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The most perfect satire ever conceived. Most people are still unaware that it's satirical.


I did it!

Yatta is a Japanese exclamation of triumph - possible English equivalents would be "all right!" and "BOOYAH!" It can be translated as "I did it", and is used almost exclusively to indicate that what you just did was difficult or challenging but that you were put into a teapot and you became the teapot, hence overcoming Han even though he had that awesome Cat's Claw.

The song, and video, first appeared on the Japanese comedy sketch show "The Laughing Dog's Passion", sung by the imaginary six-person band named Happatai (Green Club), and is generally considered a parody of Japanese pop music, if not straight-out farce. The song is notable not just for its rather ridiculous lyrics, but also for the fact that the performers wear nothing but flesh-coloured underwear and oversized pubic leaves.

Their 'R' is really awkward, but the Japanese are known for that.

The West Discovers Yatta!

Exploded into the West through humour sites, and extended its reach far past people who could even speak Japanese. The lack of language ability quickly removed its cultural background, multiplying its brain-destroying effects by depriving it of social commentary - and ironically leading many Westerners to assume that it was an authentic J-Pop song.

Thousands of crappy flash animations quickly rose to the challenge of endlessly perpetuating the meme into the ground.


The mixed Japanese and English lyrics have provoked at least 100 misunderstandings. The full lyrics and translations of the Japanese are as follows.

G R Double-E N Leaves (x2)

It's so easy! Happy-go-lucky!
We are the world! We did it!
Hyuu! Hyuu! Hyuu! Hyuu! Osu! Osu! Osu! Osu! - Ai! (Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! - Love!)

Yatta! Yatta!
Daigaku gohgaku (We're doing great in college)
Yatta! Yatta!
Shachoh shuunin (Promoted to president at our jobs)
Happa ichimai areba ii. Ikite iru kara lucky da! (As long as we have our leaf, we're fine. Hey, we're lucky just because we're alive!)

Yatta! Yatta!
Tohsen kakujitsu (Confirmed prize winners)
Yatta! Yatta!
Nihon daihyoh (We're representing Japan)
Yannaru kurai kenkoh da. (We're so healthy it makes you sick)
Everybody say yatta!

Nippon kyuukyuu - demo (Japans got problems - but)
Ashita wa wonderful (Tomorrow is wonderful)
Ijiwaru saretemo futon haireba (Even if someone's mean to us we'll just go to bed and...)
Guu guu guu guu! Pass pass pass pass - Ohayo--! (Snore snore snore snore! Pass pass pass pass - Good morning!)

Yatta! Yatta!
Kuujikan suimin (We got nine hours of sleep)
Yatta! Yatta!
Neoki de jump (Woke up and jumped out of bed)
Donna ii koto aru daroh ikite ita kara lucky da! (What great things await? We're lucky just because we're alive!)

Yatta! Yatta!
Kimi ga kawareba (If there's a change in you)
Yatta! Yatta!
Sekai mo kawaru (Then the whole world changes too)
Marugoshi dakara saikoh da massugu tattara kimochi ii--! (Getting through it unhurt is the best of all. Just stand up straight because it feels great!)

O-mizu nondara umee! - Yatta! (I drink water that's tasty!)
Hi ni atattara attakee! - Yatta! (I get in the sun and feel toasty!)
Koshi kara warattara omoshiree! - Yatta! Yatta! (Having a big laugh is fun!)
Inu-katte mitara kawaii! - Yatta! (Try keeping dogs, they're cute!)


Surechigai-zama hohoemi kureta (As we passed each other you gave me a smile)
Nido to aenaku-tatte ii kimi ga ita kara lucky da! (It's okay if we never see each other again, I'm lucky you were here :for just that moment)

Heisei fukyoh seiji fushin (We've got a recession, and don't trust the government)
Reset sae surya saikoh da! Minna iru kara tanoshii--! (Can we hit "reset", that'd be the best! And since we're all here, it's so much fun!)

Yatta! Yatta!
Daigaku kyohshitsu (In university class)
Yatta! Yatta!
Movie star (There's a movie star)
Happa ichimai areba ii. Minna issho da happy da! (As long as we have our leaf, we're fine. Hey, we're lucky just because we're alive!)

Yatta! Yatta!
Iki wo sueru (As long as we can breathe in...)
Yatta! Yatta!
Iki wo hakeru (As long as we an breathe out...)
Yannaru gurai kenkoh da! Everybody say yatta! (We're so healthy it makes you sick)


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