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Wild Wolf Society, otherwise known as the furfag shit-hole of the internet, is just another one of the many hotbeds for wolfaboos. It's a fictional roleplaying site that has somehow survived for ten consecutive years. Despite it's locality to Wyoming, humans have somehow never found the region or imposed on it and if you ask about this, the administrators will end you. The general populace of this filthy rat's nest consists of furries, basement-dwellers, and your occasional lesbian! No, I'm serious. Even the wolves are lesbians. I'm sure you can imagine the absolute killer parties these guys throw when they're not enacting their sexual fantasies upon this Faggorilla cesspool. Furthermore, their virtuous, easy-going members manage to drudge up more drama than a bunch of pre-teen girls tossed together with one Justin Bieber CD... and most of them are adults!

The Staff Team

Perhaps the shittiest part about WWS is their circlejerk of self-righteous personnel. You know, the dumbshit fat-asses that haven't done anything progressive in their life except for masturbate to their retardedly boring characters and write ridiculously looooong posts full of such bullshit you'd wish you were a cow bound for the slaughterhouse. If you're not in cahoots with this winning bunch of inbred idiots, don't expect to get much of anywhere IC or OOC wise on the site.

There are currently two furfag administrators and one irrelevant janitor who's like that weird girl who walks ten paces behind the popular group so it looks like she's actually with them. The worst of them, Kathleen Leorch aka "Kat", left after deciding that blowing her new boyfriend behind a biker bar is so much better than the fapfests that Wild Wolf Society offered. Whoa, brain blast!

Should you ever dare to venture to the desolate land that is Wild Wolf Society, keep your glock close because you'll more than likely have a run in with the site's tyrannical, bitchzilla creator named Houkie. Currently this prepossessing catch is swapping spit with some chucklefuck named Wacy. Who the shit names a kid Wacy.

Former administrator, current nobody, Kat. At least it isn't unrequited...

Not only is this lovely gal particularly annoying with her constant pity-me-tea parties but she's also what those on the internet like to refer to as a shitty artist. If you throw her 30$ of your hard-earned money, she'll cobble together an atrocious manipulation of your choosing; she'll take a bland, boring wolf image that could have been salvageable into something nice and she'll overboard it with shitty brushes and patterns and call it professional art! The money that you could have spent saving puppies from monsters is now going into feeding fat greasy cows! Not to mention this particularly unskilled gal will go around begging you to spot her broke ass some money to support WWS while she supposedly has enough Benjamins to send her ass back to Alaska! If this isn't the epitome of furfag panhandling, what in the dear Lord's name is?!

Our super sleuthing skills have led us right to her facebook! Her name is Jessie Howard. Unfortunate.

Nichole is a newer recruit to the cattle herd that constitutes WWS administration, but she has proved herself to be no less aggravating when it comes down to double-standards and bigotry. WWS' favoritism really comes into light when it's brought to everyone's attention that Nichole's only claim to WWS fame is her connections to the Boss Bitch herself, cousin and personal anus polisher, Houkie. And when she's not rolling in Houkie's residual blubber tarnish, you'll often find her toddling awkwardly and uselessly around the board with nothing better to do than scoot her ass in everyone's business like a cur with worms. Seriously though, she does jack shit.

After Kat realized that nobody truly appreciated her oppressive, Hitler-esque bullying and quit the site in a flourish, another delusional trollop was added to the personnel.

Hilli, or Hillbilly as she should have been named, only half-succeeded in her endeavors of WWS relevancy when she was appointed as a codemonkey for the site. Her thought process goes as such: "Wow, I have access to the control panel. THIS TOTALLY MAKES ME AN ADMINISTRATOR TOO." She's hilariously delusional therein, going as far as bossing people around in an eerily familiar manner (hint: Kat) and using the Admins-only account to address people so she doesn't get burned at the stake like everyone desires.

When someone posts the exact problem [which makes it infinitely easier to fix], an emoticon not working isn't the end of the world, and oddly enough we admins can make mistakes.


— Codemonkey Hilli, utilizing the Free Spirit account to pretend she's actually an Administrator. Cute.

It Gets So Much Worse

As if it weren't already bad enough that WWS is a seedbed for suethors with sexually repressed urges, the players there mostly contribute to the community in a most distasteful, politically questionable manner. Between having characters involved in incestuous relationships, pedophilic encounters, child porn, maliciously graphic sexual interactions, and other skin-crawling concepts, you'd think the members would be crawling on the walls trying to get out. Wrong. Not only do they enjoy reading about a 6-month old wolf get railed by another 6-month old wolf, but the admins encourage it, justifying straight-up dog smut as creative freedom. Sorry ladies, creative freedom stopped at Fido getting penetrated with a tire-iron behind a roadside BK.

