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Y! Japanese Anime

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Japanese Anime are a series of chat rooms on Yahoo!'s chat client, though the most visited are rooms 1 & 2. Though created for the use of anime discussions, rarely is it actually used for such. Its population for the most part consists of trolls, script kiddies, n00bs, fanfiction writers, fanboys, and you. Because it is such a diverse place, trolls commonly take advantage and touch on issues such as black person, gay rights, political correctness, abortion, Buttsex, and religion, many of which are widely viewed as controversial. While users spend a great deal of time there, the chat rooms tend to involve mainly "he said, she said" drama-related issues and Internet dating.

Typical Japanese Anime user.

A major fad in Japanese Anime is online role-playing. Roleplayers making up a larger, dominant percentage of JA's community. As if they couldn't get any geekier or retarded, they choose infamous characters from foreign shit like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Death Note, then toss those characters into the Internet_Hate_Machine and act things out according to disgusting, gay and gender-bending themes. Speaking out against their sexual deviance will you get you called a troll and placed on ignore. The weeaboos of Japanese Anime place little stock in common sense, hence the spending of endless hours typing the gayest narratives ever spouted in chat (e.g., "-huggles-" and "-nibbles on pockey- oo;"). The more sick and twisted of a person you are, the more welcome you will feel. Believe it or not, they'll welcome a pedophile before a troll, so long as he/she has an anime character and a bizarre font blend.

blood_limit_uchiha_sasuke: Hehe. >:D Stupid Zaft. Chatrooms aren't the only thing I troll!

Note: this is proven fact.

As if it couldn't get any worse, there exist RP groups such as "Murder Inc.", an elite group of text-fighters that diddle each other when they aren't bragging about owning one another or other online clans. To sum Japanese Anime up, it's a cesspool where anything and everything undesirable is fair game, so long as its users are allowed to live in their mass delusion of make-believe.

Japanese Anime Internetz Clubhouse

When not being completely cool in Yahoo! Chat, members enjoy getting together on their own cute little forum full of much intelligence and win, complete with pictures, real names for some, and even a nice description for each one. Roleplayers, furries, and faggots, oh my!

Have fun trolling.

Extra credit trolling

It's come to ED's attention that a major part of Japanese Anime:2's roleplayers have moved onto a better place to live out their eLives.

Not only is if full of yaoi fags, but also futas, shitting dick nipples, and pedobears. It is also full of drama whores, drama queens, and fake lesbians. Most of the user-created "groups" on F-List end up failing horribly due to this drama, or the owner being an asshat.

From rumor, this site might give you a virus.

The "Males" of Japanese Anime

Analysis: Any moral person of either gender would be disgusted and saddened by Yahoo!'s feeble excuse for men. While they act masculine, they're as insecure as the women they embarrassingly hound. The types of males you'll find in Japanese Anime are:

  • The angsty loner who, under a weeaboo screen name, involves himself in Internet drama, carries knives IRL, has a shallow, bitchy complex, supports gay fandoms and reads manga in his spare time.
  • Egoistical morons who lie about having a life or being enlisted in the army, while believing underage, nerdy girls like are impressed. They tend to use emoticons and are heavily under the influence of Jenkem. Yes, Casey and ShaneLee. This was written just for you two.
  • Typical fanboy males who shamelessly admits their flaws instead of living behind a false ego. Generally use text-faces and excessive XD, and also roleplays.
  • Shamelessly or closet-ly gay. And despite being the cancer that is killing Y! chats, care only for themselves and what STDs they can find or trade. In other words, they're sick fucks.
  • Are You Really A Boy males. These males consist of rabid fangirls who are so wrapped into their dillusions that they believe that they're male IRL. Typically you can find these girls asing for yaoi and buttsex. (Ex: hitoshirezu.sora)

The "Females" of Japanese Anime

Analysis: Rabid 16-year-old girls who plan to never leave the Internet and breed, ultimately causing the Earth's population to die off due to their addicting to text and longing to be loved by that 13-year-old boy. The types of females you'll find in Japanese Anime are:

Is that Liz?
  • Unattractive, thus involves herself in cybersex to make up for what she will never get IRL. Alternatively, they write fanfictions.
  • Attractive, though lacking personality, thus tends to start endless amounts of Internet drama for the sake of getting that 13-year-old boy back, later losing him to the next floozie -- or worse, her BFF.
  • Really a basement-dwelling male out to diddle anime fanboys, or trolls out to make Y!'s male gender feel more insignificant for epic lulz.

E-Drama Llamas

Not everyone in JA is a Troll. For instance you have the noobs, and the oh-so-famous Drama Whores. These consist of those few people who sometimes speak of their IRL issues. Or, even more likely to happen, they speak about their "he said she said" water-works of doom. A few of the most well known members of the JA rooms are known simply for their dramatics. Some of these pathetic little cunts also beg to be put on this page. Lulz ensues, however, and they always assume it's their e-exes or ex-bffs. Note: How many of you added yourselves? Shame, shame.


