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Elitezoo Network Zetaforum Chris Darrow Brindlequin

Elitezoo Network Zetaforum is one of the other major furfag and bestiality sites on the internet. For people that have not registered it may seem like a normal site. Once you register and go into one of selected threads you may notice this is worse than your typical furry forum. They have videos of people fucking any kind of animal, vaginally or anally. They treat animals like they were humans and even go so low as actually dating them. They even give you sexual tips on what type of animal is good for fucking and how you should fuck such animal. This gives camwhores who love to fuck animals just what they need because they even have a request page for everyone to jack off to them having sex with animals.

most of the shit that is talked about.
Chris Darrow a.k.a. Brindlequin on Elitezoo Network Zetaforum.
Profile page of Chris Darrow as Brindlequin on the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum.
Great Dane Meetup Chris Darrow Co-Organizer - Wanna guess what they do with those big dogs?
Chris Darrow (Brindlequin Elitezoo Network) @cdndenver Twitter Page Denver Colorado
Chris Darrow (Brindlequin Elitezoo Network) MyLife Page Denver Colorado http://mylife.com/msithero
Colorado Green I.T. Facebook Owners Chris Darrow and Ty Wilson
The Whois record for Elitezoo.com with Chris Darrow's own ColoradoGreen IT listed as the Registrar...is this a dumbass move or what? http://www.cogreen.it
Chris Darrow - LinkedIn.com
Chris Darrows Network of Bestiality Websites - November 2010.
Need more moolah for the servers - November 2010.
Also need moolah for the Bestiality Tracker - November 2010.

A typical Bestiality "Den" area where these pervs perform sex acts with their dogs and sometimes also make zoo porn to share on Elitezoo Network Zetaforum. This really makes Motel-6 look like a 5-Star Hotel...ick!

Elitezoo Network Zetaforum site owned by Chris Darrow a.k.a. Brindlequin

Christopher Alson Darrow ~ Born March 25, 1977

Chris Darrow with one of his Sex Partners, a Great Dane Brindlequin named Bleu. Are they cute together?

Christopher Alson Darrow (now a.k.a. Brindlequin and f.k.a. Fjord Stallion ) is a known bestialist and the owner of the Elitezoo Network of Elitezoo.com, ZetaForum.org, ZetaTracker.org, ZetaFurry.org, ZetaWiki.org, ZetaSpace.org and the Elitezoo.com/ircChat/ of Bestiality websites (NOTE: As of December 10th, 2011 only the Elitezoo.com and EliteZoo Network ircChat sites are up). Chris Darrow worked for Douglas Spink (a.k.a. Fausty who is another well known and "self-outed" bestialist) at Mr. Spinks Baneki Privacy Computing Inc. from April 2007 to June 2010. Chris Darrow was recently interviewed for an article published on the Broward Palm Beach New Times Blogs on August 6th, 2009 with the title Zoophiles Forum Invites Inquisitive Visitors where Chris talked about his network of bestiality websites and how they grew over the years.

Chris Darrow interview on his Elitezoo Network Zetaforum websites on the Broward Palm Beach New Times Blogs

Chris Darrow denies being Brindlequin on the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum....O'Rly?

Photo Image of a Brindlequin used for the Avatar on Elitezoo Network Zetaforum by Chris Darrow

We find it funny in a way that for some reason Chris Darrow is now claiming that he is not running his Elitezoo Bestiality sites as Brindlequin, has no say in what even goes on there and this is someone completely different...really? No doubt people who know Chris, either dealing with him these many years (both online and directly) will clearly over time recognize the word usage and writing style of his posts on the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum as Brindlequin, which also match what he did as Fjord Stallion and before that as GP2K9....I think this is how Theodore Kaczynski was finally connected by his own writings in the past to that manifesto written by the "Unabomber", from the real FBI title use of UNABOM = "UNiversity and Airline BOMBer" to refer for that case.

Is Brindlequin Chris Darrow?

Let's ask this question then. Is it only a coincidence that...

1: The Location

A - Brindlequin listed location is Colorado.

B - Chris Darrow lives in Lakewood Colorado.

2: The Gender and Sexuality

A - Brindlequin is a Bisexual Male.

B - Chris Darrow is a Bisexual Male.

3: The User name - This would be #1 on Letterman's Top Ten list!

