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Jump to navigation Jump to search - Note the Douglas Adams style "If You're About to Close This Page" warning. is a website that was spawned by the PROJECT CHANOLOGY raids of early 2008. Like many websites out there, it serves to inform the public about why Anon is coming down so hard and heavy upon the heads of unwary Scifags around the world. Unlike many websites associated with this cause, however, You Found The Card is newfag friendly while still providing a lot of relevant material about the Co$.

The card, you found it

What generally happens right after you find the card.
Make your own cards.

The general idea of YFTC is to provide a more starched and pressed version of the basic concept of Scientology and the most common arguments against it. Anons looking to wage infowar against the Co$ leave business cards or fliers that provide the URL for YFTC but don't mention much else at random places: train stations, college bulletin boards, diners, etc, or hand them out during the IRL protests. In theory an unsuspecting NORP will come across the card and pick it up out of curiosity. In between fapping sessions and posting on LJ they'll remember the card and visit the website.

By some magical process a dissenter is then born. Inspired, the new recruit then redistributes the card like a hooker with an STD on his way to buy an EFG mask for the next great raid.

Why not just say "visit ED"?

In winning hearts and minds, it might not be the best idea to expose possible new converts to a website where Goatse is considered the pinnacle of modern humor.

Let's face it; as much as we love ED and helped to make Project Chanology successful, this site is confusing as hell to newfags. Unless a person knows what they're looking for already (and types it into the search bar), they're not going to get the information they need. We have a lot of distracting non-Scilon information here, and there's no reason to distract good anon with furries and deviantARTlets when they're just here to get the facts.

Also, You Found the Card has half a chance of reaching people who otherwise would tune out anything to do with Anonymous and Scientology, whereas newfags may already be biased against ED and associated sites for one reason or another.


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