(SN: hitoshirezu.sora, abandoning.my_dreams) The self-proclaimed lesbian. Known to be dating some girl named Chelsea for 6 years, and yet still dating Jessie, Jurgen, Kacy, Lolli, Radzemierez, and a few others. Does this make her a whore? Of course it does! She is known for being so immense, that she has her own gravitational pull. She keeps items in orbit for easy reach. Such as Milk, cupcakes and hot dogs. Brandi is known for her running around as Sora, and keyblade raping people. Not only that, but she also has suicidal tendancies. It's best just to avoid her. Also noted is that she has an unhealthy obsession with the word "Hitoshirezu". ((If you figure out the joke here, you get The Interwebz.)) Missing in action for how long now? Does anyone know where this whore went? Sources say she refuses to make a comeback, citing that she 'has a real life' now and doesn't care about the internet. We all know this is a lie. Come back, Brandi, come back. We don't miss your fail!get ass at all. Recently discovered: She's still fat. She's still living with her grandfather. She's still hounding after that Chelsea chick. (wtf bitch, it's been 8 years. If you're not married by now, it ain't gonna happen.) She also claims to have a new screenname that no-fag knows. Prove her wrong and donate it to the ED. LATEST NEWS: Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming. That fat bitch actually managed to get someone? According to sources, Brandi scored herself some Native American jackass who's all for her. Do we believe this? Hell no! She's still probably chasing after that Chelsea chick. Sources have, however, also verified that she has a kitten named Lelouch vi Britannia. How much more weeaboo can she get? GET A LIFE YOU LARDASS!

She recently made a gofundme for her three year old son here: lul

She currently roleplays on a site called F-List and a few of her characters can be found here: Key note: None of her characters are actually displayed though. Shame. She must've found out.

A Facebook account of hers can be found here, but note most of her content is "friends only"


The loser who CLAIMS to have created these articles. She told Lolli and a few token others that she made the entire page and claims credit to all of it. She wins the interwebs for sure. In reality, Fai is just an acne ridden loser who thinks for some reason that she is a relationship specialist. She believes she has the gall to call people whores and losers when she cannot even accept the fact that she herself has never dated anyone in her life (gee, we wonder why) nor has she ever been accepted into society as a functioning, mature adult, like most worms who corrupt Yahoo! Chat. Update for the Masses: Currently she's been spotted on like all the other Weeaboos. She also renounced her claim to owning these articles as she's aware who the real 'creator' is. Drama seems to be Fai's middle name as you can't go anywhere without someone complaining. AKA Courtney. It's not just Courtney and Fai. No, they've become merged. They're now: Fart. Rumor has it that she's gotten herself a real man, as well. Of course, we all know what a 'real man' is. A fat, mexican, gas station worker.


How many bitches has this whore dated? How many more times can she pull the I'm dying. Pity me." card before someone smart realizes she's a fag? Rumor has it that she broke it off with her last lover because she's too psycho. Or maybe it was her lover that ditched her because she's the psycho. Either way, Courtney is known for having her hands in all sorts of nasty places. Including between Silky's nasty thighs. It doesn't get much worse than that. Recent reports state that she's given up the dating thing (again) and that she's going to focus on real life. There is no such proof that real life even exhists for this bitch, so why make false statements? She claims to have stopped RPing as well, although we all know this is just to try and throw people off her foul scent. Nothing is to be believed about this girl. In fact, you shouldn't even believe that her name is Courtney. For all we know she could be some pedophile that rapes little boys in his/her/it's basement. A more recent rumor is that she's dating Brandi. A match made in Heaven. Two whores and e-drama. Enjoy. With recent findings of Brandi supposedly engaged, we're left to wonder what happened to Courtney. We'ren't those two fags dating? Not that Courtney could be dating anyone ever. She's nothing but a fat blob. Sources have told us that she becomes more related to a 'pile of shit' than she has been previously. Maybe she'll even turn green and grow corn one day.


A young Irish lad who migrated from shitland with her abusive alcoholic father to California. A highschool drop out who does nothing but bitch and lurk on the internet because she has nothing else going of her. Living off her room mate whom she turned gay by constantly riding his cock with her hamburger helper STD infected vagina. Her only job is to hunt for cock on the internet and create drama to make up for her lack of life. Fallyn, a cock sucking leech took her own virginity with a toy giraffe claiming it to be an "accident". She will constantly be seen spamming chat about pointless shit, thinking that anyone is paying interest and attention to her. Little does she know everyone tends to tune her out. This bitch also feels the need to tell everyone how disgusting her bowel movement is, and when it happens in hopes that some men with scat fetishes will help her star in the next 2girls1cup video and she will be forever popular on the internet. If you call her out on being a slut or simply a subhuman she will claim you are "tsundere" for her, it helps her cope with the fact that no one is able to tolerate a walking, talking, breathing shitblob.


Self-proclaimed lesbian. For four-six years, this lolcow yaoi roleplayer has been cursing the cancer that is Yahoo chat with her shitty fandoms, ALLCAPS spamming, smutty fanart and irl problems. As well as being in chat for four-six years, supposedly, Lea has had bulimia for this amount of time (shouldn`t she either be 70 lbs. or dead?), manic depression and extreme paranoia. She has also, during that amount of time, said that she would get a paper route job / already has one. We know you're all laughing by now, reading this, but if any of those facts aren`t enough to entertain you, get this: what adds to her psycho ass problems is the fact that she tries to go around saying she's asexual/does not get horny, but she cybers fucking everyone. Her ex lolcow girlfriend, Jessie/Jesse/Transvestite/Hairy bitch is most notoriously known for telling Lea to kill herself after they broke up. Everyone adores Leanna. Nobody talks shit about her. It`s okay Lea! We are all behind you supporting you!