A - The user name Brindlequin is taken from a recognized color type for a Great Dane dog breed.

B - Chris Darrow owns a Great Dane Brindlequin dog named Bleu. (See photo of Chris and Bleu above!)

4: Matching biography information

A - Brindlequins About Me says "Single white Bi males in my mid thirties. Working professional, make good money. Own my own house. I like to ride horses, dirt bikes and motorcycles not necessarily in that order.

B - Chris Darrow is a Bi male, is in his mid thirties (he will be 35 on March 25th, 2012), owns a house, and well, yada, yada, yada...

5: Elitezoo came back to life on December 11th, 2011 and...

A - Brindlequin registered date is December 11th.

B - Fjord Stallion (his original nom-de-plume on zetaforum.org) also registered on December 11th.

...we can add more, but we think that you got the point by now.

The Domain Name Elitezoo.com was first registered on October 12th, 2004 by Chris Darrow and ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) does not show any change of ownership for the Domain of elitezoo.com in all of these years. Either Chris Darrow still has full control of this Domain and indeed still running the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum bestiality sites as Brindlequin, or for some strange reason has given control of just about everything to someone else (while still being listed as the Domain owner?) and has nothing to do with it. Yea, right...tell us another bedtime story! If he really did give full control of the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum bestiality sites to someone else, then whatever that "other" person does will eventually come right back to him as the registered owner of the Domain...that would mean whatever this "Brindlequin" fellow does, Chris in the end will be responsible for it. Why would he do that? Now let that thought marinate in your mind for awhile.

The Whois, Registrar and the ISP for the Domain elitezoo.com all are connected with Chris Darrow and along with some of the Whois lookups, we even see the Registration Service for that Domain is provided by Colorado Green IT, Chris Darrows own business. See the screen shot of this on the right column -->

We find this rather pointless that Chris would even try to deny that he is Brindlequin, because all that anyone has to do is to see what goes on there on a daily basis and everyone will clearly see this is the same person.

BTW: A big thanks to the folks for letting us know about this one.

The Elitezoo Network Zetaforum Chatroom

If you really want to find out what these Bestiality Pervs talk about all the time, why not go visit their "Zoo" Chatroom and read what they have to say...even let them know what you think about all of this. Here is where you will also find Chris Darrow hanging out as Brindlequin most of the time. To access the chatroom, click this.

Chris Darrow as Brindlequin with some of his Beasty Perverts in their Elitezoo IRC Chatroom - Elitezoo Network Zetaforum

The Moderating Team at the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum

There are several other Members of this bestiality website that make up the Administrators and Global/Forum Moderators and help Chris Darrow run his Elitezoo Network Zetaforum Bestiality websites. If you visit the Bestiality site, don't forget to tell each one of these in the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum Moderating Team your thoughts and opinions about the place they help Chris to run.....more info on these to follow.

Elitezoo network zetaforum moderating team.jpg

Old News: November 7th, 2010 - Website Down

As of November 7th, 2010 the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum and all their related bestiality sites are currently down (something about Chris not paying his server bills, again!) but may resurface at any time....lets just hope it stays that way and they never comes back.

Another theory may be that the police finally tracked down these sick fucks and sent them to prison. (Reply: Either that theory was wrong or they are now out on parole? Either way, bummer they are back...for the moment!)

Elitezoo Network Zetaforum Sites down since 11/07/2010.

Update: December 10th, 2011 - Is Chris Darrow getting his Bestiality Network up again?

After over a year not being active on the internet (Well, all good things must come to an end....I guess?) it seems the Main Domain for the Bestiality Network EliteZoo.com has come back to life. A Sign In webpage is now displayed on that site, but for some odd reason there is no option to register as a New User on that site.....hmmm? and there is a Create Account tab on the top right. Stay tuned to this webpage if anything further developes.

Now everyone with four legs and a tail.....RUN!!!!

This Webpage just showed up on the 'net around December 10th, 2011

December 14, 2011 - Elitezoo Network teams up with Zoosexuality.org

Seems the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum owned and run by Chris Darrow has joined up with another site (or is it getting tied?) called Zoosexuality.org so they both can share all the explicit talk, stories, pictures and very graphic videos on bestiality with all the members on both sites. This announcement] was posted on December 14th on the Elitezoo Network about the new merger...


