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Foundationlate 2006
Major Boardswiki
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Wikichan front page (previously is a shitty weeaboo rip-off of Encyclopedia Dramatica that nobody reads, (except for the incest stories). Its content, which was all lost on the .org to .net switch, was basically incest stories, old memes, incest stories, "copy pasta", and did I mention incest stories? Other than that shit, it was like ED, but they didn't allow porn (except incest stories!) or anything funny because they had shitty hosting, that would later betray them.

The most likely reason for its founding was so the dumbasses at 4chan's /b/ wouldn't have to make such a fantastic effort to find the tired old jokes they seem to love so much.

Apparently the writers of Wikichan have some kind of grudge against ED, just like the rest of the Internets. Also, every week the entire website falls apart because the owner doesn't know how to run a website at all. As of this week, the site was suspended for failure to fork over five dollars in hosting bills. They have since changed hosts, which is, naturally, almost twice as shitty; the site is currently closed to editing. NO U


There was, then, which both called themselves Wikichan. At first, people hated and DDoS'd for copying etherchan. Then etherchan closed and people had to deal with which never backed up its database and lost the database every 2 months. Eventually closed and there's only some one site about the well cultured anonymous, some manners guide.

Shii had this good thing on his site where he gave specific, simple instructions on how to back up the database and said, "If only wikichan knew how to do this..." The ironic thing is that 1000s of people came out and nowhere and would just rebuild that database each time it crashed while these 1000s ignored other sites like lurkmoar wiki that have stayed up.

Where did Wikichan go?

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Wikichan was very easy to vandalize because nobody actively monitored it.

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