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Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Wolfeedarkfang.

"FANDOM! To arms!"

The Wolfee Darkfang Family Tree

It's common knowledge that demented regularly furfags band together, forming their own personal tribes of collective failure. While the phenomenon is nothing new, Wolfee Darkfang had taken the idea to absurd extremes. Despite his best attempts to try and shed his reputation of being an epic lolcow, Wolfee found it a great idea to band together with some of furrydoms most notorious denizens; most of whom actually had their own Encyclopedia Dramatica articles and shitty reputations long before becoming BFF's with Wolfee, the rest clinging hopelessly to the coattails of the "Internet Superstar!" to the point they eventually had their own dirty secrets aired publicly on our beloved wiki. When they weren't his own sock puppet accounts, of course.

In order of relevance;


file footage
Could this user be Jack? WARNING! WARNING!
Wolfeedarkfang/supporters is a sockpuppet of Wolfeedarkfang and seems to think that greed is a virtue!
  • frostwhitefox: Introduced as Wolfees then lover and hacker extraordinaire, frostwhitefox made several pleas for furries to unite behind Wolfee and raged when they refused. The apparent yin to Wolfee's yang, frostwhitefox often picked fights in Wolfees honor and made it clear his only motive was his deep love for him.

Quite unsurprisingly, frostwhitefox was eventually found out to be a sockpuppet account of Wolfee the entire time, but not after several months of the account being used for shameless self promotion. Frostwhitefox, as well as subsequent socks, fell out of later use after Darkfang strengthened alliances with other aspiring furry guru's, eliminating the need for fake accounts. He does, however, occasionally log into the remaining accounts, and has since began referring to them as separate individuals again.


Could this user be Jack? WARNING! WARNING!
Wolfeedarkfang/supporters is a sockpuppet of Wolfeedarkfang and seems to think that greed is a virtue!

Also, this;



Could this user be Jack? WARNING! WARNING!
Wolfeedarkfang/supporters is a sockpuppet of Wolfeedarkfang and seems to think that greed is a virtue!
  • RagingRottweiler See frostwhitefox. Unique in the fact that he was allegedly Jamaican, leading Wolfee to believe that was justification enough to liberally use a derogatory term for "black person" in conversation, thus revealing him to be a racist on top of everything else.


Could this user be Jack? WARNING! WARNING!
Wolfeedarkfang/supporters is a sockpuppet of Wolfeedarkfang and seems to think that greed is a virtue!
  • SallyClover was, surprise surprise, another fucking sockpuppet, this one created after the FurryOps debacle to drum up support for the now shamed Darkfang. Apparently did so under the assumption an account created days after the dramabomb that had no activity, no friends, and seemingly joining YouTube just to talk about how great Wolfee Darkfang and Tamias the Chipmink were wouldn't come across as suspect in the least.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Tamias the Chipmunk.


theblackhand2/TamiastheChipmunk Staunchest of Wolfee supporters (and unique in that he's one of the few that isn't another one of Wolfee's sockpuppets), theblackhand2 credits Wolfee for convincing him from being a furry spectator to full fledged member of the community. Naturally, he developed a suspicious bond with Wolfee, almost homosexual in nature. Theblackhand2 took it upon himself to produce propaganda for the Darkfang camp, urging furries not to weigh any evidence against Wolfee and to blindly throw 100% support towards their furry ally. Through his lazy eye's hypnotic power, theblackhand2 provided Darkfang with wave after wave of disposable defenders.

After the bomb was dropped that Wolfee was indeed the owner of the infamous BeastForum and furries began to turn their back on him, theblackhand2 urged furries to help Wolfee regain his taken account, never once acknowledging the months of lies or manipulation Darkfang perpetrated in order for his own gains and promised his unwavering support 'til the end. Also like Wolfee, the blackhand2 lives in squaller with his parents and has no job, signaling their kinship goes further beyond lust for manimals and a personal army into ethnic pride.



Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Felinoid.

  • felinoid Moralfag, Chanologist and Kyle Gass look alike, felinoid was one of Wolfees few non furry comrades that just happened to have a fursona, Second Life landspace catering to furries, and a history of furry drama! which he brings up at a moments notice. Using his expert knowledge on hackers, trolls and the chans, Felinoids apparent use was to guide unknowing furries through the tactics used by anti furry trolls out to soil Wolfee Darkfangs good image. When informed of the fact that some furries didn't believe Wolfees story of the hacked BeastForum, Felinoid responded the way any rational adult would; by crying in a YouTube video. Though long since deleted, the remnants of Felinoids indignation may be heard here.