Advanced Member

Group: Spokesperson

797 posts

Location Mid-West Alabama.

Sexuality:Zoosexual Exclusive


Posted 14 December 2011 - 06:38 AM

EZ coming back. Some may be elated. Others may be upset. Either way, there is a choice for you (ZS members) to make. Here is what is going on and what you can do about it:

First, in testing we imported the database from ZS into the beta forum. This means that you will have an account on the beta forum (EZ) and all of the forum topics from ZS will be there. There will be a change in the rules and a few new admins.

If you disagree with the rules, you can email me ( [email protected] ), reply to this message in the forums, or PM me on either forum and opt-out.

Next, there will be explicit material on the new forum. If you do not like this, you can email me, reply to this message in the forums, or PM me on either forum to opt-out.

Finally, there will be new admins on the new forum. Again, if you dislike this you can email me, reply to this message in the forums, or PM me on either forum to opt-out.

If you choose to opt-out of the new forum your account there will be removed. Classic ZS can still be accessed via zoosexuality.org/zeta for those that are interested.

--- Please note that they are still separate forums. Posts here will not be reflected there unless manually copied and vice versa.

...but not all the users like the idea or feel this is a wise move on their part having any connections whatsoever with Chris Darrow and his bestiality Network, like this member who posted his general thoughts and feelings about the announcement and the "opt-out" option given if you did not like the move...


Advanced Member

Group: Members

108 posts



Posted 17 December 2011 - 08:43 AM

Okay, so ere's a question. Why te fuck is it tat people wo ave legitament concerns about EZ are considered selfis while tose wo continue to flaunt piece of sit [wic, I migt add, is aving more negative attention tan people feel comfortable] are considered to be patron saints?

...or in other words, what humacyrnus is really saying is you are now a member of Elitezoo and if you do not like the change, send us a note and we'll delete your ass and fuck you very much...we don't need your kind around here!

BTW that reply posted by Tannebaum was soon after deleted by Chris Darrow himself (but preserved here and in the screen shot image below...hehe!), leaving no doubt that he still practices his brand of rampant censorship (running the site the way he wants it without any concerns from members), not allowing any questions, comments or criticisms directed at the Network or him personally from anyone on anything...ever! Chris has always done this shit from "Day-One" when his very fertile mind (read that as shit-for-brains) thought up this bestiality site and started the thing.

Announcement the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum will team up with the Zoosexuality.org site

December 18, 2011 - Restrictions on Registering an Account on Elitezoo Network Zetaforum

Currently this is what you will get if you click the Create Account on Elitezoo Network Zetaforum...

Invited by existing member.jpg

...seems that you now need to know a bestiality-perv and have that perv "invite" you in order to register and join the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum sites...is this not the "standard" way for someone to join a Pedophile website? You can read about this here in the "public" Topic Chris Darrow started. This Topic seems to be "missing" and is either blocked or has been deleted.

New Invite Based Registration System.jpg

There is another Topic about this you can read here and even post your thoughts about it as a Guest.

We will let you know the moment when (or is it, if? hehe!) this "restriction" is lifted and you can register once more to read and post your views on their site. However we did notice for the (very few) Topics that are visible and you can read without registering, it is possible to post replies as a Guest. We suggest you take advantage of that "loophole" before it is gone! BTW Be sure to save a screenshot of your post right after since it most likely will be deleted by Chris the moment he reads it!

NOTE: Since we already had a few accounts on Zoosexuality.org before their DB was added to the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum sites, we now have full user access to that area, even though they came up with this "Invite" system and purged all new registrations made after December 11th.....the Lulz is watching them right now!

UPDATE: May 2012 Registrations currently Open without first getting an Invite to Join

Starting in May 2012 and for the next 30 days you now can register without first getting an invite from a bestiality-perv that is already a "Member" there...but hurry, the kennel-doors may close at any time once they see this update!

Click This to Register a new account on Elitezoo Network Zetaforum

BREAKING NEWS: Elitezoo Network Zetaforum Off-Line, May 15, 2012

We monitor the site 24-hours and have noted in the last 12 hours it appears the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum websites are off-line. Did Chris Darrow miss yet another server payment or has he seen the light....no, better the Groundhog saw his shadow and decided to go back to his hidey-hole? Their EliteZoo Network ircChat Room still seems to be working. Is this the end? One can only hope....stay tuned for more information when it becomes available.