If you know of Lolli, you know she's just as confusing as what her nickname is actually pronounced as. Is is "Lawl-lee" like a lollipop (which has it's own wonderful chocolate filled double-entendre), or if it's "Lool-lee". Needless to say, no matter which way you choose to say it, the name Lolli is special. God forbid that someone makes the same character from an anime. Face it, Lolli. There are going to be copies. She's also known for getting so upset that she'll threaten to leave, or even go further as to delete names just because she isn't The Only One. Also, She loves to fuck with people, and GOD FORBID Steven is ignoring her, this cunt will go out and find a toy, until her beloved prick returns. Well known fact: Lolli has no life other than to threaten suicide and haet whenever she doesn't get what she wants. Case and point, Steven is still fat. Poor anorexic mexican can't have a fatass boyfriend or she'll become her favorite brand of tortilla.

Meagan aka Hunter aka Bella

If you know her, you probably know she has five million different Hetalia names. She thinks that she's half Asian, but reports have confirmed she's delusional. She also claims to be a model and work in a "classy" sex shop. She is known widely for starting e-drama when she can't get the cyber buddy she wants, or someone is invading on her e-man (all twenty of them). Some may know she is Vash's fiance and DanDan's girlfriend. It doesn't matter though, since they're both probably lies and both are most likely her on other SNs. Don't piss her off, or she'll have her friends attack you.

Don't forget this bitch is psychotic to the tenth degree. That's what most likely causes said moments of psychosis. She told Bryan/Kevin that if he dumped her, she would destroy his stuff and key his car. He was supposed to visit her, and she'd wait for him and drive to the bus stations and get herself into a panic. And he'd always have an awesome excuse. He was forced into being her 'fiance'. She said she would cut herself if Eli stopped liking her. And lest we forget Piper, her darling little daughter who got taken away by her mom because Meagan failed as a mother. GG, Meagan. GG.

She's also started to run around declaring that she has micro tumors in her ovaries and is getting chemo for them, but this, of course, is another one of her 'attention getters'.

Hetalia House

we_stand_on_guard_for_thee Unwarranted self importance right here.

If you know her, you know that she likes Gelato and has a nickname. That is about it. However, this crazy bitch loves to LARP (Live-action Roleplay). Apparently, because she likes Gelato and prefers to be called by her nickname. Recently she was involved in drama involving kiss_my_iron_cross_prussia and a 16-year-old who thinks she is France. She broke up with Prussia for the France. But according to her, she is someone who has never done anything to anyone, but, for some reason, still gets harassed by people who do not even know her. Classy. Some people just need to take a step back, look at themselves and literally fuck their own faces.


Have you ever met someone online, and thought that they were the coolest thing in the world. Only to find out that IRL they're nothing more than a spoiled child? This is Silky in a nutshell. When she's not whining about not being able to find role-play, she's busy getting into pointless arguments. Silky used to be famous for being Don's boyfriend. (Did we mention that Silky is female?) She continued to lie and lie about her gender at the pace that she ate cupcakes, but two brave EDiots, Denise and TJ tugged this lying whore out of the closet. Now she's making a name of herself by playing Angel's Online. But the drama couldn't just stay confined to yahoo. Not for Silky. If drama doesn't happen, she isn't happy. This girl is the ultimate definition of the word spoiled. Count yourself lucky if you've never met her. And if you do know her, and managed to stay friends with her, then you should be given props for your willpower and stupidity. This whore is excessively nasty, at one point in her life she had a hole in her leg that she wanted people to fuck, and she pulled a live, wiggling maggot out of her ear.


kieven_to_russia norwegienviking oldromachan

That's right kids, there's a new one in town. It's Stalker-chan/Pedobear (Stephanie) and he's on the lookout for you. Whether it be Sealand or some other Hetalia faggot shitting screen name, he's coming for you, and he's coming fast. Stalker-chan is not to be taken lightly. He is the pedophile of Yahoo and is so addicted to sex that it is leaking out of every orifice in his body. Some people call this Stalker-chan Deichan, others call him a dyke. Either way, Stalker-chan is lurking, boys and girls of Hetalia! He'll IM you over and over for RP hoping to get laid and will come between couples just for teh s3xx0rz. Make sure to avoid this person at all costs--it seems he likes to change identities often! Be on the look out!


This fat fuck (he weighs almost four hundred pounds) thinks he's emo. He saunters around the chatrooms on Yah!Fag with Lolli, his self-proclaimed Mexican lover. It's almost moot that he's so obsessed with Courtney. Fai, and a few other younger girls. We think he's a pedophile, but since his four-inch penis has no length or width enough to even sustain bloodflow, we simply AREN'T SURE. Is this douchefag even still alive? Shouldn't he be dead in a pile of his own feces and vomit? Congratulations, if you're still alive, Steven. The mexican chick still owns you and your rights to live.


Currently, he's dating a four-hundred pound chick that lives five minutes away from Columbus, Ohio, named "Nova."

Gamertag: CallofCthulu.

If you know this loser, you also know that despite having countless Resident Evil screen names and Guilty Gear (mostly Bridget) identities, he has also told the majority of Yahoo! user rooms that he is a 25-year-old male who lives in Columbus, Ohio. His real name is Timothy, and he's obsessed with furry porn, shota, and yaoi. He further ruins his e-reputation by getting on voice and "trolling" people. This kid's real age, given by a loyal EDiot, is actually 16, making him a bona-fide basement dweller. He is currently dating Courtney in real life. They live twenty minutes from one another and have sex all the time. "It was like fucking a baby" was his only defense, when Steven beforehand had commented that fucking her was "like throwing a hotdog down a hallway."

