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I am not at all a fan and never have been.


Jimbo Wales on Wikipe-tan, [1]

So kawaii ^____________^

At least 100 years ago, Wikipe-tan was created by a Japanese tartlet named Deviantart-favicon.png Kasuga39. She is the personification of perverted Wikipedia and is used to lure weeaboos. Wikipe-tan and her sisters are the only things on Wikipedia that are worth raping. She is trying to destroy ED and all of its lulz, but so far has only fanned the flames by bringing attention to Wikipedia's colossal amount of sick fuck pedophiles aka wikipedos.



In 2003, Wikipedia was still young, and Jimbo Whails knew that his tiny, fragile index of knowledge could fail in an instant. Larry Sanger left the year before, and the trolls were moving in. He needed a catalyst or a symbol to bring everyone together under his flag, but he also needed one of those too. The Wikimedia Foundation decided that a mascot was needed, and Whails decided that the users should choose the mascot in true wiki fashion.

On February 21, 2003, a mascot election was held. Numerous anthropomorphic creatures contented for the win. On September 6, 2003, Wikipede the Centipede was declared the winner and was given his own article. Despite this, the election was never closed, and the voting continued on for at least a hundred years.


Shii's find.
Wikipe-tan sockpuppet show.png

On January 4, 2006, Wikipedia's most brilliant anon suggested that Wikipedia use an anime character in the same spirit as the OS-tans. This anon also suggested the name "Wikipe-tan". Kasuga then then created and drew Wiki-tan on January 8 and uploaded it onto the Futaba Channel. On January 17, 2006, Shii (then known as Ashibaka) discovered the image and uploaded Kasuga's artwork onto Commons. He then added the artwork to the ballot. Despite all the weeaboos voting for Wikipe-tan, Wikipede the Centipede still had about ten more votes and won. Some critics decided to be butthurt.


Although Wikipe-tan lost the mascot battle to a mascot, Wikipe-tan developed a strong fanbase, and Wikipede remained obscured to the greater Wikipedian community. Wikipe-tan became the official mascot of several wiki projects, including the wiki's anime project.

Wikipedia Loli Wars

pedophilic sexualization of a community mascot? No. - email me if you have questions


—Jimbo Wales' log summary as he deletes the lolis

Mr. Wiki-Detective at work.

Since April 3, 2006, Wikipedia's Lolicon article used "Final_Solution-chan.jpg" as its introductory image, but on June 1, 2007, Anonymous decided to change it, and this led to one of the greatest edit wars in Wikipedia's history (depicted in the following table):

Lolicon edit war
Thumbnail Date Image Uploader Location Proponents Deleted by
1 June 2007 1172828743003.jpg B4k4 Wikipedia B4k4 Herostratus
1 June 2007 Nanoha_&_fate.jpg B4k4 Wikipedia N/A Ryulong
1 June 2007 1180484435699.jpg Imnotu Wikipedia Imnotu Herostratus
1 June 2007 Loli.jpg Imnotu Wikipedia Imnotu Herostratus
1 June 2007 Nangouyasuoka.jpg The_Sweenz Wikipedia Ibuysausage Ryulong
1 June 2007 Myupload.jpg Anonof4chan Wikipedia Anonof4chan Nick
1 June 2007 KagamiTsukasa.jpg Anonof4chan Wikipedia Anonof4chan Nick
1 June 2007 Waha.jpg Bebopblue Wikipedia Bebopblue Nick
1 June 2007 Loliwikipetan.jpg 4lolicon Wikipedia Erachima
View full log
1 June 2007 LoliWikipetan.jpg 4lolicon Commons Erachima
View full log
1 June 2007 LoliWikipetan2.jpg 4lolicon Commons Erachima Jimbo Wales
2 June 2007 Kagami.jpg Eurofag Commons Eurofag Zscout370
4 June 2007 Blueloli.jpg Kohikki Wikipedia Merovingian
View full log
6 June 2007 LoliWikipetan3.jpg Zscout370 Commons N/A Zscout370
8 June 2007 Loligirl.jpg Pixel_;-) Commons N/A D-Kuru
12 June 2007 LoliWikipetan.jpg The_White_Cat_haters_club Commons N/A ALE!