Side note: This may be speculation at this point, but the information we have right now is their Internet service provider Leaseweb B.V. Noord-holland, Amsterdam in the Netherlands may have shut them down after receiving information that the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum was providing content that violated Leaseweb B.V. own Acceptable Use Policy. If this is correct and Chris Darrow decides to try and bring his Bestiality sites up again with another ISP, we'll go after that provider the same as we did with Leaseweb. We could be wrong and they may be off-line for a different reason, but this will not deter us from our efforts to shut them down, forever.

You can still Register on Zoosexuality.org

Until the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum stops hiding in their "dog houses" and lift the registration requirements of needing an invite from another bestiality perv, everyone still can register on their partner site Zoosexuality.org which basically have the same bestiality pervs registered on Elitezoo.com. To register on Zoosexuality.org, click this.

Zoosexuality.org - the partner site for Elitezoo Network Zetaforum

Elitezoo Network Zetaforum now hosted in the Netherlands, again?

Not too long ago Chris Darrow made a big thing and got everyone in a panic when some new laws were added in the Netherlands where his ISP for these sites were hosted at that time, which would surely have caused real problems for the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum sites and Chris Darrow himself because he was (and still are!!!) hosting pornographic bestiality material such as photos and videos...

Bestiality Outlawed - Netherlands Bans Sex with Animals - Spiegel Online International, March 14, 2008 The ban was two years in the making, but the Dutch parliament has finally decided to outlaw bestiality and animal pornography.

The Dutch parliament voted unanimously Thursday to ban sex with animals and pornography depicting bestiality. Anyone breaking the law now risks being sent to jail for up to six months. Until now, Dutch law had only forbidden bestiality in cases where animal suffering was involved.

By passing the ban, the Netherlands joins the ranks of 80 countries where animal pornography is explicity forbidden, Harm Evert Waalkens, the member of parliament who proposed the law, told the Associated Press. "The Netherlands has been a magnet for perversities -- and we want to stop that," Waalkens said, adding that pornographers had lobbied fiercely against a ban.

The Party for the Animals, however, which has two members of parliament, wanted the ban to be more wide-ranging. The party's Esther Ouwehand called for the castration of pigs and the artifical insemination of cows to also be outlawed, too.

...after the new laws were passed in the Netherlands, Chris Darrow made such a big fuss about it, took his "Board Offline" so only he and Staff could login and posted an announcement about an "emergency server move" because of it. Now he is back in the Netherlands...hmm? This is what everyone saw for several days when trying to access the site during this big "emergency" and the big move to a new ISP...

Elitezoo Network Zetaforum announces emergency server move out of the Netherlands

Elitezoo Network Zetaforum announces emergency server move out of the Netherlands, update

....you think after all of that, Chris Darrow would never pick another ISP in the Netherlands...ever! If this was such a big issue and a real "emergency" then why is he back with a host in Amsterdam? The current IP Address for Elitezoo.com is with a IP Location of Noord-holland - Amsterdam - Leaseweb B.V. (Netherlands)...wtf?

Elitezoo Network Zetaforum in the Netherlands - Noord-holland, Amsterdam - ISP Leaseweb B.V.

As to Elitezoo on their new ISP in The Netherlands, here are parts from LeasaeWeb own Acceptble Use Policies as of 15 November 2011...



1.1 Customers shall only use the Services for lawful purposes and shall refrain from any use that Breaches the LeaseWeb Policies, the General Conditions, the Services Specification, the Service Level Schedule, the Agreement or any applicable Law.

1.2 Without prejudice to the generality of Clause 1.1 of this Chapter 2, and without prejudice to the law that applies to the Agreement, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Customer’s use of the Services is to be compliant with (mandatory) Law in the country where the Equipment is located; and that LeaseWeb shall be entitled to vary the Service in order to comply with such local Law.

1.3.8 defamation, child pornography, child erotica and obscenity;

1.4 Customer acknowledges that any use of the Services in Breach of the Acceptable Use Policy could subject Customer to criminal and/or civil liability, in addition to other actions by LeaseWeb outlined in Chapter 6 of the LeaseWeb Policies and in the General Conditions.


