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Cocks are commonly attracted to YTCracker

YTCracker (pronounced "whitey cracker"; born August 23, 1982), better known by his powerword: Bryce Case, Jr, is the self-proclaimed "nerd rap king" and anal jewelist. He lost his anal virginity at a young age when his father forcefully jammed an Atari 2600 joystick in his pooper because he wouldn’t “go the fuck outside and make some friends!” and now 15 years later makes shitty music called “Nerdcore” (or what he commonly refers to as "digital gangster" rap). The lyrics mainly deal with 1337 AOL hacking and his, until now, repressed memories of his early de-flowering.

Early days

YTCracker got his CS III while in diapers. In 1999 he "claims" he hacked a NASA website, along with other government sites which proves he is hardcore; despite him being underage at the time he got fined 24k by The Man for his faggotry which he's still trying to pay off with that day job at Chilli's...


Anything before 2005 is stuff that is not going to be bothered to put here, because you know how artists are with their first releases; they're difficult to find!

NerdRap Entertainment System

NES was released in 2005; it's free and it's a classic nerdcore album, meaning it's something a downer in a wheelchair would listen to.

Nerd Life

In the near end of 2007, YTCracker released Nerd Life. This is an album that he actually charged for because he found out that sucking dick alone without his at-the-time wife knowing, couldn't pay the rent anymore. This was another instant classic in the nerdcore genre.

Serious Business

YTCracker lazily comes out with a EP in mid-2008 entitled Serious Business, donning a shitty cover art with the name of the album looking like it was drawn in MS Paint. A few tracks off the album are circulating the internet, released by YTCracker himself.

The Digital Gangster LP

Another 2008 album, this time a collaboration with somebody who made the entire British population mad as fuck off some song in 2006 and also has an oddly high-pitched voice which resembles that of a kindergarten student; MC Lars. The name of the album is based on a invite-only h4ck5r website that we could only assume these two losers visited regularly.

Who Live Like This

Irrelevant 2012 EP with some unpopular chink named Hairetsu, again with a mediocre cover art that looks like it's supposed to resemble space.

Introducing Neals

YET ANOTHER album, released in 2014 which YTCracker makes an alter-ego of himself named Neals. The songs basically consist of him crying about how the government fucks with his oh so precious technology.

I am YTCracker and I approve this Message

I also smoke pole on the weekends with a gaggle of other anal jewelists - figured I would add that. Holler at me [email protected] if your a/s/l is 15-65/m/anywhere within driving distance. Ytcracker 08:07, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

  • ^googles his name every day. lulz


  • Has used his totally m4d wiki skillz to modify this page to remove all references to his overwhelming desire for man meat.
  • Can use his 1337 BASIC skills to program dong floods (...because he loves cocks).
  • Will let you fuck his bumchin (that he tries so desperately to hide when he grows facial hair) for the right price.
  • His e-mail is [email protected]

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