Several channers (and possibly their sockpuppets) competed for supremacy over the article. Just when it appeared that the status quo would be preserved, "4lolicon" appeared and uploaded "Loliwikipetan.jpg". Merovingian approved of the image and added it to the article. Unbeknownst to him, this image will become the source of the edit war's next phrase. Merovingian, Erachima (then known as tjstrf), and Eyrian in favor of the new Wikipe-tan lolicon, while Herostratus was heavily against it. Merovingian and Herostratus became engaged in a deletion-restoration war, but this ended since Herostratus couldn't delete images on Commons.

On June 4, 2007, White_Cat nominated "LoliWikipetan.jpg" and "LoliWikipetan2.jpg" for deletion. Even more drama occurred on Talk:Lolicon. Nevertheless, the thoughts expressed in these discussions were rendered meaningless when Jimbo Wales unilaterally deleted the lolicon images and permabanned 4lolicon.

Push for officialness and rejection

Almost immediately after Jimbo Wales baleeted LoliWikipetan.jpg, weeaboos have been attempting to push his "Pedophilic sexualization of a community mascot? No." comment as a sign of official recognition by Wikimedia's highest authority (eg. [2]). Attempts to insert Jimbo's alleged recognition onto WP:Wikipe-tan were reverted until June 30, 2007, when Deadkid_dk reinserted it. Deadkid_dk wasn't reverted as the anons were because he or she had a account with many contributions and used an edit summary.

Jimbo's "recognition" was treated as Word of God until February 7, 2011, when Jimbo Wales revealed that he wasn't a fan and that he never intended for his comment to be interpreted as official recognition:

I think this article was misleading in saying that I "recognized" Wikipe-tan. My removal of the sexualized version from commons was in no way an endorsement of the standard versions. I don't like Wikipe-tan and never have. I recognize that some people do, and I'm not particularly agitated about it, but my name should not be invoked in a way that might lead some to believe that I approve. Thanks!

First Wikipedian War on Bikinis

Drawings of cheerful girls in bikinis are "offensive and inappropriate".

On November 8, 2009, Shii added "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png" to the Wikipedia's "fan service" article. Unbeknownst to Shii, he set in motion a ticking dramabomb.

On August 10, 2010, pedophile and hack-artist TGcomix, using his "Worromp_Warg" account, added "Kogaru1.jpg" to the "Fan service" article.

On March 14, 2011, Herostratus removed both "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png" and "Kogaru1.jpg" from the article, citing alleged trademark issues and other legal-esque nonsense. This led to an edit war and arguing that lasted until late April.

On March 20th, Nikkimaria removed "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png" from Wikipedia's "Wikipe-tan" fan page and soon found herself in an mini-edit war and then an argument.

On March 23rd, Herostratus nominated "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png" for deletion, and predictably, the lolicon-loving Commons community voted to keep it. In April, this same community would foil an attempt to purge TGcomix's pedophilic filth from Commons as well, although Wikipedia's righteous anti-pedophile defense team was able to remove "Kogaru1.jpg" from the "Fan service" article after an AN/I discussion.

On April 9th, Malkinann suggested creating a version of "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png" without Wikipe-tan's iconic puzzle pieces as a compromise, and in true Wikipedia fashion, the Wikipedia community spent their time arguing rather than getting started on creating that suggested alternative.

Malkinaan's suggestion wouldn't become a reality until May 4, 2011, when Jayen466 uploaded "Fanservice.jpg" and added it to the "Fan service" article. This would remain the status quo until August 23rd, 2014, when Knowledgekid87 removed "Fanservice.jpg" from the article, stating that "Fanservice.jpg" isn't actually fan service. "Fanservice.jpg" was restored on November 24th, 2014 and has so far remained in the article without further edit warring.

Second Wikipedian War on Bikinis

Some see a "tongue-in-cheek" presentation with silly pictures; others see a grave threat to the welfare of women.

During Wikimania 2014, a presentation entitled "Creative Ways to Alienate Women Online: A How-to Guide for Wikipedians" was given. This was a self-described "tongue-in-check" presentation, and "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png" featured in one of its slides. Given the presentation's tongue-in-check rather than exposé nature, one who assume that its creators opted for goofy rather than actual provocative images. Nikkimaria, who held a long-standing beef against "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png", was apparently in attendance.

