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Your Email probably looked something like this on the eve of Y2K, considering that you are a loser and a basement dweller with a neckbeard. The only thing that got you through your hellish wage-slave days were email forwards, those usually annoying forwarded stories of man's triumph over whatever, prayer requests, chain letters, shady fundraising requests, and the truly bizarre, such as the story of The Hideous Shark. Go on, click it. You know you want to.







No Dick Schwety Fw:FW:The Hideous Shark 12/11/99 5k No
Yes Meagan Rooney i am thru being ur sex toy. we are sooooo over!!!! dont ever talk to me again, asshole!!!! 12/11/99 1k No
Yes Y2K Patch ONLY $39.99! 12/11/99 1k Spam
Yes McDonald's Hamburger U. Acceptance! 12/10/99 1k Yes
Yes Hot Stock Tipz may go public!!! 12/10/99 1k Yes
Yes chicks with dicks that will put yours to shame! 12/10/99 32k No
Yes Procter and Gamble Your Interview 12/10/99 1k Yes
Yes Order Confirmation: Marcy Playground Sex and Candy #1194561 12/09/99 5k No
Yes Meagan Rooney I want you inside me so bad right now! Get over here! 12/09/99 1k Yes
Yes Antonio Garcia-Diaz Send her a dirty story! 12/09/99 12k Yes
Yes Meagan Rooney Where is this relationship going? 12/09/99 1k Yes
No Dave Rhodes Make money fast! 12/09/99 2k Spam
Yes Brian DeVere FW:FW:fw:Fw:FW:Story written totally on Robo 12/09/99 7k No
Yes Bomis Babe Report 12/09/99 362k No
Yes Joel Steiner FW: fw: FW:Awesome old flame from alt.tasteless! 12/09/99 12k Yes
Yes Big Buck Negroes on the D.L. 12/08/99 140k Yes
Yes Thank you for your interest in employment at Kroger's. 12/08/99 1k Yes
Yes Overseas Pharmacy Get Lortab, Ativan, Percocet, Viagra, NO PRESCRIPTION! 12/08/99 3k Yes
Yes The Advocate Monthly subscription only $13.99 12/07/99 5k No
Yes Harry Paratestes Pearl Harbor Day, Dude. Let's get drunk and beat down some japs! 12/07/99 1k Yes
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