Biting The Hand That Feeds You

WWS admins, like the slimy grubs they are, think that by enlisting the help of their devout members they are doing the game a favor. That's right. Helping your admins is a privilege and may god have mercy on your soul should you take advantange of that privilege! One day, these generous old saints took it upon themselves to open a Formspring account in order to vacuum in all those delicious suggestions. Well, that was their initial gimmick anyway. Leave it to one genius to render it with disrepair, leaving lulzy comments calling them out on their bullshit that leaves the admins feeling violated and butthurt. Such is the way of Formspring, but leave it to the WWS team to completely disregard any shred of advice from anyone other than themselves!

When that operation falls through the cracks, we all know it's second best to make a survey asking the members to be honest and open in their suggestions. But, alas, honesty and reversed praise is too much for their brittle souls to handle. When all else fails, RAGECLOSE the survey and tuck it into the recesses of the archives where nobody will ever discover the ugly truth.

Raging Hypocrisy Parties

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of this furry rendezvous is the glib nature of their administration: they'll spin some mighty fine fallacies to make themselves sound credible when they're faced with harsh reminders of their complete ignorance! For a site that seemingly markets itself as a representation of IRL wild wolves, they seem to cop-out of that idealization when comes down to your character's sexuality! You can't make this shit up. When traversing amongst the vast array (lolnotrly) of personalities, you'll probably eventually find yourself coddled in the moist crotch of a lesbo. Now, before you ask "How the fuck did I get here?", we don't fucking know. The site is a complete mindfuck and with any luck you'll be banned for some completely irrelevant shit. Just throwing that out there. Did I mention that aforementioned lesbos are WOLVES? No, you heard correctly. WWS has a drove of homoerotic wolves, some more closeted than others, but still. If you're uncomfortable with having your eyes fondled by the creepily detailed penning of sexually frustrated girls, I suggest you stop where you are and GTFO the vicinity immediately. Who cares if the explicit read makes you squirm, right? Right? It's all for the greater good?

Wrong! You might as well just quit by your own free well, because if you're feeling oppressed or daresay violated by the threads, God forbid you allude this discomfort to The Royalty. They'll just call you a pussy and tell you to get thicker skin. Because at WWS, reading furry erotica is a matter of backbone. Don't you tongue your dog's anus too? No, just Houkie and Akumu then? Furthermore, below we have excerpts of some lesbian love makin'! Read at your own peril.

Her dark tail fluttered along the backs of Versailles' legs, teasing at the gap between them with the lightest of tickles. With a wink of her own, she supplanted her face with more kisses.


—Ghoti/Jaybird I had no idea wolves had the ability to move their tails in such a versatile manner! How interesting. Also, wolves can kiss? News to me.

She had allowed herself to delve deeply into their shared pleasure; she drank Ghoti's kisses as if it were the finest wine. Closer toward the source of her passion did the black female traverse, and Versailles made a breathless sound deep in her throat. She was about to admit Ghoti into her sanctum-


—Versailles/Ebony Shake it off, shake it off! I know, disgusting huh? Do not want to know the source of this chick's passion. Do. Not. Want.

Can we have a collective ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww? These fishbreaths just consummated on my screen and now I feel like I need to go take a hot shower.

Members of Interest

If you're going to involve yourself in a community of full-on Asspies, you should know a few things about some of the local boneheads. Specifically, Norniff being one of our favorites. When Norniff isn't begging for art or characters, she's scissoring with Leah, with whom she has a creepy fascination that everyone gives her indefatigable side-eye for. Not only are Norniff's characters agonizingly boring and Mary Sue material up to the hilt, they're predictably reliant on more OOC knowledge than they are IC.

Norniff had a duck, but it got it's ass pummeled by a gang of raccoons lmao. Unsurprisingly, she wrote a Diary-esque entry on the OOC messageboards BAWWWWWWWWWING about her bereaved fowl friend and all their fun times together. Meanwhile, her parents are firing up the grill in preparation of the BBQ in which they invite all the local raccoons and eat duck soup together.

Two other faggots you'd do well to avoid are Rachel and Stephanie. They're a bit of a package deal, it seems, and are equally trying on the ear the moment they open their cumcrummy lips. Rachel, being a renowned member of the bible fandom, mostly touts her beliefs aggressively and, laughingly oblivious to her degeneracy, loses every argument she starts. When she's not screeching demands at everyone to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST LOVE EVERYONE DON'T TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED!! she's moaning about her pisspoor life and her pisspoor kids and her pisspoor husband and her pisspoor job of being a bus driver. Stephanie, on the other hand, leads a rather mundane life. Mostly all she's good for is preaching about her anti-anti-pitbull campaigns and whining about how everyone hates her and her characters, only to subsequently quit due to the flamboyant hatred she's supposedly experiencing.

