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Possible IRL pic
Windowlic's SEKRIT BASE in Djorven sim

Yara's Spying Campaign against the PN

The day of Arrival in March-Early April

Yaranaika joined the PN in March, when he found a Fort Longcat in a sim. He asked to join the PN, and was accepted without any other nigger questioning on how he found the fort. After he joined, Yara was known for building most of the Fort Longcats (ban traps), and also having ties with Woodbury. Around April, Yara used his Windowlic Klaar account in front of the Nigras in Woodbury. Without more questioning, Yara got away without being caught.

Late April-June

Around April, after Mooty told everyone to stop making Fort Longcats, this meant that Yara could no longer make ban traps with the forts, thus he had to go into other spyfaggotry traps, such as making tracked weapon caches in one location and telling every other nigger where they were.

During May and June, most of the time Yara would go to Jewbury in order to help out the kike weasel Tizzers Foxchase. And also getting into faggotry like helping Tizzers Foxchase work with Intlib, and in a burst of retardation, he started wearing a fursuit with the account he was known to use. This faggotry was alreated to the Elite Super Smash Squad of the PN, thus Yara's faggotry was soon going to be uncovered.

In June throughout July, Yara's name was only mentioned when he made new weapon caches. Some Nigras got more suspicious of Yara, since he never showed his face in SL throughout the last months.

Faggotry Uncovered

Yara was nominated to become a leader of the PN in late July. But The Elite Super Smash Squad soon uncovered and intervened Yara's control over the PN, thus Yara was banned. He now seeks revenge on the PN to this day.


Another Ex-leader. Was once known under the PN name Yaranaika, where he was leader for a few hours before being booted out for furfaggotry and bragging in SL about his SEKRIT PLAN TO DISMANTLE PN. A furfag who hangs out yiffs with his BFF JWAN while claiming that the furry fandom is better than /b/.

Currently fucks around in Machina, Gearworks or his SUPER SEKRIT HIDEOUT and might be seen around Cordova sucking Maldavius Figtree's cock whenever he comes out of his hole to battle the mighty nigras.

Of course, like all furries in SL that hate PN, Windowlic Klaar is gay irl and has an "official" SL "girlfriend", some robot peice of shit with a gay rainbow covering its eyes. Thomas Shikami, his old wasted boyfriend, currently crawls around trying to get freebies from anyone he can.


Agent Secret Squirrelz Nigras spai on the furfag, Windowlic Klaar while he changes the diaper a babyfur "friend".

[0:50] Cuddlies Diaper v 2.0: Windowlic Klaar lays Drykus Lykin down and tears down the sides 
of his diaper, then wipes him clean with a fresh baby wipe. After sliding a new diaper under 
him and sprinkling powder on him, Windowlic Klaar tapes the new diaper up securely, checking 
around the legs to ensure it fits snugly 
[0:51] Cuddlies Diaper v 2.0: Drykus Lykin carefully undoes the side tapes of the cuddlies 
diaper, letting the dirty diaper fall forward.
[0:52] Cuddlies Diaper v 2.0: Windowlic Klaar picks up a fresh baby wipe, cleaning Drykus 
softly before sliding a new Cuddlies under them. 
[0:52] Cuddlies Diaper v 2.0: Windowlic Klaar gently sprinkles fresh, clean smelling baby 
powder, onto Drykus, softly tickling their belly with a warm smile. 
[0:52] Drykus Lykin: one more. 
[0:52] Cuddlies Diaper v 2.0: Windowlic Klaar pulls up the new diaper, fitting it snuggling 
to Drykus's body before pulling the side tape up. Gently they check to ensure its secure 
before kissing Drykus's forehead gently.


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