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She looks pretty damn healthy for someone in the final stages of cancer, huh?

At first glance, Yuethedragon appears to be a typical 15-year-old slut who wishes she were born a dog, but upon further inspection has a sweet creamy attention whore center. She is yet another one of the many poor souls dying of some horrible illness on DeviantART. Thank Jesus we brought her back to life!

You must follow these rules to be her friend

Said journal entries

There is a list of rules you must follow in order to satisfy the cow's goal to be extremely popular and liked.

Yue's journal rules

  1. Read the entire journal.
  2. See rule one.
  3. Give her money.
  4. Write comments with which she can shlick.
  5. Admire her art.
  6. Suck her E-penis harder.
  7. No mean comments.
  8. If she suddenly cries or starts bitching at you, it's your fault.

She's dyin' guys!

Yue was apparently scheduled to die sometime between October 31 and November 3 of 2011, (despite the fact that doctors only give their patients approximate dates of death, within a massive margin of error) of both brain and breast cancer. Not only was she unlucky enough to get breast cancer at the young age of 15, she was also unlucky enough to get brain cancer AT THE SAME TIME! Yeah, right. It's bad enough to lie about just one of those things, but then she wrote stuff such as getting surgery for brain cancer, having a week to live, getting stabbed by a nurse, going blind, getting kidnapped and blind-folded even though you're already blind, getting shot in a police war, being possessed by a demon, and planning to make a daring escape from the hospital where you are on life support which imprisons you.

She's dead, guys! ... but not really

Yup, she's dead.

Not even twenty-four hours after she BAWWleeted her DA account, her "friends and family" came out of the woodwork and started posting journals with questions about her deactivation and why everyone was being so mean to her, followed by a "friend" then posting a journal about how she died over Skype.

And then the wannabe-cancer patient's BFF-Jill was so heartbroken over the death of her friend that, not even two hours later, enthusiastically welcomed a suspicious newcomer and asked her if she would like to "do bases" and "join her dA family".

She "died during a Skype conversation". Oh and did I mention: She was also possessed by a demon, and even her friends are fed up with her.

She had a new account where SHE IS NOT NIKKI!!! Seriously, she doesn't know who Nikki is! Denial at its finest, eh?

She lives!

HOLY JEEZUS; PRAIZE TEH LORD: SHE'S ALIVE! All you good people out there that prayed for this poor innocent girl soul's safe journey to Heaven have performed the ultimate miracle! You've brought Yuethedragon back to life!

Yes, that's right. YueTheDragon has come back from the dead, and has reactivated her account. Greeted by a lovely welcome party of thousands, only two of which seem to have any sympathy left for her to suck dry. Why? Well, because she discovered a new lie that she feels could cover her fat ass, of course!

She has confessed to all of her lies about having cancer and about dying. She even revealed some of her alt accounts. All of this because she now has Münchausen Syndrome (or, as she calls it, "that attention sickness"), which she conveniently decided to be afflicted by after people started accusing her of it, and because she just wanted some sympathy in the midst of her public shaming.

Too bad the only "Münchausen" type she has is "Münchausen by Internet". You know - the one that isn't is a real mental disorder bullshit; a joke that perfectly describes the jokes that are attention whores like YuetheDragon, who go out of their way to fake illnesses and injuries without pictures or medical records to back them up?

Niggers, niggers everywhere

Oh, and if you really want to chat with her on Skype, her username is corien.haasbroek. Yeah, that's right. Corien Haasbroek. Does it sound South African to you?

Time to become an hero

Don't worry, she'll make another miraculous recovery. Angst Wolf Journal Skin is on her side.

Since she is no longer dying, Yue had to come up with another way to garnish the attention she so desperately craves. So, she's doing what every teenage girl does on the Internet: she's going to commit suicide. Of course, she's too much of a pussy, and is just going to wait and see if her laptop electrocutes her, or rip her imaginary cancer medicine out of her chunky-ass arms and experience an agonizingly slow death by her many lies.

No, I'm not going to wait.. I got the knife, I'll just go now, so long.. I love you all... see you all in hell..


— Yue thinking we give a shit.

Never mind, she's too impatient. Just wait an hour, she'll be back.

Less than twenty-four hours later, she's back. She has once again failed at dying, but while nearing death with her magical knife she somehow got in the hospital, she realized she could just block us! Let's see how fast we can fill up her 100 block limit.

I've already bee stopped four times from committing suicide, now I'm being watched 24/7. Yes, I have serious issues. I'm trying to cope with stress, actual stress. And, if you" say mean things, I will block you.


— Yue still thinking we give a shit.