On August 9th, 2014, Nikkimaria once again removed "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png" from the "Wikipe-tan" fan page and used the Wikimania presentation as a justification. This resulted in another mini-edit war and yet another argument, and once again, the end result was the return of "Wikipe_tan_wearing_a_bikini_by_Kasuga39.png" to the fan page.

Wikipe-tan and Physical Attractiveness

In January 2017, a Wikipediot named Greenrd was browsing the Physical attractiveness article and became triggered upon seeing a picture of Wikipe-tan on the page. After being revived with smelling salts, Greenrd removed the image and accused the section of being "original research" and explained he was removing it because "most importantly - it's a little girl!" He then went to reddit to detail his actions, saying, "No, weeaboos, your creepy borderline-paedophilic comments on little girls and WP:SYNTH of unreliable and inappropriate sources about neoteny do not justify putting an image of a very young girl in an article on physical attractiveness as if she's literally some kind of apex of physical attractiveness. Fictitious or not."

The reddit post had the predictable result of an edit war breaking out, and Greenrd reverted once before opting to get "consensus" on the Talk page to have this offensive imagery removed. Four other Wikipedos managed to get off their fainting couches long enough to type out their support for the removal and Greenrd reverted it out once more with "consensus."

Urbanesque Wikipe-tan

Urbanesque Wikipe-tan.Wikipedia's Closed
Wikipe-tan in's logo

Wikipe-tan is shown here with a tan and an afro inspired by GunnarRene's pending trip to Australia.


—The excuse used to upload the image, [3]

During the summer of 2007, GunnarRene made an amazing discovery: Due to Wikipe-tan's liberal licensing, anyone can create an derivative of Wikipe-tan and upload it onto Commons. GunnarRene then took Paranormal Wikipe-tan and transformed it into a minority, which came complete with an afro, a suit, and shades. :3 can also be seen on Urbanesque Wikipe-tan's puzzle hair-piece.

The (not to be confused with crew found the image and fact the Wikipedos did not complain about it yet lulzy. The Wikichan crew then added this information to their Wikipe-tan article and used Wikipe-tan in their logo as a sign of victory.

The Wikipedos did not realize the meme reference until months later. The anon who finally made the meme-connection had this to say:

I feel that the afro wikipe-tans should be removed as they seem to be some kind of joke from 4chan. They are a reference to the racist 'pool's closed' (NSFW) meme (note the current wikichan logo).

Images in question: [4] [5] [6]

Additionally, see 'afro controversy' in this wikichan article (NSFW):

An art piece featuring Wikipe-tan wearing a suit, shades, and an afro was added to the gallery, with a caucasian and alternate black version. Fortunately, no one was keen enough to guess its meaning or delete it, and it remains there to this day. An edited version is seen on the WikiChan logo as a symbol of triumph. Really, you can add whatever the hell you want to the gallery. Go ahead.

How these pictures have been up for 5 months perplexes me. :(

After some debate, the OP said:

Original poster here. I guess the images themselves don't really create any harm as long as they aren't breaking any rules, even if they are a bit strange. For those who do not know, Wikichan is the official wiki of the *chans, which are a collection of imageboards famous for their 'raids' on websites. See 4chan for a list of things that one such imageboard have been responsible for. Being associated with these people may be a bad idea, which is why I suggest the removal of the references to their 'pool's closed' meme. Additionally, allowing these images to stay up may lead to further 'contributions' by 4chan when they realize what they can get away with. Finally, I don't really see how a dark-skinned version of wikipe-tan with an afro belongs in the gallery, but hey, I respect people's different tastes. Ultimately, I respect the majority decision.

