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Woah Vicky = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.


This person is a professional E-Whore and will milk you for everything you are worth. If you have more money than brains, go ahead, give them $500 for that one of a kind, poorly drawn Dōjinshi of Sailor Moon fucking her cat.
Words of wisdom. Repeat after me, class!

Whoah Vicky is just a rich little Jew Bitch suffering from white guilt


—Everyone on the internet

Woah Vicky
Given Name(s) Victoria Waldrip (real name), Icky Vicky, Woah Vicky
State Of Being Wigger
Nationality American
Genus Shithead
Species Fake
Sub Species Jewish Tartlet
Born March 7, 2000
Classification Racist, Youtube whore, Lol-cow, wanna be black, racially fluid
Residence Atlanta, Georgia
Youtube YouTube Favicon.png Woah Vicky

Woah Vicky ✡Victoria Waldrip✡ best known across the internets as Icky Vicky because of her ugly ass face, flat pancake ass and stringy, greasy hair is a 17-year-old attention seeking, under educated Jewish Zonna from a rich upper class Jewish family in Atlanta, Georgia that had the same idea in her little, bleach-bottle blonde head that every record executive from the 1950s, with names ending in Stein, Burg or Man, had when Elvis hit it big. If they sell themselves out to the lowest common denomonator by claiming to either be black or by claiming to have a lot of black friends that no one has ever seen them with then they'd be able to easily enter an over saturated black market selling themselves as that same white pussy or Jewish gachba that they think all the black boys want while they push on them their ear noise, no talent rap music or mayonase based skin cream.

Like most Americunts, Icky Vicky thinks two things: That all Africans are black despite people such as the Egyptians, Libyans and Algerians being a light Brown. Like most Americunts, she is confusing Sub-Saharan Africa with all of Africa.

Second: She actually believes in the Hitler promoted, Nazi ideal that you are the sum total of your genes and the culture you grew up in, education and societal standing have nothing to do with who you csn become because you are already born who you will be.

I's Is The Niggerest Nigger To Ever Nigger From A Jew

As most DeviantTartlets will tell You, a pair of Tits does not guarantee success or recognition on the Internets. Not everyone can be a Chris-Chan that swallows their own spunk in The Cola of Nazis, Orange Fanta, Fucks a sex doll or embarrasses their family for generations to come by dry humping their PS3 or sticking a Sonichu medallion up their ass while having people throw $2,500 a month at him because they feel bad because he was born the stupid.

What probably started as a group of Jewish chara-mootas sitting around at lunch making fun of how the poor black kids talk, most likely turned into a plan to make Big Money on the internet because no one since Steve Martin had ever thought of a black person being born from white parents or vice-versa.

Icky Vicky claims that her realization that she was black came to her much in the same way that a Tranny realizes that they are really a boy or a girl.

"My whole entire life my mom kept telling me, 'You're white, you're white,' I never believed her because I knew I was black"


Icky Vicky

After a lot of flaming, being called a racist, a hater along with those rare few people online that are in possesion of a brain questioning the authenticity of her DNA screening because, obviously, Icky Vicky is a little too white and in possesion of hair that is too fine and straight for someone who shares %45 of their genetic material with people from Sub-Saharan Africa. Butthurt, she released a video stating, "I don't think I'm really black."

She's A Racist

In what can only be called an opera for both the dead and the deaf, Icky Vicky decided to burn out her last 2 functioning brain cells writing a diss rap against YouTuber Bryan "RiceGum" Le because, G-D forbid he transgressed against her when he asked the totaaly logical question of, "How fucking stupid does America have to be to even consider a spray tanned, circus peanut orange cracker black?"

In the maturity that comes with the black culture and the rap dis, Icky Vicky attacked Bryan Le with retaliation lyrics like, "ching Chong ching Chong ching Chong bitch" and then proceeded to tell him that his Azn dink is the dinkiest dink of all the dink she has ever seen and he'd never be putting getting the chance to put his up inside her.

Before you turn around and say, "Bryan my nephew, You really missed that AIDS bullett," he got just as butthurt as Icky Vicky and had to go on a youtube rampage demanding a personal army request to regain his lost honor like a cheerleader that was called a whore.

Her Arrest Report Proves She's White

Committing the whitest of crimes since 🇮🇱The Beastie Boys🇮🇱 put their Inner City spin on Rap, Icky Vicky Was arrested at the Four Seasons Center Mall in Greensboro, North Carolina when she assaulted the Po-Po by kicking him in the ankle.

Other then Assaulting an Officer, Icky Vicky was also charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. We bet Icky Vicky was screaming her lungs out, "I'm white! I'm white!" Right after she was pepper sprayed and officer trailer park had his weapon on the back of her head.

Two Pussy Ass, New Money Bitches Try To Act All Gheto And Embaress Themselves Trying To Fight

Later, Icky Vicky said that she wouldn't fight Bhadbhabie because she wasn't willing to go to jail for her, so fucking ghetto.

The Woah Vicky Internet Store

The Woah Vicky Internet Store, you can waste your parents Hard earned cash on fake gangsta Shit like this.


We recommend saving your money up for razor blades to cut yourself with because you'll get more sympathy and respect from your classmates showing up scarred and bleeding then if you came to school wearing this cliche urban wear because You can always argue how real you are and that you have an innate need to cut yourself so you can feel emotions like happiness.

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