While Courtney and TJ are exclusive Yahooligan whorebags who roleplay everything under the sun just for 'teh secks', they both specialize in making children cry. He met GB in a span of two days and dated her for three months.

TJ attends regular Furry chatrooms, contributes requests for artwork on Deviantart, and masturbates to it. He also admitted to writing the Silky section of this page. For some reason he believes that he's a bisexual troll. In fact, he probably cheats on Courtney and numerous other girls (and guys) that he interacts with on MSN, Yahoo!, and the other chatrooms speckled like chickenpox all over the interfuck.

Mike, Zaft, and a few other trolls who occupy Japanese Anime:1 say that TJ is simply a Zaft-wannabe, and jacks off so much that there is hair growing from his hands.

I love furries. My ipod is full of furry porn. I make art requests on DeviantArt for like, 20 bucks. lulz. But I don't understand why the hell the rest of the furries embarass us normal ones. They ask for sex all the time.



Hypocrite. Everyone on Yahoo! knows him for dating everybody he can and asking for sex on all of his furry profiles.

He is also known as the now raped ed user "DurpDeeHurp" was banned for trying to sanitize this article, and descended upon ED:IRC to try to get himself unbanned. He claimed among other things that he wrote this portion of the page about himself in an effort to get not only unbanned but to get this portion of the page removed which obviously didn't happen.

I tried to remove my part from the page without saying shit. I wasn't thinking. I should have said something. This is what 3 ham sandwiches and 2 days without sleep does."



[[Collapse][Click to Expand]]

This is what blind vandalism gets you:

