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Zodiac Vandal

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His lame logo

The Zodiac Template Vandal is probably the worst of the azn vandals to ever hit TOW. Despite the fact that he is not planning on hitting æ, to this day he will continue to bombard TOW with his high and mighty shit and thinks that he can run websites, and is a stupid fuck. He also loves taking the alias of mass murderers from the sixties to scare people into believing that he is actually dangerous.


What he wants you to believe.
What we believe.
This is the Zodiac speaking. Tell all the other websites that they are in for a big treat. Tommorow I will begin spreading my reign, but digress, I will not leave you, because you provide me with such comfort. I think you people should put little 申 boxes on your pages, because I own this website now.


—The Zodiac Template Vandal claims he owns every single website he vandalizes, despite the fact that ED does not tolerate that kind of shit and will nail this cunt to the ground IRL.

I am not impressed with the admins on this site. They are incompetant nincompoops.


—Zodiac Template Vandal experiencing butthurt from admins on TOW.

I can just go to a template and put in my warnings to thousands of people and it will stay for minutes. Can Mr. Hagger and Mr. Wheels do that?


—Zodiac Template Vandal experiencing more butthurt after Grawp, Hagger, and Willy on Wheels decide that he is better than this chink.



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See what I mean? He's very retarded!

DoS attempts

Unlike other ED vandals, this user has done the worst he can do to ED, and that is to DoS ED. He knows that ED is 100% DoS proof even though he tried to DoS ED two times.

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