What Yue thinks about cyber bullies

Her sockpuppets will always love her.

After about a week of no particularly juicy drama, everyone began to forget about Yue and disappear back into DeviantART, until one deviant got into a conversation with Yue about God. Yue told this deviant that when her mother was young, she was diagnosed with brain cancer and had only three months to live, and God saved her. In response, the deviant bluntly told her that God did not in fact save her mother, God is the one who made her sick. It was God's will that she die, and it was the doctors who saved her life. To this Yue argued and whined for a bit, but shortly after got offline to cry and cut herself. The next morning, after one deviant called it, Yue decided to make a journal to combat this deviant's cyber bullying, and make DeviantART a better place. In the end this backfired, on her when she called out AmyRoserules1, who had nothing to do with the deviant who had been trolling her in the first place. This journal caused the shit-storm to start once again, and quickly her journal was bombed with comments telling her she can't call out other deviants, and Dr. Phil isn't a reputable source of information. When AmyRoseRules1 saw the journal, she made a journal in response, which dug Yue into a deeper hole as Amy is one of the more popular deviants on the site, and soon there was an army of white knights flaming Yue, telling her to kill herself and leave DeviantART. To this Yue responded by making a poll to see if people really did want her to leave. In less than an hour the tally shot up to twelve votes for her to stay, and seventy-five votes telling her to GTFO (half of which were likely alts). By the end the poll had reached nearly 130 votes for Leave, and only thirteen for Stay. The poll had spoken and Yue complied, deactivating less than twelve hours after the poll's creation. Too bad she still has a dozen alt accounts, and has a track-record of abusing deviantART's 30-days-to-change-your-mind deactivation system, with which she almost always comes back.

What's a lulzcow without her sheeple?

Yue's last words before we all become murderers. She also has "cysts" now.

Ignoring the fact that they're constantly trying to sabotage this article and only coming out banned in the end because they don't know how ED works, these people aren't just ass-kissers, they're lodged so deep in Nikki's colon that it's no wonder she has all these problems. Maybe she can get even more sympathy and points if she claims they're tapeworms. Apparently, for the friends and watchers of Miss Fat Camp, it's an easily forgivable thing if someone close to you lies to you for days on end about slowly dying from a terminal disease (or that she was shot, kidnapped, stabbed, and visually impaired) in order to get more attention from you.

For one person, after reading the confession, it's just too hard for them to imagine that Yue would be capable of lying about having "that attention sickness", too.

Then there is the Mexican man-looking chick who finds it inconceivable that other people aren't so readily forgiving of her bullshit like he was, and claims that it's very "non-Christian like" to not forgive her when she apologized, and that those who are "attacking" her are "cyberbullies". They follow the Golden Rule you learned when you were five, and they evidently never realized was bullshit, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." If this were true and better yet, a real rule, the Internet would be a silent place.

Same shit, different account

The 30-day reactivation period for Yue's account was coming to an end, and all hope seemed to be lost in hopes of ever trolling her again. Suddenly, a challenger seems to have appeared! Who is quite obviously Yue with a revamped fursona, and sockpuppets with premium memberships to make them look more legit. Suri-The-Fox didn't hide well at all, seeing as how the only people left who still liked Yue after she deactivated are watching this new account, she's still begging shamelessly for points, and, best of all, she is also dying on this account! She decided to tone down the cancer bit this go around, and instead opted to have her older sister beat her until she didn't have enough blood left to keep her alive. Not only that, Suri's account was created November 11, 2011, shortly after Yue deactivated. Now maybe, maybe this is just a coincidence. Maybe, we're getting ahead of ourselves. No, wait, she ran away from the hospital that also treats her just as horrible as the one in which Yue was staying. Obvious much? We think so.

Her art

Her only believable lie was that she's blind, as that was the only possible way that she could have puked out art this shitty was if she really were blind. She even admited that her art is shitty! Sadly, that was just another transparent plea for her to receive asspats, as her lovely knights came galloping in on their white horses to give her cookies and compliments.

This is my pretty gallery. (Don't steal ma stuff!)


Shitty Furry Art About missing Pics


What's a lolcow without some creepy-ass fetish art in their gallery? Nothing, that's what. Typically, it's yaoi. Yue, on the other hand, was kind enough to grace us with one of the creepiest fetishes floating around on the Internet today, and announced it proudly without shame.



— Yue expressing how tasty she thinks you look.

Whether Yue wanted to consume someone whole, or be consumed whole is still unclear, either way, it was creepy as shit. She also had to bring defenseless, poorly-drawn Pokémon into it.

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