Anti-anime movement

Although Wikipedia is filled with many anime-loving weeaboos, Wikipedia also has its fair share of OCD-driven anime-h8rs. Haters of everything manga constantly besiege Wikipedia’s Wikipe-tan project page. The project page was proposed for deletion twice: once on July 20, 2006, and again on July 14, 2008. The second attempt to delete the article was by an "dummy account" (own words) named "Anon deletion", and he had this to say:

This page is completely and utterly ridiculous. An entire page dedicated to the "worship" of a childish drawing. If you think "worship" is too strong a word check out some of the David-Brent-level-cringe-factor comments on the talkpage. This user loves Wikipe-tan, the cutest personification of Wikipedia. is extremely apt - but whatever happened to This user loves Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia - that's what we're here for, not an extended anime fan club!! Given the deletion of that great Esperanza project on the basis it was distracting people and creating a socialized wiki culture I don't see how this can possibly be retained. It has no positive benefit for the project at all - why is it the namespace? Reason: it would get deleted as an article for a lack of notability. It's just a list of the uses of wikipetan and numerous derivative images. I honestly find it sickening that such an article exists on our encyclopedia. And before the accusations start flying yes this is just a dummy account (AFAIK this isn't against "the rules") as I'd prefer not to be a marked man by Wikipe-tan fans.

Although the Wikipe-tan project page survived, the anti-anime users continued to assault the article on the talk page.

Hey guys. I have to say, reading this page makes me cringe for Wikipedia. Pages like this go to reinforce the stereotype of Wikipedia contributors as being anime-obsessed geeks, and diminish the perceived credibility and reliability of the rest of the site. What does an image of a child-like anime figure have to do with an encyclopedia?



Hahaha, I concur [Anon]. What an utter waste of time this wench is. Perhaps it would be appropriate for wikipedians to jettison this strumpet and allot more time to the augmentation of articles. Though, alas, [Anon], we must sadly cope with the fact that most wikipedians are artless creatures who fail at rendering this encyclopedia an elegant entity.


—Grammaticus VII before censoring himself.

Hahaha, I concur [Anon]. What an utter waste of time this wench is. Perhaps it would be appropriate for wikipedians to jettison this strumpet and allot more time to the augmentation of articles. Though, alas, [Anon], we must sadly cope with the fact that most wikipedians are -- well, I don't wish to offend anyone.


—Grammaticus VII after censoring himself.

The spirit Wikipedia community is not well represented by a series of anime imitations. Wikipedia is not focused on anime.



what's that, the weeaboo asperger teen baby can't understand how this is creepy as fuck, especially because he feels the need to spring to the defense of his beloved Wikipe-tan the moment anyone dares to make an edit to it? this isn't notable. it adds nothing to wikipedia. there is no value added by this article or by this character's existance, but because it makes you guys feel better it will never be deleted. HOW DARE SOMEONE ATTACK PRECIOUS WIKIPE-TAN.



This whole section and the mascot itself only reinforces the stereotypes about Wikipedia's contributors/editors (i.e. obsessive japanophiles). Not to mention that the sheer amount of images and their style seems as if this page was a misplaced DeviantArt profile of a horrible basement dweller.

Is there any reason why is "Wikipe-tan"(why should we even use japanese honorifics? They hold no meaning in the english language and I haven't seen honorifics of any other language used anywhere) should be present at all,much less drawn in the frankly horrible "moe" style,or even worse,in sexually suggestive poses/clothing?

Probably got bot-deleted,reposting. I'm genuinely curious why have you picked "moe" to be the style of the mascot instead of any other. Was there a vote? Have you considered more classical/western styles? I just believe there are better ways to summarize the effort for making a free for all database of all knowledge than some overly cute girl lacking any real human proportions.



Things that anime-haters forget include:

  1. Wikipedia:Wikipe-tan is a project page, not an article.
  2. Wikipe-tan is not Wikipedia's official mascot. It is a community-supported mascot.
  3. Kasuga is actually Japanese; therefore, Kasuga is not wapanese.
  4. Ad hominem attacks against weeaboos do not work.
  5. Wikipedia is not Americentric.
  6. Wikipedia is not going to change into an anime fansite due to a mascot.

More Wikipe-Tan!

Wikipe-Tan is not an only child, she has 3 other sisters who are all forced into sexual slavery by jimbo wales himself.

What Wikipe-tan is not


Wikipe-tan by herself About missing Pics
Kasuga, Wikipe's creator, also created the example art for lolis, due to TOW's anti children's popsicle rules.

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