb shit happens and Nick then ragequits because Judy hurted his feelings, so she returns to her hometown as a lowlife skank and, through absolute coincidence, randomly discovers that animals go savage over psychotropic plants, returns to Shittopia, becomes Nick's personal hugslut through reconciliation, interrogates Duke Weaselfag and learns of his association with a guy in a secret lab named Doug, and that Doug is cooking meth creating the psychotropic serum as ammunition for a dart gun.

Judy and Nick capture all evidence from the secret lab and try to report it when they discover that:

Bellwether then gets arrested within minutes and Mayor Lionheart is released from the slammer while Judy and Nick officially join the police force so they can ruin the fun for mass shooters and terrorists all around Zootopia. Teh edn.

The abridged version

They all lived happily ever after, shithead.


Behind the scenes
Being molested at a young age turned Wilde into what he is now.
Judy doing the right choice after seeing the furry fandom.

Judy Hopps: A naive, unsophisticated female rabbit who inspires to be a cop. The protagonist of the film.

Nick Wilde: That stupid con artist faggot who teams up with Judy after being caught illegally reselling a product for profit. Nick is never prosecuted for his involvement with this scheme despite having been caught red-handed by Judy, because fuck the police.

Dawn Bellwether: A massive cocktease who convinces everybody that she is just an innocent little sheep with the subtlety of a plane crash, when in actual fact she is the true mastermind of a species-supremacist conspiracy, though everyone is too stupid to realise this. Rember kids; with ewes you lose.

Mr. Big: An Arctic shrew who is apparently a crime boss whom everyone in the district is terrified of, despite being as small as a fat Asian's dick (when erect). Also has a weird-ass pedo voice whenever he talks.

Chief Bogo: Some overpowered, jackass buffalo who serves as the chieftain of the dicks.

Mr. Otterton: A random civilian who goes savage to give this film a mysterious character.

Duke Weaselton: A thieving nigger who nobody likes.

Mayor Lionheart: The mayor of Zootopia. He manhandles the savage predators like a boss until Judy arrests him.

Clawhauser: An obese Chanfaggot cheetah who fails at being the police dispatcher.

Flash: The slowest motherfucker in recorded history, takes half an hour to slide his foreskin back during masturbation.

Gazelle: Female pop singer who does what female pop singers do.


The film has gained a cult following among the furfaggots of the online world. BuzzFeed took to Twitter Last Thursday and searched for the biggest fucktards discussing how the film was purposely made for those who have an infatuation with fur.

Yeah, the niggerfaggots at BuzzFeed actually discussed this.

It was also revealed that the animators for Zootopia, one in particular named Daniel Gonzales, is a filthy fucking Yiffer who requested for his fans to send fursuit pics for the animation team to jack off to.



You fap to this, sick fuck

CODfag BAWWW'ing over a bit of Zootopia furry porn

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