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Typical Wikivoyage user.
Typical female sex tourist, i.e. an obese menopausal whore.

Wikivoyage is an overlooked website which actually contains some hidden lulz. Set up sometime around 2003, this wiki provides advice for people wishing to travel around the world. However, no one who is not batshit crazy would rely on this wiki for actual advice. Would you risk your life traveling through Afghanistan for the sake of a bit of vandalism?

The typical Wikivoyage user is a butch 30-something lesbian school geography teacher who gets off on hawt secks and smoking ganja while camping out in tents in the wilderness with her new-found friend, which explains why so much of the content on Wikivoyage is a load of incoherent crap.

There is also a number of Wikivoyage users called admins, who are actually basement dwellers and have no useful IRL skills. These fags instantly revert any additions, no matter how true the edits may be, that they think dishonor their hometowns and the places they traveled. ( come they do this as there is basically nowhere they actually traveled out of their basements?)

Hidden Lulz

Examples of the unintentional lulz that occurs throughout Wikivoyage:

Women should not wear shorts or mini-skirts, especially as they travel away from Lusaka. (Thighs, to Zambian men, are huge turn-ons.) Low-cut tops, however, while discouraged, are not nearly as provocative.


The 'Respect' section from Wikivoyage's Zambia article.

Rape and sexual assault levels are exceptionally high and care should be taken due to the high HIV levels in Johannesburg. Females should avoid walking alone at all times and should try if possible to remain in large groups.

General advice is to try your best to look like a local and avoid at all costs displaying any form of wealth, including ear rings as these have been ripped from unsuspecting tourists ears.

If you are a victim of crime, DO NOT TRY TO BE A HERO! Hand over what ever they ask for as goods and possessions can be replaced, your life can not.


The 'Stay safe' section from Wikivoyage's Johannesburg, South Africa article.

Many continents other than Africa feature lulzworthy locations, but the African ones are the most obvious.

The Asian-made condoms onsale everywhere - such as the Japanese brand Okamoto - are too small for most Western men. Your bargirl will often refuse to have sex with you if the condom doesn't fit right; and if she doesn't refuse, you are in danger.


Stay safe in Pnom Penh, Cambodia!

Travel Topics

Wikivoyage has a list of travel topics, in addition to the over 9000 articles it has about places, some of which are hideously incomplete. You would have to be extremely gullible to trust Wikivoyage on anything that is even remotely important.

The site also has sex and drug tourism policies, so that pedos do not know where to find those little girls in the Philippines, and it doesn't tell you where to die of a cocaine overdose.

Famous Contributors

Willy on Wheels has been known to vandalize Wikitravel. As for everyone else, nobody gives a fuck about them. This is because they edit under their real name and are thus unlikely to cause any lulz for fear of being outed.

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