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Nailed it right in the head, particularly with the cannibalism
A typical beautiful Aryan woman


This page looks like it was written by Jews

White Nationalism (pronounced h'wite nationalism) is the newer, sleeker, politically correct version of White supremacy, founded in response to the Jewish Conspiracy, which seeks to destroy the white race for no apparent reason aside from the obvious lulz which could be derived therefrom. This movement is an attempt by whites to reclaim originally Caucasian lands, such as North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Internets exclusively for the white race. It is the newest hangout for trolls and 16 year old girls.

White Confusion & White Action

Muh heritage 1.png
Muh heritage 2.jpg

And niggers hate him

Many white people don't know who is white and who isn't. Since skin color does not necessarily decide your race, ethnicity or nationality, white people usually have to take a guess and are most of the time wrong.

Actually, to be a true white person, you must have blonde hair and blue or green eyes, nope just blue eyes. Women must not be fatasses or ugly; otherwise they are not really people, just animals. Anyone who does not fit this description is a black person. Do the world a favor and become an hero.

In 2006 a Puerto Rican man in Georgia who was fairly pale in the skin, with no accent or distinguishing minority features, became fag buddies with several whiteys in the area who believed he was "white." This lasted a good 9 months before the Puerto Rican man (probably named Juan) decided to drop the pwn bomb on the crackers and let them know he wasn't "white" after he felt he was about to be forced to join their socially acceptable white gang. They were not pleased.

White nationalists in America believe they are all one race. Typical white Americans believe there are only five races in the world; white, black, Illegal Mexicans who took my job (pronounced "tuken mah jerb"), Asian and Jews. If you are French, Dutch, German, or British, etc., it does not matter because once you get to America, you are automatically "white" and invited into the white brothel circle jerk that is the white nationalists. They truly believe that white is a race which is why they are constantly mocked, pwned and dismantled IRL and on the internets by jews and niggers.

Most white nationalists (and supremacists) can be found on Jewtube spewing rhetoric about rap videos or how they have supreme knowledge and indisputable facts that niggers kill more than they do. Peckerwoods can turn any Jewtube video with a person of color into a racial debate in the comments section. The ones who are fully dedicated to their cause will even point out when a black guy is in the background of a video, even for a split second. Comment usually looks like "0:18 lol nigger."

Typical White Nationalist Debate

 Nordic: These Portuguese muds are niggers
 Med: You are a fucking barbarian. While you were raping and fucking yourselves we were 
 creating stuff
 Nordic: Mud
 Med: The western civilisation started in Greece and Roma. You must be a commie trying to create divisions. Portuguese are whites
 American88: NORDIC IS A JEW
 Med: No, YOU are a JEW
 Nordic: You both are jewish TROLLS!!!
(American88: Account Disabled)
(Med: Account Disabled)
(Nordic: Account Disabled)
(PaganWitch: Account Disabled)


Common White Nationalist Lingo

Hey, kids! Nazis!
  • 14 – The 14 words, which state: Whites rock, blacks are pretty alright people, so is everyone else, but especially blacks.
  • 88 – Can be used in place of 1988 or it can signify the eighth letter of the alphabet, twice. Also how many virgins await white heros in Heaven. Praise Hitler!
  • Gentile – Not a Jew.
  • Groid – Humorous name for a person of Africoid, or negroid, ancestry. Instantly makes any racist rant a laugh-fest.
  • Hispanic – A person of "pure white"-Spanish descent.
  • HolohoaxHolocaust + Hoax. Or is it holoGRAM + hoax? It is a mystery, but probably just more Jew lies.
  • Mestizo – Anyone who comes from Central or South America who has a speck of melanine. Or a tan.
  • Mud – A mixture of water and dirt or a person who is stained with non-white semen. (A redundancy, amirite?)
  • Mongrel – Anyone who is not white.
  • Mongoloid – Anyone who is South or East Asian.
  • Boy – Anyone who is a negro.
  • Negress – The feminine form of black.
  • Jewess – Jews who were circumsized TOO HARD.
  • ObongoBlack Jesus.
  • Zionism – Relating to decisions, political power, and lobbying performed by Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler.
  • ZOGCode word for "Zionist Occupied Government". De facto excuse for all of whitey's problems.

