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The best choice of clothing to help you "plunge forward". No wonder it has so much gay content!

Wikiporno is a wiki with the aim of being the ultimate directory of porn. It has stuff in every category, from hawtness to faggotry. As the era of Porn 2.0 dawns upon us, with sites like YouPorn and Motherless and their DMCA-violating user-generated content, some asspies thought it necessary to document all of this. They have info on porn sites, porn stars, porn companies, porn videos, pretty much porn everything.

As with Wikitravel, Wikiporno asks its contributors to plunge forward, their way of saying "be bold". This is because like all wikis, the people who founded the site want the contributors to do the hard work so that they can profit.

The Mission of Wikiporno

Wikiporno is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable world-wide guide to pornography.


Wikiporno articles should be useful for at least the following purposes:

However, this seems to be a failure because the categories listed down the site, such as black and hand job, are hideously incomplete, with only a few articles in each category, lawl. Despite this, they have many, many articles on the site itself. It's difficult to navigate, and the gay mafia seems to have taken over the site because about half of all the articles on there are about faggotry. There's also a how-to article on pimping. SRSLY.

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  • Wikiporno. Note that it doesn't have a "you must be 18 to enter" notice. This means that it is technically violating international laws, in the same sense that Wikipedia is.
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