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Willy's Logo

Willy on Wheels is Wikipedia's most prolific, and legendary vandal, beloved by many, and hated by few. He exploits the fact that the Wikipedia developers foolishly enabled page moves for all users. And what better thing to do than add "on wheels" to the title of every single page? His legend is so great that many have imitated him, making names like his. Little do they know that they cannot beat perfection. Many women and even some men have asked to marry him, just to get close to such a god.

Sick, perverted Wikipedos brainwash their children into being sick fucks by telling stories of mass page move vandalism attacks, sock puppetry and motherfucking PAIN. But why? His miraculous use of the move function to put Wikipedia articles in their proper place is proof that where most practice furry love and call it wiki love, Willy's love and care of the wiki is beyond all others.

Willy on Wheels in his early days.

The original WoW

A WoW impersonator.

WoW's tale begins on the 20th of August, 2004.[1] Willy, being the chivalrous, kind, loving individual he was, decided to give himself to the Wikipedia, and lead them to the holy land. He quickly moved off, pushing and pulling, shifting and shafting, doing whatever he could within his powers. But alas, the people who he trusted most, the wikipedophiles betrayed him. Handing him over to the furfags, he was banned for their sins. He was resurrected, but was banned again by those he trusted. The cycle continues forevermore, World without End, ad infinitum, Amen. He was nominated for adminship on Wikipedia for all his wonderful work.

The original WoW was also the only person to successfully hack into Wikipedia's site. Aside from replacing the main page, he also did this lulzy action and again, better this time.

The move logs of the original Willy no longer exist, but one can still spot him on the old block logs.

How to get 1337 WHEELS!!!11!11one

Willy's greatest coup was compromising the main page of Wikipedia in an unprecedented act of Wiki vandalism.

This is a step by step guide to being a WoW impersonator! You can relive Willy's escapades from the comfort of your own home by following the following simple steps:

  1. Make sure you are not using a static IP - otherwise your run will end real quick
  2. Get Firefox, or another browser that has a tab system
  3. Go to Wikipedo Central and register an account. For bonus points, make the user name an attack on an admin!
  4. Fire up some tabs containing the articles that you are planning to mobilize. Choose wisely.
  5. Hit the move tab, and choose your destination, adding "on wheels" to the title.
  6. Confirm the move, and HOLY SHIT YOU ARE A WoW IMPERSONATOR!!!!
  7. ????
  8. PROFIT!!!1oneoneone1!

Adoration from fans

"This makes him "The Michael Jordan of vandals"; a true virtuoso of the craft, the gold standard to which all future vandals will be compared. Since he retired in October of 2005, Wikipedia lost a bit of its character; though like the beloved Elvis Presley, imitators will ensure that he will truly never be forgotten. Here's a toast to Willy: May your wheels always stay mobile."

The Guardian calls Willy an "infamous vandal," and the New York Times weighs in with:

"Willy on Wheels, a legendary Wikipedia user whose vandalism consisted of adding the words “on wheels” to the headlines of literally thousands of entries. Uncountable hours were spent deleting those two graffitilike words from all over the site. He or she even spawned numerous copycats, and to this day, anyone whose user name contains the phrase “on wheels” runs the risk of having his or her editorial privileges summarily revoked."

Sysops pay their due:

My feelings on this matter are mixed and perhaps a bit complicated. Willy on Wheels has been a presence on Wikipedia for a long time than many of our current sysops. I remember him vandalizing Recent Changes on Christmas Day – a rude if somewhat amusing surprise (especially as no one seemed to remember where the proper MediaWiki template was). "On Wheels" is a recognizable Wikipedia meme, which befits one of our most prolific vandals." -Mackensen

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