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the results of trying to discuss IRL on /x/.
Dogs have a hard time of it on /x/.

/x/ is 4chan's paranormal board. Moot originally created /x/ so that the neckbeards would have a place for thoughtful debate regarding alleged supernatural. Naturally, /b/tards and other assorted fags have turned /x/ into a place to post vaguely-frightening shooped images, Cthulhu porn, and over 9,000 Zombie threads that succeed at being neither funny nor scary. It is also one of the easiest boards to troll as it is mainly inhabited by 14-year-old fat goths with Assburgers.

/x/ is also one of several 4chan boards raided by /b/ when the colored boxes roll into town.



On any given day, /x/ is composed of the following types, or "/x/philes".

  1. /b/tards who have had their souls crushed by five years of pain series and raids, looking for a way to convince themselves that there is still something interesting, mysterious or magical about the world.
  2. Would-be otherkin and pagans trying to convince themselves that they are mysterious or magical.
  3. Role-players, who are either otherkin, trolls, or just batshit insane.
  4. Trolls feeding them bullshit to see how big a fool they are prepared to make of themselves.
  5. Attention-whoring tripfags posting good original content and then RUINING FOR EVERYONE by admitting that it's just prose.
  6. Retards so desperate for some level of mystery that they take all original content really fucking seriously and refuse to believe that it's fiction.
  7. Faggots who either fap to H.P. Lovecraft or anything mentioning zombies.
  8. Admitted otherkin seeking moar of their kind.



In their tongue, they're "tripfags" but/x/ calls them FAGGOTBORN.


Known trolls of /x/ include Gary Oak and the "queen" of the board, Aeris, who is also a regular participant in pony threads on /b/. There is also a camwhore by the name of Snacky whose nudes were leaked last Thursday.

All of these autists have no idea what the fuck they're saying or doing. They believe their posts are intelligent and attractive, inspiring others to come over and have a chat with them.

Another tripfag of late is some charming gentleman who trips under the name Misa Amane. Misa Amane is an animated 16-year-old girl in the series Death Note. The tripfag Misa Amane is a 21-year-old man named Ben Davies. Ben has proven time and time again that he is attention whore who is trying to get his dick sucked by other tripfags on the board and fails to contribute without making ten posts telling you about how he is contributing.

His dox got dropped last Thursday. Turns out he lives in a pissant little house in the UK with his brothers, Kendal and Blake.

21 Blydoit Park




United Kingdom

And turns out he has not just one[[1]] but two[[2]] Bebo profiles, so he can spread his emofaggotry as far as possible. He is easily trollable. Simply drop his dox, call him by his real name, or mention how much he wants to fuck his brother.

Memes and Content

Mindfuck Threads

I decided to browse /x/ to get so scared that it would be mindfucking...

...after having seen this topic it got so mindfucked that it is scary.

My brain shit bricks and my anus hurts.


Butthurt /x/phile

Also known as the "When you see it, you'll shit bricks" meme, although /x/ has adopted the respelling "Bri/x/" as its own. These threads are theoretically composed of a visually complicated picture containing a suddenly shocking hidden element.

The breakdown of pictures posted to a Mindfuck thread usually breaks down as follows.

  • 80% totally innocuous images, like a Where's Waldo? with no Waldo.
  • 15% real mindfucks that are either lame or so well known that everyone has seen them at least 100 times.
  • 5% Screamers.

There is no way to countertroll a screamer, as drawing attention to it is an admission to being caught. It is, however, possible to use the top category to one's advantage by pretending to have "Got it" and posting something along the lines of "OH MAN, IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME BUT BRI/X/ WERE SHAT."

An even more effective method is to draw a red circle over a completely random part of the picture in MS Paint and then re-post it. People will genuinely go nuts trying to see a face.

Creepypasta Threads

Anons take turns to tell ghost stories. The Holders series is a perennial favorite, and is frequently added to or modified.

/x/'s relationship with Junji Ito, in a nutshell.

Horror Manga Thread

Usually features the work of Junji Ito. The most popular are Uzumaki and The Enigma Of Amigara Fault.

Reptilian Humanoids

Threads devoted to the notion that reptilian creatures are secretly controlling the world. Given that even 4chan draw the line at this one, it is perhaps a measure of TOW's credibility that they allowed an article on this subject.

A nightmarish and terrifying Forest Strider.


Nothing to do with Half-Life, instead discussions of gigantic long-legged forest quadrupeds. Some /x/philes claim to have seen them in the mountainous forest areas of America. Discounting the fact that these creatures would be unable to get up if they fell over (or probably even feed), even though giraffes do it all the time. Obviously nothing to do with untaxed distilling equipment said to exist in above locales.

Night Creatures

The creatures that dwell beyond this veil of reality, which are only visible to humans when they take steps to strip away the layers of preconception and safety from their minds by going several days without sleep. Good job, 4chan, you figured out that sleep deprivation makes you see some crazy shit.

When /b/ is down (i.e. every fucking day), this in every thread


A creepypasta video which tumbled from the bowels of /x/. It is supposedly a tape with Mickey Mouse from the 30's walking down a sidewalk with the same six buildings in the background repeating like on the Flintstones. The music is just the random banging of the piano. It then goes black. On the sixth minute, it shows mickey still walking down the same way, but the music has changed to a murmur of no known language that is equally as disturbing as the piano. Mickey then shows a smirk, then the sidewalk moves in a way that is physically impossible. On the 7th minute, the murmur turned into a scream. Mickeys face began to fall apart, his eyes rolled on the bottom of his chin. The buildings became rubble floating in midair and the sidewalk was still impossibly navigating in warped directions. It all goes black and there is a phrase in Russian that says when translated, "the sights of hell bring its viewers back in." Note that 7:06 is equivalent to 6 minutes and 66 seconds.