2.2 Customer is prohibited from storing, distributing or transmitting any unlawful material through the Services. Examples of unlawful material include, but are not limited to:

2.2.2 child pornography, child erotica;

2.4 Customer acknowledges that the storage, distribution, or transmission of unlawful or prohibited materials could subject Customer to criminal and/or civil liability, in addition to other actions by LeaseWeb outlined in Chapter 6 of the LeaseWeb Policies and in the General Conditions.

To read and download the complete LeaseWeb Policies for hosting in the Netherlands click LeaseWeb B.V. - The Netherlands

If you would like to contact Leaseweb B.V. directly and add your voice to tell them what Elitezoo.com is all about, what they have on that site and to remind them that it violates both their own Acceptable Use Policy and the laws of the Netherlands where this site is hosted here is their contact information:

LeaseWeb B.V. has a Contact Form on their website where you can report this directly. In part, it reads..

If you have questions about our company or services or need to report violations of our Acceptable Use Policy, please use the contact form or appropriate contact information below to contact LeaseWeb.

Be sure to click on the dropdown for Subject and click on Report Abuse so they know what your message is all about.

Here are other ways to contact them directly, which are...


[email protected]


T +31 20 316 2880

F +31 20 316 2890

Street Address:

LeaseWeb B.V.

Mollerusweg 102

2031 BZ Haarlem

The Netherlands

Mail Address:

LeaseWeb B.V.

P.O. Box 93054

1090 BB Amsterdam

The Netherlands

The Netherlands Law for the offense of committing lewd acts and pornography with animals

This is the Bulletin of Acts, Orders and Decrees of the Kingdom of the Netherlands passed on March 4th, 2010 on the offense of committing lewd acts with animals and pornography with animals (prohibiting sex with animals) both in the original Dutch and translated for English...

Netherlands Law in Dutch


Staatsblad van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden


Jaargang 2010



Wet van 4 maart 2010, houdende strafbaarstelling van het plegen van ontuchtige handelingen met dieren en pornografie met dieren (verbod seks met



Wij Beatrix, bij de gratie Gods, Koningin der Nederlanden, Prinses van Oranje-Nassau, enz. enz. enz.

Allen, die deze zullen zien of horen lezen, saluut! doen te weten: Alzo Wij in overweging genomen hebben, dat het wenselijk is ontuchtige handelingen met dieren en pornografie met dieren strafbaar te stellen en daartoe

het Wetboek van Strafrecht en het Wetboek van Strafvordering te wijzigen; Zo is het, dat Wij, de Raad van State gehoord, en met gemeen overleg der Staten-Generaal, hebben goedgevonden en verstaan, gelijk Wij goedvinden en

verstaan bij deze:


Na artikel 253 van het Wetboek van Strafrecht worden twee artikelen ingevoegd, die luiden:

Artikel 254

Hij die ontuchtige handelingen pleegt met een dier wordt gestraft met gevangenisstraf van ten hoogste een jaar en zes maanden of geldboete van de

vierde categorie.

Artikel 254a

1. Met gevangenisstraf van ten hoogste zes maanden of geldboete van de derde categorie wordt gestraft degene die een afbeelding – of een

gegevensdrager, bevattende een afbeelding – van een ontuchtige handeling, waarbij een mens en een dier zijn betrokken of schijnbaar zijn betrokken,

verspreidt, openlijk tentoonstelt, vervaardigt, invoert, doorvoert, uitvoert of in bezit heeft. 2. Met gevangenisstraf van ten hoogste een jaar of geldboete van de vierde categorie wordt gestraft degene die van het plegen van een van de

misdrijven, omschreven in het eerste lid, een beroep of een gewoonte maakt.


In artikel 67, eerste lid, onderdeel b, van het Wetboek van Strafvordering wordt na «137g, tweede lid,» ingevoegd: 254a,.


Deze wet treedt in werking op een bij koninklijk besluit te bepalen tijdstip.

Lasten en bevelen dat deze in het Staatsblad zal worden geplaatst en dat alle ministeries, autoriteiten, colleges en ambtenaren wie zulks aangaat, aan

de nauwkeurige uitvoering de hand zullen houden.

