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Wikipedia Porn

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Pornography... in my Wikipedia? It's more likely than you think! Despite their numerous pretensions to objectivity, the editors at Wikipedia have proven that they are all secretly biased towards hot pr0n and Wikipedophilia. Because of such, the Wikipedia pedo community has considered renaming the website to Photobucket Junior. German wikipedos like stefan64, seewolf, gereon k. are really into it, it's their daily favorite activity! Tommy2010 a.k.a. pervert2010, who thinks he is the great administrator supervises daily wikipedo rape activities.

(Some of the content on the list may have been deleted after the time of posting.)

Jimbo Porn Drama

No, not his old Bomis history.

  1. In March or April 2010, Jimbo started bullying the people at Wikiversity for creating research projects about vandalizing Wikipedia.
  2. The people at Wikiversity created a Request for Comment about stripping Asshole Jimbo of his flounder powers but the votes were averaging something like 3 to 2 for Jimbo to keep his powers because Jimbo's flunkies protect him.
  3. Shortly after, Larry Sanger was still butthurt after five years since Jimbo denied Larry was cofounder. So Larry starts the drama about CP being on Wikipedia and it gets lots of press coverage.
  4. To deal with the bad press, Jimbo and others like Krimpet and Alison start deleting images from Wikipedia Commons.
  5. The pedos then all rage and go to the Wikiversity RFC and vote to get Jimbo stripped of his powers, the votes are now over 300 to have Jimbo's powers stripped and just slightly over 100 for him to keep his powers.
  6. Jimbo relinquishes most of his powers and [1] the pedos are now undeleting the images from commons that were deleted].

TL;DR: There are more pedos in Wikipedia than Jimbo's flunkies.

Wait! Wat?

To clarify, Der Jimbo gave up most of the privileges that were his "founder" right. Which used to give him global god like powers on all Wikimedia Foundation projects, now the founder right only gives him the ability to look at deleted articles and certain logs. He still has checkuser, sysops, oversighter on Wikipedia itself but he's agreed not to block people. As for blocking people, remember in the past that whenever blocked someone indefinitely, it had been considered a permanent ban from the wiki, only undoable by Jimbo himself. So now he's basically a lame duck and can't to anything without his flunkies as a proxy and we've seen above the flunkies getting overpowered by pedos. And nothing of value was lost. Of course there are other users like MuZemike, wikipedo who became administrator in one month. How is that possible? He blew Jewbo more than other wikipedos, thus he earned the title of jewblo blowking, da pleasa, he is so proud of his "achievement"!

The Goods



Seedfeeder's pseudo-vector porn contributions (also available here at Category:Wikipedia)

Categories (WIN)

MediaWiki's Bad image list – These images are b& except on specific articles


Lazily copypasta'd

Count von Count Boners Wikipedia Porn.jpg


Descriptively titled About missing Pics


Noteworthy Quotes

It is porn, pure and simple. It's an extremely graphic image of a woman with her fist in her vagina.



Jimbo Wales 17:57, 7 May 2010 (UTC)

I plan to narrate a whole series of clips related to fetishes of all kinds as soon as I free up the time from being engaged in them.



Antrophica 03:41, 15 September 2007 (UTC)

Note: We do not generally accept newer submissions to this gallery. If you upload a home-made photo of your penis, do not be surprised if it gets deleted.



Wikimedia Commons

Stop taking pictures of your penis please, it's pretty gross and is creeping out the wiki community and such.



User talk:Richiex x.x.x.246 09:53, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

I think this guy IS the wiki community.



User talk:Richiex x.x.x.78 09:21, 21 December 2006 (UTC), in response to x.x.x.246

Usually, when I take photos, I take far more than needed. For example, when taking the photos for strap-on dildo, I took about 450 photos. As such, if you'd like a photo of another angle or the like, drop me a line on my talk page and I'll see if I have it. Don't assume a photo request is too much work since I'd have to re-take it! I have lots and lots of unuploaded photos...




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