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Zero is truly the epitome of AWESOME.

Zero Whitefang is a fatass weeaboo furry on an epic quest to gain as much fucking weight as he can. Appropriately enough, his fursona is that of a morbidly obese dragon. He can be found fagging it up on various places, including Deviantart, YouTube, FurAffinity, and even Gaia.


Note the abundance of fat shit, wapanese fappery, and emo bands.

Like most furfags, he has absolutely no drawing talent whatsoever, and so his art galleries are full of juvenile fetish fap scribbles of his fursona, photographs of various shit, and failed attempts at memes. Because of his lack of ability, Zero has apparently whored out to various inflation artists to draw inflation art of his ugly, bloated fursona. It would have saved a lot of taxpayer money had he merely done an image search for bodies that have been waterlogged for a few days, but I guess that's not murry furry enough for him.

Art of His Fursona


Zero has an account on YouTube, called BigBelliedDragon. Unfortunately, any furfags who click on it hoping to see an IRL dragon will be disappointed, as all they see will be some hairy, disgusting 'hy00man' jiggling his belly around. To be fair, if you're naive enough to believe in that shit, you deserve whatever you get.

Owing to the sick fuckery of the internet, he has fans who give him constant praise as they watch him slowly kill himself. According to his channel, Zero is about six feet tall and weighs upwards of 385 lbs.


Alterdeus, lol.
He shouldn't be talking, lol.
This comment is more funny than Zero planned it to be.

Zero and a few of his fatass furry buddies have migrated over to Gaia, thus allowing themselves to be titled Gaiafags. His account there is Zero_Whitefang. His profile is complete with a banner that someone made for him, and a TL;DR description of his fatass self.

He often posts in a furry thread and a weight gain thread where his obese furfag friends fap whenever he gains ten pounds.

Gaia Friends

  • Alterdeus - fatass furfag that gets off to images of him being a fat blob.
  • Schochioman - a clueless furfag who's possibly an aspie.
  • Kuro Kurayami - weeaboo furfag who HAETS ZOMBIES!

Trolled, lol

One day, a series of trolls invaded Zero and his friends' precious weight gain thread. The result was lulz. Eventually, the trolls pretty much got away with it, the fat furfags received warnings, and the thread was locked. Zero later on attempted to make another thread, but he scrapped it because it got flamed.

Zero's friends actually turned out to be bigger lolcows than Zero himself.

Screencapped Lulz

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