[14:23] * Shion ([email protected]) has joined #encyclopediadramatica
[14:23] * Shion is now known as Durp
[14:24] <Durp> Goddamned connection.
[14:26] <Durp> Anyone around?
[14:26] <@Penni-piper> whats up
[14:26] <zaiger> let me guess
[14:26] <zaiger> soemone banned you
[14:27] <Durp> Sup. Recently added to ED. Interested in taking it down. I actedlike a hurr and tried to do it myself first, then I realized that I should probably just ask about it and get it removed. No sense in acting like a nigger.
[14:27] <@Penni-piper> haha
[14:27] <Durp> Nope, not yet.
[14:27] <zaiger> because you took half of a page out without using the edit summary
[14:27] <Durp> Though I haven't F5'd.
[14:27] <Durp> A ban'd make sense. Wouldn't suprise me. I should have asked here first.
[14:28] <zaiger> listem
[14:28] <zaiger> this is serious
[14:28] <zaiger> ok
[14:28] <zaiger> we
[14:28] <zaiger> are
[14:28] <zaiger> on
[14:28] <zaiger> the
[14:28] <zaiger> internet
[14:28] <Durp> Oh fuck, since when?
[14:28] <@nay> LINK PLS
[14:29] <zaiger> User:DurpDeeHurp?
[14:29] <Durp> Yup. I half-assed the name. Wasn't paying attention. S'me.
[14:29] <@Penni-piper> lol
[14:29] <zaiger> ok
[14:29] <zaiger> hang on
[14:29] <@Penni-piper> hahahahahahahaha
[14:29] <Durp> You know, I wonder why I haven't been on here before.
[14:30] <Durp> I've been lurking for ages.
[14:30] <zaiger> ok
[14:30] <zaiger> wait
[14:30] <zaiger> i am confused
[14:30] <zaiger> so
[14:30] <Durp> Hm? About?
[14:30] <zaiger> you added something
[14:30] <zaiger> you are saying
[14:30] <zaiger> and then tried to remove it
[14:30] <zaiger> amirite
[14:31] <zaiger> ??????????????????????????
[14:31] <zaiger> ??????????????????????????
[14:31] <zaiger> ??????????????????????????
[14:31] <zaiger> ??????????????????????????
[14:31] <Durp> I tried to remove my part from the page without saying shit. I wasn't thinking. I should have said something. This is what 3 ham sandwiches and 2 days without sleep does.
[14:31] <zaiger> ??????????????????????????
[14:31] <zaiger> ??????????????????????????
[14:31] <zaiger> ??????????????????????????
[14:31] <@nay> excuses!
[14:31] <Durp> Indeed they are.
[14:31] <zaiger> well what account did you add that edit with?
[14:31] <zaiger> becqause
[14:32] <Durp> I need something to cover my ass for acting like a moron.
[14:32] <Durp> DurpDeeHurp is the only one I've touched it on.
[14:32] <Durp> I can't remember my password for the other shit.
[14:32] <@nay> i want to see this page
[14:33] <Durp>!_Japanese_Anime
[14:33] <Durp> TJ.
[14:33] <zaiger> well
[14:33] <zaiger> what was your other username?
[14:33] <Durp> I'll own up to being a fucking moron.
[14:33] <Durp> Uhh...Other name?
[14:33] <Durp> Fuckballs.
[14:33] <Durp> Lemme see.
[14:33] <zaiger> yes
[14:33] <Durp> Ah. BigFloppyCocks.
[14:33] <Durp> That seems like something I would make in the middle of the night.
[14:33] <zaiger> and why is removing this so important to you?
[14:34] <BURK> who are you
[14:34] <Durp> It's not, really. I just don't want to be added for something so petty. I want to earn my write up.
[14:34] <BURK> it looks ok
[14:34] <zaiger> wait
[14:34] <BURK> brett basic
[14:34] <@dan> dont worry zaiger, i will fix it
[14:34] <BURK> pretty basic*
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <zaiger> you wrote that about yourself?
[14:34] <BURK> its about several people tho
[14:34] <@nay> man these ppl hate you
[14:34] <@nay> or um you hate you
[14:35] <Durp> No, I didn't.
[14:35] <BURK> shit they even have rl pics
[14:35] <Durp> Lol. They do.
[14:35] <Durp> They hate me kinda hard.
[14:35] <BURK> this is more what i want to see in an article
[14:35] <@nay> yeah man people need to learn how to cite their sources
[14:35] <@nay> if they are going to use the encyclopedia system
[14:35] <Durp> See, they hate me because I edited most of the page.
[14:35] <BURK> ya
[14:35] <Durp> Silky is probably the one that added it. She is about the size of a small fucking moon.
[14:35] <zaiger> I wiould too