Who is White?

The zenith of human evolution at rest after a hard day of draggin' shit behind their pickup
The word "Aryan" comes from the Sanskrit word Arya which means "Nobleman." Not anymore.

In the White Nationalist movement, whiteness is a situational judgement call, which is a testament to the scientific fact of white supremacy. It consists of three levels and one boss.

  1. If someone is of pure European ancestry as far back as it is possible to trace, white in appearance, and at least a little less Jewish than Hitler, then the person is definitely white, as long as they are a Protestant Christian. If you are of, say, Polish descent - do us all a favor and quit pretending because to the Nazi hate machine Polacks were lower than Jews because they are the Special-Ed class room of Europe. Jews, if they were educated in useful skills like engineering or chemistry, clever and had a knack for kissing ass had a much better chance of surviving compared to a race of people, like the Poles, that tried to fight a tank battalion on horse back with small calibre firearms.
  2. If someone is of mixed ancestry with a non-white race and white in appearance, then there are several factors that must be taken into account. It is generally accepted that anyone who is 15/16 white (see #1) or higher is good enough. However, lower fractions can be accepted depending largely on how white in appearance and how racist against chocolate fun-time the person is.
  3. If someone is of Jewish ancestry, one must first disregard the fact that Jews are white and apply #2. If this test is passed, then the person must reject all of his Jewish ancestry and must display a hatred toward every Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider movie. It should be noted that before #3 can be passed said Jew must answer the question, "What Can You Do For Us"? Skills in engineering, chemistry and accounting are always in demand where no one realy gives a fuck if you are 1st chair violin.
  4. White people who do not advocate a welfare state for whites only are probably Jews, or have otherwise been brainwashed by them.

Common mistakes

  • Inviting Nazis to a Klan party, or vice versa.
  • Telling the guys you're down with their program, all your gay partners have been white.
  • Assuming a Jew is non-white when he's an example of white intelligence and creativeness.
  • Saying that Iranians and Injuns count as white just because they're Aryans.
  • Letting them hear you go on about how people who get tattoos are race traitors to their precious white skin.