Kathera Lockharte

Kathera Lockharte

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Kathera Lockharte.

The first known furfag to attempt block ops against trolls, Kathera was responsible for convincing Wolfee to turn his FurryOps board into a place where the furries could plan secret hacking attempts against YouTube trolls. Even with the original board put out of its misery after it got hacked by the Patriotic Nigras, the two still try to continue the same shit elsewhere.

The Wet Rabbit


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: TheWetRabbit.

Wolfeedarkfang, friends with TheWetRabbit before the trolls came knocking, joined in his internets crusade against the horror that is Encyclopedia Dramatica. The alliance ended after Wetty's self imposed exile from YouTube after inflaming the very furfags he had attempted to recruit to the cause.

Cid Silverwing

Cid Silverwing

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Cid Silverwing.

Cid Silverwing was another incredibly poor choice of supporter for Wolfee's public image, he kept him around to replace theamazingplatypus69 as his right hand man. Much like Darkfang, Cid seems to be as unpopular with other furries as he is with nonfurfags. Aside from the obvious, it's assumed Darkfand prefers Cid's company since he shares the same kind of extremist furry mindset.

Cid has made himself an invaluable member of the Darkfang Elite in that he refuses to accept defeat under any circumstances. Rather than realize he's digging a deeper and deeper hole from which there is no escape, Cid believes any such endeavor is a noble crusade which he is destined to be victorious. Lulz ensue.



Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Dalhusky.

Apparently so desperate for aid, Wolfee took the backing of the type of person he was trying so hard to deny he was. Wolfee, intelligent as he is, had not seen the irony in such a stunt. When confronted with the argument that maybe someone who is swearing up and down he isn't a zoophile would keep contacts with an admitted puppyfucker, Wolfee responded that he at no time ever done such a thing, and that it was more trolls lies.

As shown by this email, that statement was as true as any other claim Wolfee has made.

Totally not trying to maintain any sort of connection.

He claims there was no other proof that he reached out to zoophiles, and that he was being slandered. Soon afterwards, he befriended...



TrueFurry: Dalhusky's BFF who is, unsurprisingly a zoophile. What are the odds? Wolfee's rational for befriending a dogmongler this time was that he had no idea TrueFurry had such guilty pleasures, but by the time he realized, the friendship had become too strong to break over something so trivial. This is called into question due to the fact that TrueFurry introduced himself as a zoophile from the get-go, hoping to crusade for the legitimization of his demented lust the same way in the same way homosexuals found acceptance, so this would indicate Wolfee knew the entire time and established a relationship in spite of it.

TrueFurry, though not quite as determined a Wolfee supporter as the others listed, is still notable in the fact that someone who tried with every fiber of his being to deny being a zoophile would simultaneously champion a zoohile advocate and see no reason that anyone should believe the two were connected.


  • Spikepapp:A 19 year old fursuiter and overall angry nerd, Spikepapp mostly kept to defending Wolfees personal honor. After trolls mocked Wolfee over the fact that he posted pictures of his grandmothers funeral online, Spikepapp responded by asking "Don't you know she's dead?!", later issuing the trolls a Guitar hero challenge to prove they were better, which was subsequently removed once he realized how retarded the entire idea was.

Better late than never, right?


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Amazingplatypus69.

Amazingplatypus69 Account still up, but abandoned.

theamazingplatypus 69

Amazingplatypus69 was a 16 year old furry "artist" who claimed that he attempted to shoot himself 3 times in a row, with the gun jamming each time. That same day, he claimed, he discovered the furry fandom, and believes God saved his life so he could be a part of it.


Wolfee's pre-Cid Silverwing underaged yiffmate, Amazingplatypus AKA Ben demonstrated his loyalty to Wolfee by pledging total and full support for everything furry. No mather how sickening. Needless to say, Wolfee was ecstatic to have him join the team. However, after the FurryOps fiasco, Platy's loyalty wained, and he denounced Wolfee and faded into obscurity. For a brief period, Wolfee was left without a yiffmate.

Their Attack Patterns

In addition to spreading pro-dogmongling propaganda on YouTube, these followers of Wolfee Darkfang were some of the key players in the FurryOps scandal. If their videos don't give enough insight into the raving lunacy that is the Wolfee Darkfang camp, that forum more than does the trick.

Upon Wolfee's eventual admission to the BeastForum account, these furries attempted to sway opinion from Wolfee being innocent to Wolfee's lying not being a major issue and claiming the trolls exaggerated their accusations, often claiming they never truly cared if Wolfee had the account or not in the first place. This is proven by the fact they spent 8 months trying their damnedest to convince the public at large that it was never his to begin with.

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