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Yoshi Art Forum

Yoshi Art Forum (YAF (more like yiff, amirite?)) is a collection of socially depraved closet furries led by neo-Nazi administrator Soul. Fueled by his serious inadequacy complex he seeks to be king of the Yoshi fandom, uniting the world of Yoshi fetishists together under one totalitarian name. Previously featured on Something Awful's Weekend Web, it's been proven the forum is full of natural lulz. The member base is extremely easy to troll, and they show no discretion for posting their inner, most personal thoughts and secrets, such as wanting to fuck Yoshi, or whining about how they were verbally abused (read: trolled) on MSN by "hackers on steroids".

Due to the appearance on Something Awful, the administration decided to take defensive action by branding the site with a disclaimer stating your current IP/DNS, in an effort to scare you from making a ruckus. The forum has, sadly, also become members only. Registration is a simple procedure though.

A Troll's Wet Dream

YAF isn't only full of closet-furry Yoshi-fetishists, it's also full of attention-seeking drama whores! These drama whores take everything as SERIOUS BUSINESS and run to the forum hugbox often. Even thought-out, obvious logic drive these weeaboos to tears. Most notorious are YOSHIofICE, who has a victim complex, constantly whining about how no-one needs him around. It's true, the world doesn't need another fucking crybaby weeaboo. He should drink some bleach. Oh, but wait, Plebanshiren's already beat him to that punch! And if that isn't enough, perhaps Trimar crying his eyes out because a friend of his got "hacked" and called him a Jew. For your viewing pleasures:

In 2012, Yoshi Art Forums was shut down. Its dead but that's what makes the Way-Back Machine so great.

YAF: Confirmed to turn you Gay


On January 26th, user Britshi posted a tl;dr thread about how bright YAF has made his life, going on to tell the forum about his love for cock and his faggy boyfriend Texshi/Texas Yamoshi(whom he met at YAF). Without YAF he'd be just another homophobic weeaboo Yoshi fucker. This is proof, Yoshi Art will turn you gay.

When Signature Images go TOO FAR!!1


For some time, faggy boyfriend lovers Britshi and Texshi shared an erotic signature picture of their fursona Yoshis snuggling under a very small blanket. Several mods saw the picture and found nothing wrong with it, like the furfags they are, but when Nazi-Admin Soul found out about the image, shit hit the fan.

Soul made an announcement calling out the moderation team, wondering where the fuck they were when the image was posted, then promptly disqualified Britshi for any moderation positions. This caused a huge fucking shitstorm, causing users to protest, whine, and cry, worried about Britshi's obviously deteriorating mental and physical condition. Britshi, being in an unstable state, took a leave of absence while Global Mod RedTNT placed a ban on his account for his own well being. Many of the members have come together to post their condolences, because gay Yoshi art is serious fucking business.


Joining the Crew

Would you like to join the amazing crew of moderators over at YAF? Fabulous! You just need to follow these steps:

  • Be over 13 years of age.
  • Post more than 100 posts.
  • Be a member for longer than a month.
  • Don't break any rules.
  • Suck the cock of a Global Mod. *1
  • ????
  • PROFIT!!
  • Profess your undying love for Yoshi.
  • Make sure you possess the ability to be IGNORANT to people who talk shit about YAF all day. *2
  • Be prepared to defend the forum from "trolls" (read: anyone NOT a fanboy of Yoshi)
  • Listen to the admins.
  • DON'T Fuck the admins.

1- Due to policy changes, "recommendations" of Global Mods are no longer acceptable. 2- Earplugs included.

Currently not accepting applications. All positions are filled.

Drama Duo: Britshi and Tails


Now known as Britzter and Dark Tails (so fitting for a whiny little emo), these two faggots are a prime source of drama and lulz in YAF. Their strategy? Act like the world is out to get them, then head to the hugbox and bitch and cry about how they just want to be themselves but can't IRL, so they get asspats from the other furries in the pile.

Specifically for Britshit, the latest whine is getting scolded for not having friends IRL. Instead of just keeping this to himself, he goes to the hugbox and whines about how he doesn't need friends, making himself look not only like a whiny emo fag, but an arrogant dick as well. GG Britshit -- now you'll not have friends period. Enjoy your hermitage, alone.

Tails, a.k.a. badcoin on devianTart, would for the longest time post journal-like entries about how much his life sucked. Apparently the idiot thinks he's too good for MySpace and decides to whine everywhere he can. He even LEFT THE FORUM FOREVER SRSLY simply because another member came back, which would've been fine had he not been a dramatic little cunt about it. Also note he fucking came back.

While he's stopped posting his whinefits on YAF, you can find them at his devianTart.

Not to mention they're both bisexual.

Strat: bitchy alpha ShitGeiser

Strat shit.png

The jewel of this fucking crowd is a faggot troll fail named "Strat", he fails so much as a troll that he gives his fellow fags the lulz. This 13-year-old boy queer first came to the site as a socially awkward moron, but still managed to mingle with all the closet furries in it. The others immediately took them into their little fuck cave and transformed him into yet another closet furry.

But one faithful day, he went apeshit when the furries told his art was crap, and thusly he started trolling like any other faggot who can't take criticism, the imperial YIF council gave him death threats and raped the troll until the shitty admins who aren't even there 90% of the time decided to ban him.

From that day foreword, he kept coming back to the Yoshi Porn Forums, with different names depicting his Spongebob and House of the Dead fetishes for an entire year, also trying to see if his cocksize would go over an inch with his grudge over the site that isn't even for the lulz. He comes back everyday to this faghole of yiffers to "troll" it but always fails as he is banned by the nazi mods on first notice. He now lives in the shitholes of jewtube, YoshiLovers(or yoshi fuckers amirite?), and other websites dedicated to youtube shit.

Pictures drawn by him prove that he's not only as furry as the rest of them, but a life fail too.

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