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This is how you KNOW you're important.

If there is one consistent piece of wisdom on the tapestry that is the net, it's this: everyone on the net wants to read your thoughts on everything. So you need a blog, however both LiveJournal and Blogspot are old and irrelevant and Tumblr is full of SJWs and furfags. So what do you do?

And for this, ladies and gentleman, meet WordPress! The latest and greatest blogging platform. Do you have trouble conversing without the use of emojis? Do you think Obama's idea of socialized health care is detrimental to the free market? Do you often wear a fur suit? (in which case why aren't you on Tumblr as forementioned) Well, worry no more. The magic that is WordPress: where the people of the world may bask in your glory.

How it works

Step 1

First and foremost, form an opinion (if possible) on some very important subjects. It can be anything of importance, in fact; everything you do and think is important. Don't forget: WordPress is open source, so all the greatest minds of the internet went into this creation. Did that latest Supreme Court ruling really piss you off because it contradicted your political views? Is this still America? Good. You're ready for step two.

Step 2

That's actually pretty much it. What were you expecting? It's just another shitty blogging platform. Get over yourself.

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