[14:36] <Durp> I shit you not.
[14:36] <@nay> no one believes anything you say
[14:36] <BURK> but its better then half the shit trashing forums out there
[14:36] <zaiger> yes
[14:36] <BURK> who is silkuy
[14:36] * cargirl ([email protected]) has joined #encyclopediadramatica
[14:36] <BURK> oh wait thats right
[14:36] <BURK> i dont care
[14:36] <zaiger> well durp
[14:36] <Durp> Lol. No suprise. But yeah, sorry about removing it again.
[14:36] <BURK> durp dont be a faggot and people wont write shit about you
[14:36] <Durp> I wasn't thinking.
[14:36] <@nay> don't go to yahoo
[14:36] <@nay> groups
[14:36] <@nay> or whatever
[14:36] <Durp> I haven't been in the Y!chats in ages.
[14:36] <@nay> that is step one
[14:37] <Durp> For a good three months. Might be more.
[14:37] <BURK> adding this event to that page
[14:37] <BURK> ur tj right
[14:37] <Durp> Yeah. Go ahead.
[14:37] <zaiger> ^
[14:37] <zaiger> Wow
[14:37] <zaiger> so dishonest
[14:38] <zaiger> have we lied to you?
[14:38] <Durp> ...I'm lying?
[14:38] <zaiger> well
[14:38] <Durp> Goddamn, I must be good if I don't remember it.
[14:38] <zaiger> you tried to take something out about yourself
[14:38] <Durp> I did.
[14:38] <zaiger> and you said you added it
[14:38] <Durp> No. I...Did I?
[14:38] <zaiger> and you said you didn't write about yourself
[14:38] <@nay> [15:36] <nay> no one believes anything you say
[14:38] <@nay> [15:36] <nay> no one believes anything you say
[14:38] <@nay> [15:36] <nay> no one believes anything you say
[14:38] <@nay> [15:36] <nay> no one believes anything you say
[14:38] <Durp> I didn't write it. I'd come up with something better.
[14:38] <@nay> it is because
[14:39] <@dan> «3:38:51» nay: [15:36] <nay> no one believes anything you say
[14:39] <@dan> «3:38:52» nay: [15:36] <nay> no one believes anything you say
[14:39] <@dan> «3:38:52» nay: [15:36] <nay> no one believes anything you say
[14:39] <zaiger> you are being dishonest
[14:39] <@nay> you are a LIAR
[14:39] <Durp> Okay, how am I being dishonest?
[14:39] <@nay> or at least a weasel
[14:39] <@nay> a weaselly sniveling weasel
[14:39] <zaiger> well
[14:39] <zaiger> yes
[14:39] <Durp> I just said that I wanted it taken down because someone else wrote it, and I don't want to be up for something so stupid.
[14:39] <cargirl> there is a very small button on my modem
[14:39] * ChanServ sets mode +o zaiger for #encyclopediadramatica
[14:39] <cargirl> that when pushed
[14:39] <cargirl> turns it off
[14:39] <cargirl> and somehow
[14:39] <cargirl> last night
[14:39] <@zaiger> well
[14:39] <cargirl> while my den was closed
[14:40] <@zaiger> you can do this
[14:40] <cargirl> and my mom was asleep
[14:40] <cargirl> it was pushed
[14:40] * GothMasterFlash ([email protected]) has joined #encyclopediadramatica
[14:40] <@zaiger> listen
[14:40] <@zaiger> dan
[14:40] <@zaiger> Durp
[14:40] <@zaiger> sorry dan
[14:40] <Durp> Yeah?
[14:40] <@zaiger> you can work on getting a better entry
[14:40] <@zaiger> but
[14:40] <@zaiger> as we know as this entry is causing genuine butthurt
[14:41] <@zaiger> I cannot in my right mind remove it
[14:41] <@nay> if you don't even go to Y! why do you even care
[14:41] <@zaiger> I am sorry
[14:41] <Durp> Of course. I understand.
[14:41] <Durp> Lol.
[14:41] <@nay> get a new SN and move on with your nondescript weeaboo slef
[14:41] <@nay> self
[14:44] <@zaiger> raspberry rush is another sysop
[14:44] <@zaiger> it looks like he banned you
[14:44] <@zaiger> for a month
[14:44] <@zaiger> so I would suggest emailing him
[14:44] <Durp> Sure, that makes sense. I did blank part of the page.
[14:44] * Durp was kicked by zaiger ([email protected] m) Reason (zaiger)
[14:44] * Durp ([email protected]) has joined #encyclopediadramatica
[14:44] <@zaiger> ffs
[14:44] * zaiger sets mode +b Durp!*[email protected] for #encyclopediadramatica
[14:44] * Durp was kicked by zaiger ([email protected] m) Reason (zaiger)
[14:44] * ChanServ sets mode -o zaiger for #encyclopediadramatica
[14:44] <zaiger> how is that for customer service 