Gegeven te ’s-Gravenhage, 4 maart 2010 - Beatrix

De Minister van Justitie, E. M. H. Hirsch Ballin

Uitgegeven de zestiende maart 2010

De Minister van Justitie, E. M. H. Hirsch Ballin

Netherlands Law translated to English


Bulletin of Acts, Orders and Decrees of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Year 2010



Act of March 4, 2010, on the offense of committing lewd acts with animals and pornography with animals (prohibiting sex with animals)


We Beatrix, by the grace of God Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, etc. etc. etc. To all who shall see or hear these presents! Be it

known: Whereas We have considered the desirability of lewd acts with animals and with animals punishable pornography and seeking the Penal Code and the

Code of Criminal Procedure to alter the way that we, the Board of state hearing, and in consultation with the States General, have approved and decreed

as We hereby approve and decree:


After Article 253 of the Penal Code, two Articles are inserted the following:

Article 254

He who commits lewd acts with an animal shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding one year and six months or a fine of the fourth category.

Article 254A

1. By imprisonment not exceeding six months or a fine of third category is punished those image - or a data carrier containing an image - of a lewd act

with a man and an animal involved or ostensibly involved, distributes, publicly exhibits , manufactures, imports, carries through, carrying or


2. By imprisonment not exceeding one year or a fine of fourth category shall be imposed on those who commit any of the crimes defined in the first

paragraph, a profession or a habit.


In Article 67, first paragraph, under b, of the Code of Criminal Procedure after "137g, second paragraph," added: 254A,.


This Act shall enter into force on a date to be determined by Royal Decree.

We order and command that this Act shall be published in the Gazette and that all ministries, authorities, bodies and officials whom it may concern

shall diligently implement it will hold.

Done at The Hague, March 4, 2010 - Beatrix

The Minister of Justice, E. M. H. Hirsch Ballin

Published on the March 16, 2010

The Minister of Justice, E. M. H. Hirsch Ballin


To view and download the written preparations, plenary and the final proclamation when this law was being worked on, click

here for links to the pdf files in Dutch. Here is an English translation for

that part of the webpage...

31,009 - Initiative proposal Waalkens-Ban sex with animals, this initiative proposal by the Lower House Waalkens (PvdA) has sex with animals pornography or illegal. Even if the sex occurs in the private situation and if there is no pain, injury or damage to the health or welfare of the animal.

With this proposal, the applicant contribute to the protection of morals. All sexual conduct with a similar punishment for use, the proposal for the term 'sexual acts' choice. The applicant also wants to distribute and possession of (virtual) animals porn criminalize.

To directly view, download and save the final Dutch Bulletin of Acts, Orders and Decrees of the Kingdom of the Netherlands of March 4, 2010, on the offense of committing lewd acts with animals and pornography with animals (prohibiting sex with animals), which is also in pdf, click here.

We are now gathering together all information we have, including our login accounts on the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum sites and will be passing this over to the Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands. For information on how to contact them as well, click this.


Even though we are working very hard to get the word out on Chris Darrow and his Elitezoo Network Zetaforum Bestiality websites, we believe the more people "they" hear from about this, the better!

If you know of any Animal Welfare / Rights / Humane / Rescue Organizations (especially in the United States and in particular the Denver, Colorado area) please send them a message about this site and the owner on what is going on, along with a link to this web page. Here is one List of animal welfare groups as an example to start with and you should have no problems finding others in a typical web-search. We already have sent email with information to several groups and organizations, mostly in the Denver Colorado area and it would help to get groups like these their attention on this by hearing from others on this as well....again, the more they hear from, the better!

To contact the ISP that hosts the Elitezoo.com website and tell them what goes on in there, check out the Contact Information listed in the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum now hosted in the Netherlands, again? above or for the LeaseWeb B.V. own Contact Form to Report Abuse, Click This to access directly.

If you don't want to do this just for fun, or because you are bored or to cause general mayhem, PLEASE do it for the Animals!

Please Help Us!

Our Mission Goal: To get this site shut down for good and eventually see the Domain elitezoo.com dropped from the ICANN Registry along with all their other related Domains linked to the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum Bestiality websites. We have been monitoring this Network, their Domains, ISP's and Registrars on a daily basis for close to two years and will continue to do this until they are gone...forever!

Famous people that have their own account

External Links

Chris Darrow's World Headquarters for the Elitezoo Network Zetaforum in Lakewood, Colorado

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