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His LJ avatar. Now that's edgy!

Yirimyah, was an Ausfag weeaboo and disgraced ex-ED sysop best known for faking his suicide to get attention on the Internet. His hobbies include sucking dicks of older men in Perth for rent money and getting trains run on him at italo disco events.

As a stab-happy fucking psychopath, yiri is now in prison, again. [1]

Like every Aussie ever, Yiri sought to further reduce the rights of Aboriginies. And like most Ausfags he was also a shitposting attention whore, most notably on LiveJournal, which is now as dead as the iPad, faggot.

Last Night an #ed Saved My Life

The tale retold One of his faggot IRC "friends" made this.

Arguably the only positive thing that #ed has ever accomplished in its long and storied history was when it saved yiri from pulling a ctrl+alt+del on his life in October of 2007. After posting a tl;dr suicide note online and playing Pacman IRL with a few boxes of pills, #ed dropped dox and called the ambulance to his place of residence, which found him dead at the scene. Yiri's heart stopped three times, but the doctors refused to let him die and kept resuscitating him. The next few months were notable for his sporadic online presence, as he had to use his shit laptop to hack the Gibson at the psych ward he was confined to in order to get on IRC.

Note: The above story and virtually everything that came out of Yiri's (faggot) mouth was found to be faked for attention. He posted a suicide note but nobody bothered to call an ambulance because they knew he was faking it, and wouldn't care even if he wasn't.

Yiri and Weev

Yiri ultimately ended up leaving ED with his tail between his legs after he tried to troll Weev off listadmin (because of some petty quibble nobody understood at the time) and attempted to rally all the other active sysops against him. After an extended flamewar on the sysop mailing list and his best efforts to convince Girlvinyl to de-sys Weev, he eventually realized that he'd fucked up royally and tried to fly too high, but by that time it was already too late. He would disappear shortly but not before he made up another lie about stabbing some aboriginals who broke into his apartment and that he wasn't able to edit anymore because he was now totally in jail doin' hard time.

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