The Cunt Clique Group

A group of girls who think they have a copyright own of the JA rooms. They consist of Katie, her lesbian girlfriends, and many more girls who fight over who the spotlight is on in the room. If someone starts to get more attention than another, then they are out of the group due to jealousy. The Cunt Clique will then make that person exiled and hated by speaking slander about them and the information they know on that person's life.

Image on Liz's profile: fame_over_love. She needs to be saved from herself because she's over 400 pounds, and cannot stop eating.

With this danger, you'd think that the JA cunts would be smarter than to give their IRL names, phone numbers, and addresses out in the chat room, but of course they are too stupid to realize that the internet has hackers on steroids, waiting to post their phone numbers and pictures on 3rd party sites. But, The Cunt Clique doesn't care. It gives them something more to whine and complain about in the JA rooms for attention.

They are ALL drop-outs of high school, due to the fact that they spend a majority of their days and nights in these rooms. Hell, they spend every living-fucking-ass-picking hour of their days in there.

If they are not talking about how "hot" Mike and Max are, and fighting over who the 'boys' like more, then they are making fun of the role players for being immature.

In reality though, the The Cunt Clique are nothing more than girls who get picked on IRL, have no future or job, and resort to making "names" for themselves on the internet just so they can feel a little bit "important".

WARNING! The Cunt Clique is attempting to edit this page to save Stephen from "being flamed". The truth is, they're just trying to score with him so they can suck his dick.

A wanna be Cunt Clique member known by the name Karin has been trying to vandalize this article. Her lack of braincells are unable to rationalize that it is the E.D mods who keep deleting her butt hurt posts. In order to get attention from anyone and I mean from ANYONE this poor sap of a girl is willing to do all she can. Like talk to herself in a chat in order to seem popular. E-popularity is really a big deal for most of the F-List members. Especially this one who feels the need to hoard every pokemon name she can, because being the best pokemon role player is top tier. She was not only the best pokemon role player she was also a mod for the room. Clearly putting in her an position above Tom Cruise. Not even his grip of death will save him from such an elitist pokemon role player.

How to Troll in JA

LISSEN UP, FAGGOTS, because you're hearing this from THE BEST FUCKING TROLL WHO EVER LIVED. You can't go about trolling in Yahoo! illogically anymore. People aren't 11 anymore, they're 14. Which means you have to step it up. Don't attack someone because of their screen name. That leads to countertrolling and fail. This is an example of Mike getting writer's block, and Zach just failing, hard. Really, really hard.


general_tso_tso_00: Projection? I definitely think so.
sadistic.willy_wonka: Because every other little queer simply overpowers the chatroom with text, kind of like you do.  And no matter what I say, no matter what proof I offer to you, you will not respond to it.
sadistic.willy_wonka: You are worse scum than Zaft.
sadistic.willy_wonka: You don't know how to troll properly.
sadistic.willy_wonka: For this, I'm going to have to fucking teach you how someday. 
general_tso_tso_00: 'Because every other little queer' Didn't I just you this? Translation: NO U
general_tso_tso_00: call you^
general_tso_tso_00: 'overpowers the chatroom with text, kind of like you do.' You're the one typing tl;dr's, Mr. Anonymous.
sadistic.willy_wonka: I type in TL;DR's because I don't know how to lower myself to a shorter version.  I speak King's English.
sadistic.willy_wonka: No slang, nothing.
general_tso_tso_00: Someone calls for a serious facepalm. All fingers are pointing at sadistic.willy_wonka.
sadistic.willy_wonka: You tell me that I go to 4chan and ED, and yet you've used more memes than I have in the past two days.
sadistic.willy_wonka:  I'm trying to give you a fair chance in this "trolling" thing you want to do so much and you fail in front of my eyes?
sadistic.willy_wonka: Go on, keep looking up your memes. I'll give you another ten minutes to come up with some smartass comment.
sadistic.willy_wonka: Don't you fucking roleplay at me.  Wave at everyone else in your pathetic dream world.
general_tso_tso_00: Hahaha, I come back to fags trying to engege in yaoi cyber with Willy Wonka.
sadistic.willy_wonka: What an illogical, blatantly untrue thing to say.
sadistic.willy_wonka: Let me ask you, are you retarded?
sadistic.willy_wonka: Nobody here even aimed their faggoty roleplaying at me.
sadistic.willy_wonka: Except that one child who "waved at the whole room".
harboring.objection: I'd rp with Zach 
general_tso_tso_00: 'Except that one child who "waved at the whole room".' Well then... ?
general_tso_tso_00: Zach? The same one they said posed as a girl?
sadistic.willy_wonka: The same one that didn't. 
sadistic.willy_wonka: You're an idiot, Michael.
general_tso_tso_00: Must be the punk that goes around as conference gangbang. I'd expect this kind of gay shit from him, too.
sadistic.willy_wonka: conference.gangbang? No. Try agian, Michael.
sadistic.willy_wonka: He spells his name with a "K" if you remember.
general_tso_tso_00: Who is Michael?
sadistic.willy_wonka: Mike, Michael, whatever the fuck you call yourself. 
sadistic.willy_wonka: Liz called you Mike, I call you Michael.
general_tso_tso_00: I'm neither of those people.
sadistic.willy_wonka: I still defy you to try again. I'm not conference.gangbang.
sadistic.willy_wonka: You should remember me.  Lech, You, Aly, and I used to go to JA:1, you whore. And you don't remember me.
general_tso_tso_00: I don't know a Liz. She's obviously delusional.
general_tso_tso_00: I don't know Aly.
general_tso_tso_00: And Lech is a Naruto fanboy. Why the fuck would you hang out with him?
harboring.objection: I used to be besties with Lech. 
harmonic.mutilation: Typical Spook @ Pandeno.
sadistic.willy_wonka: I don't. I usually made fun of him for being such a fucking retarded Polack.
general_tso_tso_00: Anyways, this place is infested with so many fags that it's making me nauseous.
general_tso_tso_00 left the room
sadistic.willy_wonka: You think you're suffering from nausea?
sadistic.willy_wonka: I've seen and trolled more faggots than you will in the next year.
sadistic.willy_wonka: YOU FUCKING FAILED, NIGGER!

