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Zarna posts shit like this on Facebook, where she just happens to forget how well her native India treats Mother Earth and her Children

Zarna Joshi is a batshit insane "British" SJW puppet from The Dark Crystal who clearly is off her meds. Zarna spends most of her time complaining about THE PATRIARCHY, talking about how White People are ruining the world, shitting on the Police just because of the 1% of Black deaths caused by the Police (versus the other 99% caused by other Black people), and conveniently ignoring the fact that the wonderful, intelligent, culturally enriched Brown People live in 3rd World Countries (but, that's only because of White Imperialism, or is at least a total coincidence).

Basically, instead of fixing the world, she's actually going after things that REALLY matter in this world: defending women who have been verbally raped by Dad Jokes.

A quick introduction to Zarna

Here, this video happens to sum up all of Zarna's kooky ideas in a single 1.3 hour video:

TL;DW version: "I'm brown, therefore I'm right; you're white, therefore you're wrong."

Seeing as her disease is Leftist SJWism, it's clear that she definitely needs her meds to begin with. It's just too bad she thinks she doesn't need them.

DID YOU SEXUALLY HARASS ME?!, aka The Legend of Hugh Mungus

One day in August 2016, Zarna Joshi visited Seattle's City Council along with her fellow BLM protestors in order to protest the construction of a new Seattle Police Station, called "The Bunker". Y'know, because a protestor's job is never finished, and it doesn't matter if you're not actually Black, they'll take anyone willing to make a complete ass out of themselves in the name of saving Black lives.

Anyways, it was there when Zarna confronted a man who was "Pro-Bunker", because the police saved the life of his drug-addicted daughter and that "Girls Matter". Clearly this level of aggression would not stand, and Zarna so was going to make an example of him for being "Pro-Bunker". So she started off with asking for his name, to which he replied with "Hugh Mungus".. y'know, because he doesn't owe her a God Damned thing. That's when things really escalated:

If you ever wanted the most perfect Gay Recruitment video, this is it. This video only shows ONE SIDE of the story. Zarna later took to Facebook to explain HER side of the story to her hugbox friends and family and other loved ones:

Excerpt; SOURCE: Facebook ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Exactly, because acting like a shrieking harpy is the BEST WAY to get people on your side.

Well, after the video went viral and everyone saw how much of a HERO she was by bravely acting like a psychopath against some MAN who gave a joke name because he wasn't obligated to interact with her in any way, she did what any sane person would do: DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and pretend it never happened. Even the original YouTube video upload was set to private, because that is the ONLY source for that video on the ENTIRE internet. But, don't worry, we know it happened. We all know it happened. It'll never not happen.

Who Is Hugh Mungus?

Speaking of Hugh Mungus, someone managed to track him down and get an interview in with him. Cool! His real name is Rudy Pantoja, and you can learn more about his side of the story in this video:

Basically, Hugh/Rudy was there at Seattle City Hall to support his daughter (who, at last check, was a female) in her struggle with drug addiction, as well as support the Seattle Police as they once actually save his daughter's life. But clearly such noble deeds just aren't good enough for some people. In any case, if you're at all interested in supporting Hugh in any way, check out Hope Soldiers.

Zarna's Latest Response Against The Patriarchy

Not happy enough with the fake outrage she created, Zarna is now trying with a series of fucktarded videos to justify herself, trying to impose her view about male-female relationships, disregarding more than 200,000 years of human evolution and courtship behavior and also trying to beg money to dickless cucks with the excuse that it is for her "safety fund"

To summarize her entire series of videos: "The points I'm making up SOUNDS legitimate, and so they therefore ARE legitimate. PS, I'm a woman and if you disagree with me, you're actually a slave to the system. You poor, unfortunate souls."

Zarna's Halloween Spookout Freaktacular

Not satisfied with her e-popularity fading as quickly as it rose, and maybe upset by the fact that searching her name on Google brings this very article as the first result and thus wanted to reform her image, Zarna decides to visit Seattle City Hall to prove once and for all she was not a one off meme:

BTW, don't touch her! DON'T TOUCH HER! DON'T TOUCH HER!!!

Oh don't worry... she may have been ejected from Seattle City Hall, but she'll be back.

Extra Junk


MundaneMatt has something to say about this, as always.

This guy makes a video about Zarna Joshi then gets pissed off that it's more popular than his
other videos and that other people won't stop talking about it, and so he disables comments...
but not before posting links to his other stuff because free hits are better than
removing access to a video you want to ignore on principle

The guy who interviews Hugh Mungus is reviewing Zarna's silly videos

What Zarna Joshi Really Wants

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