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Everyone gets a turn with Jewbo's Prostitute Maaaaa at Wikimania
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Jewbo Bangs his Maaaaa, This is how Wikimania Always Starts,

Wikimania is a convention where all the world's pedophiles get together and molest lil children. It is hosted by notorious child molester, sick fuck Jimbo Jewbo Wales. The Spanish Fly condoms wikimania was held in July 2015, in Mexico City. The 2018 Wikimania was held in July in Cape Town, South Africa[1]. Here the new administrators are forced to swear loyalty to NAMBLA and then an orgy of young boy sex occurs. Jimbo Wales usually leads his minions in satanic rituals and then they all have gay sex again. Lesbo on lesbo sex is welcomed but dude on dude sex is preffered.

What Happens At Wikimania Stays at Wikimania, Yes Sir, Tradition is Strong!!!
Make sure to visit Linuxbeak's hotel room. Bring Crisco.

Jimbo Holds Court

Wikimania's main purpose is for everyone to kiss Jimbo's ass. If you oppose Wikimania, you will be blocked and taken to internet court.

What would make Wikimania cool

These things could make Wikimania cool

  • Showing up in costume dressed up like Brian Peppers
  • Shouting Jimbo down as he makes speeches
  • Sending she-male strippers to dance on the stage as Jimbo speaks, (e.g. wikipedia admins Kelly Martin or Rebecca)

Things to do at the next Wikimania

If you live in Egypt and have nothing better to do that day (and who in Egypt doesn't?), you should go to the Wikimania conference. These are some things that you should consider doing.

  • Release animals into the conference room-rats would be way cool
  • Keying Jimbo's car would be funny
  • Sending about 100 transexual prositutes to Jimbo's room would be cool, but he would thank you for it.
  • Order about 100 pizzas for Jimbo.
  • Run naked across the stage screaming free the Wikipedia-this might get you in real jail though.
  • Hand out free Encyclopedia Dramatica T-shirts, this will lead nicely into...
  • Start a fight-these internet tough guys are not so tough.

Supreme Assholes

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