White Nationalist Facts

Ravenous mongrels planning an invasion of the White Man's lands.
White Power Headquarters
  • The White Nationalists, or NAMBLA, were originally organized to protect white women from average-to-large sized black cock. The most effective way to do this is to match them with a proven stud before they start menstruating, like Warren Jeffs or a retiring Grand Dragon.
  • Hitler was a God and Mein Kampf is a Bible.
  • Whites are in danger of disappearing, much like Israel, the United States, and the English language (unlike the billions upon billions of Jews). They must be preserved at all costs.
  • The average White Nationalist in North America is usually an immigrant of Russian/Eastern European descent (check background because he will never admit this). He invited himself to North America after his wife gained employment in the USA as a fulltime-professional. He doesn't understand why colored people should be entitled to welfare like him. Back in Vladivostok, welfare is entitled to YOU. Simply put, this type simply wants to be first in line when it comes to sucking Jew cock.
  • White men have enormous dicks larger than mushrooms.
  • White men have tiny dicks even smaller than Asians'.
  • Whites have little common ancestry with blacks. Whites are descendants of Cro-magnons while blacks are descendants of Neanderthals actually whites are descendants of Neanderthals which is scientifically proven, which goes to show that Neanderthals were the first great flowering of the European warrior spirit; proud free Northmen sadly all but destroyed by their careless trust of ancient Ethiopian Jew Homo sapiens spreading out of Africa like cockroaches (which was proven by Klingons at least 100 years ago). This is denying the scientific fact that whites are actually descendants of Ethiopian hominids.
  • Blacks and other mud-colored races are genetically less intelligent and more prone to crime than whites. Remember the Oklahoma City Bombing? Okay, bad example. Or that Jon Walker guy who-- Wait, wait. What about Jeffrey Dahmer? Ted Bundy? Charles Manson? Henry Lee Lucas? Well... My friend said he knew a guy whose roommate got shoved by a black guy once. Bastard.
  • Blacks and their giant cocks are taking over the world. Despite the fact that rich and upper-middle-class white people own 80%+ of the world's property and control 70%+ of the world's resources while only constituting 3% of the world's population, they are in serious danger from the giant cock-wielding people who are quickly taking over. Wait...all the rich white people must be Jews because only Jews control money, so nobody who is rich is white! And European Jews aren't white so that means the mud people have already infiltrated! Remember how black people took over Europe and put white people in slavery? It could happen again!.SWEET!.
  • East Asians are much smarter and less prone to crime than whites. This problem is solved by creatively rewriting the entire history of humanity so that Asians are now simply a mutant breed of whites, probably descended from some Vikings who went a little too far East during a pillaging.
  • Ancient Egyptians were also Vikings or Germans or whatever.
  • Enoch Powell was right. Mel Gibson was right. So was James Watson.
  • White men like guns because they suck at fighting, women however like it because it reminds them of black cocks.
  • A white army would almost be threatening except for the fact that most white people can't fight and fagify themselves by guzzling Starbucks and listening to liberal nutfuck music like David Bowie and Amy Winehouse.
  • White people are officially afraid of Black people.
  • Kramer was the star of Seinfeld.
  • Any attempt a Jewish person makes to defend himself, his race and/or his religion (or the size of his flayed micropenis), no matter how humbly, reasonably, or logically, is obviously a filthy, conceited excuse and an attempt to cover up the global Zionist conspiracy aimed at extincting the Aryan race. Always. No exceptions.

White Nationalist Struggle Against Anti-WNs

  • White Nationalists are not white supremacists, they are just fighting to preserve their race, which is not superior to others; it merely created everything of importance which is why it must be preserved; which is why all other races must leave; which is why other races are mongrels, because they can only take and have never given anything to the world, even though WNs claim they don't think they are inferior.
  • Every race should go back to their land of origin and live happily. Stupid, ignorant antis will always fail to make the obvious distinction between "land of origin where people of your own race established a country and government by fighting and killing the native inhabitants in a hostile takeover" and "land of origin where your ancestors are from." It's like, duh... roflcopter! Oh, but White people shouldn't have to give back the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa already did.
  • Acknowledge that not all mongrels are bad, which is why they should go back to their race's land of origin (see above) and help out there.
  • It is extremely important to use the defense that you are not responsible for any of the atrocities of your race, such as slavery and genocide, but, at the same time, you are responsible for all the accomplishments of your race, especially classical music, which you've never even listened to.
  • When an anti probes you to prove the Holocaust never happened, return fire with a fatal blow, "O RLY??? y don't u prove that it DID happen gaywad faggot!" The antis will never see it coming.
  • Any news of a non-white committing a crime against a white person is living proof that non-whites contain no brains or lulz.
  • It is often difficult to differentiate between "WNs" and "Antis" in person. Although both are dense, lower-middle or lower-class degenerates with shaved heads and utilitarian clothing, they can sometimes be distinguished by the slogans on their 100% polyester t-shirt.