More steamy fresh fail.

[[Collapse][more fail logs]]

1:40:54 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Privyet, Mike. 
1:41:12 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Have you come back to fail at trolling me even more?  
1:41:20 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You can do it, we all know you can.
1:41:52 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > I was practically trolling myself last time.   I threw flaws and shit at you and you failed before my
1:41:53 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: >  very eyes.
1:42:00 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You best do a better job this time, Nigger.
1:42:04 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Every time I come into chat, sadistic.willy_wonka is whining about trolls.
1:42:11 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Victim complex.  
1:42:28 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Of what victim complex do you mean? I never victimised myself anywhere in that statement.
1:42:34 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Hello, aivycakes, my beautiful rice tree.  
1:42:51 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You should consider thinking about the irrelevant shit you're going to throw out.
1:46:16 AM  general_tso_tso_00: So how many hours has the idiot with the Willy Wonka screen name been getting bullied in chat? I think he was here last time I was on. (12 hours ago)
1:46:24 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Hello hello hello.  
1:47:20 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You assume I've been on for twelve hours accepting the bullshit from roleplayers who've ignored me for
1:47:21 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: >  being "Too mean" to them?
1:47:40 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Do you seriously fail to see the idiocy in your statements?
1:48:08 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > This is why you always fail whenever you say anything to me.
1:48:12 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You never think logically.
1:48:22 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Never since I met you have I revealed a critical flaw that you could exploit.
1:48:24 AM  general_tso_tso_00: sadistic.willy_wonka, you aren't fooling anyone. Your whining and sensitivity only makes me think I'm right.
1:48:53 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > I was never "Whining" and I never expressed "sensitivity". Your outright lies only make me assume you're
1:48:54 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: >  an idiot.
1:49:06 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You prove me correct more and more with every post you make.
1:49:10 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You are pathetic.
1:49:14 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Notice how I can I type something that isn't tl;dr? Notice how I can say something and leave it as that?
1:49:25 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Your mental defenses suck.  
1:49:34 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Your offensive game is just as shitty.
1:49:58 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > My offensive game is logical, moreso than throwing obscene, irrelevant, untrue bullshit by the way of people.
1:50:13 AM  general_tso_tso_00: It's like punching a tied up retarded kid when I type to sadistic.willy_wonka.
1:50:13 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Notice how I type verbosely? It's natural. It's called not being a fucking moron.
1:50:18 AM  general_tso_tso_00: He doesn't do anything.  
1:50:34 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > How am I not doing anything? I think you're ignoring whatever I say if it contradicts you.  
1:50:36 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Pathetic.
1:52:46 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Who else hates how soft-brained and intellectually inferior people throw the word "troll" around when they've been checkmated?
1:53:17 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > I like how you wait three minutes to come up with a reply. What's wrong with you? Dull wit?
1:53:29 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Megalomaniacal?
1:53:59 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You go ahead and look up "Megalomania"   I'll wait. 
1:54:03 AM  general_tso_tso_00: 'I like how you wait three minutes to come up with a reply.'    I have better things to do with my night than respond to a stranger in chat (particularly you) on cue.
1:54:15 AM  general_tso_tso_00: I see you have no life. Enjoy trying to beat me.
1:54:20 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Trying?   
1:54:27 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Be serious.
1:54:34 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > If anyone is trying, it's you.
1:54:58 AM  general_tso_tso_00: I am. Your tl;drs are boring and I don't even read half of the shit you type. <---------- THE FAIL CLIMAXES HERE
1:55:08 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Experience has taught me that your brain is shit.
1:55:08 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Which is why you fail so hard to strike any nerves.
1:55:29 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Experience has taught me that your attempt at berating me is failure. It would be folly on your part to persist.
1:55:58 AM  general_tso_tso_00: 'you fail so hard to strike any nerves.'    I don't care about your feelings. What annoys me is how you deny being a loser when it's so damn obvious.
1:56:16 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Like I said, lying is bad. It rots your teeth.
1:56:55 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > When did I imply my feelings? Striking a nerve to me is about anger or annoyance. 
1:57:31 AM  general_tso_tso_00: 'When did I imply my feelings?'   Because you're too sensitive and you'll never be a man.
1:57:35 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You'll come to realise that I don't have feelings. Or compassion. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard
1:57:36 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: >  filling. 
1:57:40 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > All in due time.
1:58:07 AM  general_tso_tso_00: 'Striking a nerve to me is about anger or annoyance.'     Those are feelings, dipshit.
1:58:07 AM  general_tso_tso_00:  
1:58:16 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Emotions
1:58:21 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > No. 
1:58:33 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Actually yes. Emotions.
1:58:38 AM  general_tso_tso_00: sadistic.willy_wonka, are you roleplaying an idiot? It's time to slip OOC, bro. Your stupid charade is a little played out.
1:58:38 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > "Feelings" =/= Emotion
1:59:29 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > What kind of category of the special olympics are you trying to win?  
1:59:58 AM  general_tso_tso_00: '"Feelings" =/= Emotions'   Your argument is shit. Any last words before I declare you've been textually bitchslapped?
2:00:16 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > I've never been textually bitchslapped in my life and I'll never consider this the first. 
2:00:45 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You read every single word of my posts next time, get it?
2:00:49 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You reply to everything.
2:00:54 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > I FUCKING THROW FLAWS AT YOU AND YOU DO NOTHING.
2:00:59 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You're horrible at this. 
2:02:01 AM  general_tso_tso_00: 'I FUCKING THROW FLAWS AT YOU AND YOU DO NOTHING.'   Because I'm not obligated to respond to every troll-baiting attempt you make.
2:02:09 AM  general_tso_tso_00: I'm a man. Nobody in chat is capable of hurting my feelings.
2:02:27 AM  yoru_atsui: Good, gtfo.
2:02:30 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Golly, get a life. :3
2:02:32 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Again, I ask of you. When did I ever get butthurt over you?   I fail to see when "feelings" were hurt.
2:02:44 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Now you're lower than Zaft. Making up bullshit again?
2:03:03 AM  general_tso_tso_00: 'When did I ever get butthurt over you?'   Twelve hours ago, and again now.  
sadistic.willy_wonka: > Twelve hours ago I textually cockslapped you.
2:03:19 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Twelve hours later I did it again. 
2:03:21 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Face it. 
2:03:23 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: >  
2:03:48 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Twelve hours ago, you make cock jokes and projected your gay fantasies at me.
2:03:55 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Twelve hours later, you're doing the same.
2:04:03 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > I have saved proof that contradicts you.
2:04:09 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > What the fuck are you, a trained news anchor?
2:04:24 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > The kind that reads from the telepromter, lines that contradict the video proof?
2:04:37 AM  general_tso_tso_00: This guy calls for a facepalm. Rmbryu, this guy isn't one of your friends, is he?
2:04:56 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Twelve hours ago you accuse me of visiting 4chan and ED.
2:05:05 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Twelve hours later, you have still used more memes than I have in two days.
2:05:06 AM  rmbryu: not yet mike.
2:05:26 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > You deny being Mike and yet here's your friend calling you mike.
2:05:33 AM  general_tso_tso_00: It's so annoying when gays, especially ones with Willy Wonka screen names, whine about "intelligence" and "logic." God only knows what those terms mean to a queer.
2:05:47 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > It's so annoying when ignorant niggers don't read all your post.
2:05:56 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > So really, when you say you're not on a willy wonka name, they don't get it.
2:06:05 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > It's not Willy Wonka, you idiotic nigger.
2:06:08 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > It's the Warden.
2:06:15 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Get it through your thick skull.
2:06:17 AM  general_tso_tso_00: Try not spamming 20 of them in a minute and I might actually give a dam-- aw, who am I kidding?
2:06:59 AM  sadistic.willy_wonka: > Yes. Superjail.

You don't want to fail, you want to troll, so here are some general guidelines:

  • Exploit a weakness: You don't want to attack from nowhere, you want to find a weakness. This could be ignorance, stupidity, age, weight, etc. Don't run in blind.
  • Reply to everything: If you don't read and reply to every post, and you ignore them like a faggot would, they're not going to give a shit what you say.
  • The person you're trolling submits to you: You have failed in your mission if they begin agreeing with you. There is no way to counter submission.
  • Are you intelligent at all?: It would be asinine, idiocy for people of lesser intelligence to do this. (SEE ALSO: Verbose Thread)

The Article's Impact

While few trolls took it as an ego boost and reflection of their hard work, the losers too stupid to realize it that it was an insult to be on here took it as a jab to theirs. This has resulted in extreme WikiEdit & drama:

    • Attention whores adding themselves to the list and going, "OMG, who did I make butthurt to get put on ED? lol."
    • Non-trolls adding themselves to feel important and witty.
    • Butthurt losers adding non-Japanese Anime trolls or their own unfunny comments.
    • Also, it gives certain fucktard Trolls the idea that they own the article, giving themselves the privilege to write about the 'Impact' of an ED article on Y!fags. This is especially true with Zach, who really doesn't troll there anymore but feels it fit to watch the page. Vandalize his page.

Surprisingly, while the article is mainly based on the doings of roleplayers and weeaboos, the trolls got the bigger response.


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