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Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit his or her talk page.

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YouTube Favicon.png youngconservative (a.k.a. George Michael Higgins, what a queer name) is a 13-year-old boy on the YouTubes who believes in traditional moral values, getting tough on suspected terrorists, and other shit nobody cares about. He has declared his intent to definitely/maybe/possibly join the military when he turns 18, as well has his plan to run for president when he turns 35. He faps frantically to pictures of Ann Coulter and wishes to bukkake on "her" Adam's apple in person before "she" takes him roughly from behind.

youngconservative, despite his unchallenged status as an internet tough guy has faced over 9000 challenges to his status as serious business from the various trolls of the internets. He usually resorts to the intellectual debating methods of calling the troll a scumbag over and over again and engaging in TL;DR off-topic rants about patriotism. When these brilliant tactics fail, youngconservative resorts to the tried and true method of banning fucking everyone and deleting fucking everything.

His greatest achievement was a video entitled "Start The War Drums!!!!!, which he lays out his well-thought-out plans to save America. He plans for America to sue China for trillions of dollars, invade Iran, and trash the shit out of North Korea which will lead to a successful democracy. This video takes more than six minutes because our proud leader must stop several times to admire how brilliant his plan is and wonder why no one's thought of it. Which has since been BALEETED.

On April 9, 2008, George Michael (still a fancy boy name) noticed the epic amounts of lulz that were being had at his expense, and attempted to vandalize his page. He was immediately smacked with the banhammer for great justice but you can still help ED by vandalizing his userpage with ad hominem attacks.

youngconservative claims to like girls but, as you can see here, the evidence just doesn't pan out.

Quotes From Our Prophet

WARNING: excessive levels of whiny drama ahead.

  • "I'm not lying. Liberal swine, go burn a flag. I AM NOT LYING."
  • "Good job campaigning for Al Queda"
  • "Norbit is the greatest movie ever"
  • "Did you by chance go to a LIBERAL law school?"
  • "Why are you such an asshole? Question your own faith not the faith of others. Go burn in hell, atheist. "
  • "You know what? We NEED oil! Why not go to war just for oil? And hey why not invade Iraq for oil? Even if we did we would still be liverating millions of Iraqis so it would bring profit to us and them! "

He took down his videos because he realized they made him look like he is a faggot.

Facts You'll Learn From youngconservative

youngconservative VERY homosexually hugging a picture of Dubya.

Breaking News: 14 Year Old Thinks Obama is a Terrorist

For all we know he could be Bur- *pause* for all we know he could be bin Laden himself


—The greatest young mind of our time

He's Hawaiian, Kenyan, and Muslim. I don't even count them as American do you?


—youngconservative being not racist

His father is *pause* very radical and it's been said that he sends money to umm radical Islamic groups


—youngconservative, speaking fluent Wikipedese

The Resultant Shitstorm (the lady doth protest too much, and I do mean lady)

I am not a racist!


—youngconservative, making his case

I'm not a racist, okay!


—youngconservative, restressing his case

I think racism ... is bad


—youngconservative, trying really hard to convince you

I'm against sla-slavery ... was bad, okay?


—youngconservative, trying to remember what century this is

The civil rights movement ... was just.


—youngconservative, showing how much he likes dem negroes

Yell "PWNED" in his face because the little asshole took down his account.