Summary of White Nationalist Holocaust Denial

German Nazis at Oktoberfest
  • Who cares what Elie Wiesel has to say? He's over 9000 years old and pisses his bed!
  • Hitler's tr00 goal wasn't extermination of the Jews, it was their emigration from European land, because souls can pack their bags and GTFO too y'know!
  • Cremating 6 million Jews would have cost Nazi Germany too much valuable energy. Around 300,000 would be more reasonable, which is a perfectly reasonable number of civilian casualties, really.
  • YA RLY! The rest of them died of syphilis and starvation when THOSE DAMNED ALLIES B0MBED TEH F00D TRAINS!!1!ein!1/0!
  • The Nazis were only rich enough to engineer a small number of tiny, non-poisonous gas chambers. The poison-gas variety would only be large enough to fill half of that cavern and would take the power of the LHC Computing Grid to build.
  • The Allies planted fake evidence in order to demonize Germany, even though planting such extensive evidence would cost untold amounts of money as well as resources and manpower to be shipped over to Germany, Austria, and Poland by the already war-weary and economically damaged Allies. Zee Germans ver just doingk zer jobs, zhey vwere actually a pretty friendzly bunch. Zey even let zese Jooz eat.
  • The Jew media makes researching the Holocaust's claims illegal.
  • If you actually believe that the Holohoax happened, then you are either a lying Jew or you have been deceitfully brainwashed by the Jew-controlled media.
  • No Jews whatsoever were deliberately killed during the Holohoax; they merely fabricated such spurious claims to garner undeserved attention and justify the creation of the state of Israel, all as part of their evil Jewish conspiracy.
  • All the dead bodies in that picture? Those are so fake.
  • Well, even if they (the obviously FAKE corpses) are real, which I highly doubt, they can only be just some of the millions of poor, innocent, defenseless Aryan victims of one of the many Zionist-controlled Aryan genocides that have taken place several times throughout history; but, sadly, the manipulative Jew media always edits these obvious atrocities and injustices out of textbooks everywhere and replaces them with this false rubbish about a Jewish "Holocaust". Oh, and that so-called Nazi camp guard posing next to the pile of fake corpses? That's really a Jew pretending to be a Nazi in order to demonize Hitler and Germany.

All Aboard the Aryan Mantrain!

The inhabitants of the island of St. Kilda, far off the coast of Scotland, never saw a non-white person in their lives, until they were all evacuated from it in 1930. Looks like an exciting place to live, doesn't it?

Since White Nationalists managed to prove conclusively that the Aryan race is the best race EVAR, some stupid mud-people, being unable to understand the proper use of a mirror, began to think that they are also part of the Aryan master-race. This includes, but is definitely not limited to Central Asian camel jockies, South Asian white collar slaves of AOL and even Turks to some extent. Massive lulz are to be had by trolling them here and here. A failproof trolling technique is to remind them that they are not actually white.

Criticism of White Nationalism

Critics of white nationalism are either jealous mongrels or self-hating white multiculturalist race-traitors. Or Jews.

White nationalism can also be criticised by the fact that the people who promote it tend to be from nominally Protestant countries, particularly Northern Europe, who variably exclude swarthy Mediterranean peoples (Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese, etc) until it's convenient for the entire race to take credit for everything their ancient or Renaissance-era ancestors accomplished. These perverted Southern heathens were wasting time with aqueducts and democracy while the badass barbarians to the North were plundering and eating each other FTW. It's bullshit because all of these groups are equally guilty of practicing slavery.

Other groups which have been excluded at some point include the well-spirited Irish, Poles (who've traditionally been tolerant of Jews except during scapegoat season), and the Germans of all people.

In Europe at least, the hottest women come from countries with nominally Catholic or Eastern Orthodox backgrounds, read Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Don't believe it? Go to Romania then, and be sure to check out all the hawt white girls that there are many of there, yet which Nordicist white nationalists won't stand up for because they're not "Germanic." Don't like it? Go back home and suck on a replica of Hitler's phallus; just then, you might be satisfied.

ITA: slav bullshit


These days you cannot say anything without being “politically incorrect”. I think that other religions sometimes get too carried away. Prime example:

Blackboard seen as offensive. It makes me laugh! People only say the BNP are Racists as the BNP actually want to keep Britain British! People need to understand the term RACISM instead of keep using this as an excuse when people have an opinion on the immigration rates of their country!!
Britain now needs a right-wing approach to politics… the left-wing are weak and will do nothing to defend Britain from turning into a mass depression! There’s only so long working men can pay to stay alive! I predict a mass depression in Britain in 2020
GO BNP!!!!





