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Camwhore straight ahead!
Mmmmmmm, yummy!

On the face of teh internets, we find but a camwhore, Micki MacLellan. She uses a stereotypical emo user name, xxstarfall__. She can be found on various sites always boasting on about how hot she is, or how cute her dog is, or how much she hates everything, etc.. On every Goddamn site she owns, she has her ugly face plastered in every corner you look, she'll either be at an extreme angle, sucking cock, or showing off her sexy gut. She owns at least 100 sites and shows herself on everyone of them. The most lulzy of all is taking a look at her Livejournal, it's just overrun with bitching whine fests, gay ass fucking PETA protests, how many guys her friends sucked off, and of course how much cock she's sucked off. But that's right, Micki, keep telling yourself "EVERYONE LOVES ME, I'M MICKI MACLELLAN!" That's right, Micki, we all love you to death. She also doesn't seem to understand the concept of applying makeup properly for that matter. She'll usually blend two colors together, or perhaps the entire rainbow, and make her self look comparable to Jabba the Hutt or a circus clown. Micki is a prime target for becoming an an hero or to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.

What we all hope and pray for from Micki

The FCC has come to existence for censoring out offensive images and/or language. We are mortified by how absurd the images of herself she posts on her websites are. We can now only pray for this to happen:



Hey, you said it, not me.

It's where the camwhoring began until she moved onto her MySpace and Fagbook. Her website skills are compairable to Kutisuku. Her Piczo contains of a horrendous layout of cluttered mess and blindening colors. It's no better than a typical Geoshities page builder layout. She believes she can design an awesome page, what a fucking fag. Clearly she only did this to be cool like everyone else, then once everyone had moved onto Fagbook, she almost has completely abandoned her Piczo. Typical of an Emo fucktard. Her self admittance can be found here.


Look at that honour math student!
A color chart showing her as one!

Could quite possibly be worse than her piczo... it's jam-packed with dark colors, stupid emo quotes and all the fatty goodness! She is currently being studied by the great scientists of the world, hoping soon to find a cure of her obesity. According to Micki, standing on a 5 story building is 10,000 miles. She is also an idiot because she posts her address everywhere like she's begging for hate mail.

"Me & some girl I work with were discussing how there's NO hot guys in Sydney."


—Micki thinking she's the hottest shit in town.

Let us review her emo test, shall we?

  • Excessive makeup: Check
  • Angled pictures: Check
  • Overweight females that look like they're lesbians: Double Check
  • Pathetic sounding quotes all over their profile: Triple Check
  • Black, white, red layout: Check

Test results: 110%

Outcome: FAILURE. We suggest you should kill yourself.


Her protest for PETA is more annoying than anything. PETA is a worthless organization (much like Scientology) put onto this Earth, PETA are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Had you done your homework, Fat Micki, you'd've have come to realize that this piece of shit you worship KILLS ANIMALS, and it's not a conspiracy by the US government, the fast food and tobacco industries. You should come to realize that PETA cares more for animals then their own species, and it's fucking disgusting. I never seen a deer save a person's life, have you?

Micki and /b/

Seems as if /b/ also agrees she is an ugly cow. You know it's bad when even /b/ wouldn't hit it.


External links

MSN: [email protected]

Operation DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING is now in session.
Prediction: Success.

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