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Wonder Woman is pro-BDSM.
Wonder Pads For Teh Win!

Wonder Woman is the proto-femme of the "DC Universe" and, along with Cyborg, a primary source of fap-material for its socially maladjusted fanbase. The characters origins are somewhat confusing, in that she was apparently born into the Amazonian royal family, an exclusively female group consisting of feminazis and bulldykes within which there are no males to tell them to shut the fuck up and get back into the kitchen to make them a sandwich. Some posit that like many lesbians the Amazonians simply harvest the sperm of anonymous donors and/or sleeping vagrants. Wonder Woman's powers include the ability to fly an invisible plane, work a lasso and deflect bullets with her tinfoil bracelets.


A frequent topic of debate amongst comic-book afficionados is that of Wonder Woman's sexuality; the truth is that she's probably a self-hating dyke however, it very often depends upon the individual interpretation of each author and how much they either despise men or appreciate large breasts.


A search for the term "Wonder Woman" reveals there to be over one-hundred thousand 'deviations' featuring the character available to the general public however; the vast majority of these offerings serve only to showcase nothing more than disproportionately large breasts and stunning levels of ingeniously perverse artistic failure.

Examples of Super Deviancy



Only when tied by a man.

Up until the 1980's, Wonder Woman's one weakness was being tied up by a man. It only worked when a man did it, and she would then return to being a regular woman.

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