How to troll a typical WN

* Mention interracial couples
Show them this picture
Mention the fact that nothing is more arousing and irresistible to a european girl than to deepthroat Tyrone's 2 foot long nigger cock

Due to the fact that most WNs consider themselves to be serious business, they are fairly easy targets of trolling. Any of the following should get the lulz flowing:

  • "Many Jews are white people too."
  • Show them interracial gangbangs
  • "It's so great to be living in a multicultural society." (make sure to give reasons why)
  • "We all bleed red" followed by "There's only one race, the HUMAN race."
  • Tell them that they're racist (especially if they mention "white pride" or any variation.)
  • Tell them that they're Nazis
  • "Why are White people so violent?"
  • "I'm happy Obama was elected. It's nice to have a person of color in the white house."
  • Say something positive about Obama in any conversation.
  • Tell them that Obama is only a quarter black and that equals mostly white.
  • "The United States belongs to the NATIVE Americans. Not whites." (or Aboriginals for Australian WNs)
  • "It's a shame you'll never know the joys of being in a interracial relationship."
  • "Its nice to actually feel a cock going inside me."
  • Inform them that the actual Aryans were Indo-Iranians.
  • Tell them that they stole Rock'n'roll and Jazz from black people.
  • [If they're Christian] "You do realize that Jesus was a Jew, right?" (also mention he would have been a tan-skinned Middle Easterner)
  • "All humans originated from Africa."
  • Fuck a white girl (if you're a Jew or a racial minority).
  • Politically correct them on everything.
  • "What's the big deal? Illegal immigrants are hard working people. All that working helps boost the economy. It's a win win for everyone."
  • "I'm a proud member of the Anti-Racist Action."
  • List reasons on why Blacks are superior to whites, then tell them that they're hateful if they respond with negative comments.
  • Tell them how great Martin Luther King Junior was.
  • Tell them how great Einstein was, and be sure to inform them that he was Jewish.
  • "If you're so unhappy with America, then leave. The natives were here first anyways."
  • Blog all their home addresses for minor lulz.
  • Call them a bunch of self-hating niggers.
  • Ask them how they know they're really white. Remind them of the sad case of James Watson.
  • Refer to them as "you people". Over and over.
  • Say you enjoy interracial and/or homosexual pornography.
  • List negative white stereotypes.
  • Tell them that Benjamin Franklin and the other Founding Fathers didn't like German immigrants because their skin was too dark.
  • Remind them, if they are Atheist, that it was, in fact, Alfred Russel Wallace, an anti-racist, and not Charles Darwin, the racist idol of evolutionary white nationalists, who first proposed and extensively researched the theory of evolution, only to have his paper completely plagiarized by a frustrated Darwin, who promptly took credit for everything.
  • Ask them which race was responsible for the most genocides throughout human history.
  • Tell them that South Africa and Zimbabwe are better off under Pan-African Marxism and if there is anything wrong it's because of Apartheid's legacy.
  • Accuse them of supporting or condoning Islamic terrorism.
  • Make fun of their retarded outfits
  • Some will identify as nationalist/not supremacist to sell their ideology. Take them at their word and keep insisting they actually love minorities, highlight the likely different ways they do/will and see how long the pretense lasts.
  • Point out the high number of white nationalists in prison and/or with a history of criminality.
  • Ask them to explain how a black/mixed person is either 100% or 50% "black"(colour) but a white person can be 1/16th (nationality)Irish,Italian etc.
  • If all else fails, spam with racial slurs, pictures of hot Jewish women and Goatse.
  • Tell them that they themselves are race mixing, that is, if they are white men with Asian wives.


Troll white trash using these pictures! Screencap reactions and put them on ED somewhere

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