Creepy Notes


/x/philes have taken to creating cryptic notes and leaving them around for people to find, in a sort of /x/ version of irl trolling, with the intent to scare or creep the reader out. The topics of such notes include anything from implied rape to insight into the reader's life or future to stalker-like messages, generally of a paranormal sense. They can be amusing or disturbing. Whether or not these notes are successful in their intent is uncertain.

The Last Refuge Of The /b/tard

Depending on the severity of DDOS attacks against /b/, the social research alliance which resides there will occasionally stampede over to /x/; partially to try science on it, and partially to have somewhere to go to get out of the rain.

During these periods, trolling will increase exponentially. One such example is the picture on the right, but equally acceptible is to simply make an image in MSPaint which consists of the text "NOBODY WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU" and post it next to any claim of paranormal experience (particularly if OP is being at all serious, heartfelt or traumatised about their ordeal).

When they defend themselves, repost the picture. And again. And again.

After doing this about ten times the butthurt gets incredible.

The Twilight Challenge

Another advanced trolling tactic is the Twilight Challenge. The challenge is simple: See how long it takes for a serious vampire thread on /x/ to turn into a total shitstorm of retardation and pants-shitting. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Google Image search.
  2. Find a vampire picture worthy of some goth fag's DeviantArt (In a pinch, just use a picture of Vlad Tepes).
  3. Post said picture, asking a 100% serious vampire question. Don't be too obvious. Some good choices are those such as "Do you think Anne Rice ruined vampires?" or "What ever happened to the bestial vampires of old?" Anything that makes you sound like the type of guy who actually still has hope that vampires could be cool.
  4. See how long it takes before someone (not you) mentions Twilight or posts a picture of Edward Cullen. Bonus points if they misspell it as "Twighlight." The shorter the time, the better.
  5. ????
  6. Profit!

The challenge is done. Did you beat your best time? Regardless, now you don't even need to post again to enjoy the fruits of your labor (Srsly). Just watch /x/ slowly troll itself into a frenzy of sages and cries of "reported!" Since /x/ is slow on most nights, your thread will be on page 1 for hours, where /x/philes will continuously roll around in your shit and still whine about it. As a bonus, since you asked a serious question, you won't even get banned, unless you did join in the trolling, that is. (Not that anyone's been banned for trolling /x/ in forever anyway.


Despite numerous attempts to ignore, repel, or otherwise deter /b/ from claiming /x/, the citizens were outnumbered, and like a paper tent in a shitstorm, completely overwhelmed by children who couldn't keep up with /b/. A plan was proposed, and enacted, whereby the last remaining faithful would split off and join other groups on other boards, most of which promptly failed, leaving the wanderers with no hope but to face real life, get a job and admit that the necronomicon isn't real.

The Five Million Get


On July 13, 2010, at approx. 5:27am CST, /x/'s Five Million Get was reached by a pubescent male by the name of Jamie. Jamie was modest in his victory though, gratiously thanking his $120,000 PC, Google chrome(It's fast as shit), and his mother for buying him the PC. All of /x/ promptly shat brix.

Aliums Invade: Electric Boogaloo 2

Some time at the beginning of 2012, a /x/philedisinfo agent deciphered an image of a crop circle and found that the illuminati are going to bomb the Olympics on the 4th of August! Oh shit! Any rational person would know that this is completely fucking retarded.

The /x/philes, being the tinfoil hat asspies that they are, believed this and somehow came up with a genius plan to cast a spell to summon aliens to stop those meddling illuminati in their tracks.

Not surprisingly a bored /b/tard found this causing a shit storm of threads asking "did it happened?". Many lulz were had.

Naturally /x/ believed that the trolls were disinfo agents causing legitimate /x/philes to create threads exposing the disinfo agents once and for all! At one point all the threads on the board were about the Olympic bombings and all the /x/philes calling each other disinfo agents

While most /b/tards retreated back to their ocean of piss believing winrar was had, /tg/ decided to divorce x-tan (not knowing about the massive shitstorm that was just about finishing on /x/). This of coarse reignited the fire causing /x/ to blame /tg/ for the raid. This came as a delight to /b/ who had no idea why /x/ and /tg/ started fighting causing the shitstorm of "did it happened?" to start all over again and thus proving that /x/ is the most retarded board on all of the chans.

I think the term "disinfo agent" or just "disinfo" should be a bannable offense.



—Tetra!! D0mJhMjltq4 (clearly a disinfo agent)

did it happened?



—the rest of 4chan yet another disinfo agent

Disinfo Agent Rap




Disinfo agents makin' /x/ scream rage is all over the board makin' spells and shit you better belive in aliens and spaceships cuz' niggas gonna run wild on FBI on this this is the penetration of /x/ on tha world full of conspiracies like little jimmy on the 4th month of disaster this ain't nigga shit yo nigga shit inb4 the other board trolls this board WHAT a HO! Dawng /x/ searchin' for anwsers the only thing they can find is porn in tha web better run 'cuz i'm commin' to /x/Mah name is Matt And I work for the SS




>Did it happen?


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