The Double-Standard Phenomenon

WWS hosts double-standard parties out the wazoo. When they're not sucking eachother's tits, usually the higher ranking members are found to be marinating in their elitist privileges. Among these privileges: fighting for the alpha rank. The dickbutt admins, being stuck in their perpetually parvenu ways, take the game so fucking seriously, that in the history of ten years, there has never once been an Alpha that hasn't been subjected to the sucking of Houkie's greasy fat rolls. In fact, if you're not one of her palsy-walsy gigolos, you won't ever stand the chance of even challenging for a higher rank. Except for Houkie and her friends. Not you. Houkie and friends. Did you hear that? Double standard up to the rafters.

Let's take for example our current event in the WWS: Sven, the dishwater asshat that we repeatedly mentioned earlier, has risen to the occasion of contending with Jazz, current Winterheart Forest big-man. Somewhere in the back of Sven's mind, he was led to believe he would be an astute rival for the capable alpha male and was further encouraged by–yep you guessed it–Esmerine! Can you guess who plays this stupid hag? Ding ding ding! Houkie. Somewhere in the grand scheme of things, Eve bullied her way into Houkie's good graces and as such, the fire-assed twatbird wielded her magic admin-hammer to force Gerra into letting Sven challenge so he can be Emperor Of The Assgoblins.

As it turns out, Houkie will never settle for sloppy-seconds, so she decided to let Jazz keep his piece-o-shit lot and decided to swipe some place called Maplewood Forest. How anticlimactic and gay.

Characters may fight or spar. No rank or mate challenges unless previously arranged with all participants and the Administration.


—The rules according to the admins.

Characters may catfight. No rank or mate challenges unless you're sucking my cock or worshiping me profusely. Also, it helps if you're my character's mate!


—The rules according to everybody else.


Gallery of WWS Elitist Bullshit About missing Pics

The End of Wild Wolf Society

In summer of 2013, after multiple attempts to hand off the site to other staff, Houkie closed down the site despite members wanting to stay. Houkie left a "tearful" goodbye that blamed the site and its members for her personal failures, including a lack of hobbies, education, and a job. Members dispersed to other sites, though they try to stay together, watching and waiting for the next perfect place to recreate their drama cesspit.

Oh no! They found us!

When the darlings finally followed the cupcake trail to this article, they tried to keep it on the DL. Unfortunately for them–Livejournal exists! And twitter! We also got some insider dirt thanks to an Anonymous source with teh leg1t hack0r skillz. The ones afflicted by the article are too cool for BAWWWW and thus decided to take the old tool road and tried to play it off like this article didn't even effect them but later revealed via twitter how appalled they were that people on the interwebz could be so MEAN!!! (Except for Ghoti's player, Jaybirdbirdfag, who lamented her desires to quit the entire site) They must be used to the hate. What a surprise.

An indirect quote from Jessie herself:

I'm above da haterz. In fact, I care so little that I'm going to make one of the pictures into an avatar, hehe. Won't they be surprised when I don't rage! LOLOL My cleverness is making me hot and bothered.


—Houkie/Jessie Howard, being "above" the haters. That must be a new thing for her, being ABOVE something. Isn't that right, Wacy?

All the other sheep followed suit, implementing their lovely dedications in some way shape or form to the site, despite the fact that the artfags who drew the pictures cannot see them to feel bruised anyway. Good job girls, you have mastered Butthurt like a pro!

On Saturday, October 16 2010 the admins tried to take away possible material for this article by SHUTTING DOWN EVERYTHING! Oh, yeah, you sure showed us out the door. Leave it to Houkie et al to believe that they are wearing the pants in this online relationship. Well ladies, as they say in Layman's terms, YOUR RESISTANCE ONLY MAKES MY PENIS HARDER! Keep resisting, we'll keep fapping... and then we'll add more shit that makes us giggle. So, with all that said and done, we formally invite you to CRY MOAR!!!!


In July of 2011, Wild Wolf Society's queen herself, Houkie, emerged with the details that she had the names and addresses of the respective Anonymous authors of this article and A REALLY GOOD ATTORNEY to boot. She thenceforth threatened to press charges should anyone proceed with the site's defamation. While this would make little sense to anyone who isn't retarded, Houkie has that insufferable, contagious quarter-evil called Special Snowflake Syndrome that dictates her ability to sue the pants off anyone who makes her BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. You know you're doing something wrong when butthurt wolfaboos are threatening to sue the interwebs guns hot.

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