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Didn't you find it funny?

White Guilt is the guilt felt by whites. A long history of being better at everything than every other race has caused the whites to take pity on lesser peoples and feel guilty for White accomplishments. Whenever an advancement is made in the world by a white person, it is always oppressive to the lesser minorities. It comes in two varieties: Caucasian and nigger.

1. Caucasian

As the name suggests, this particular form of white guilt is when white people feel sorry for all of the evil atrocities they've inflicted upon humanity. White guilt is considered to be a form of butthurt and is most often epic in nature. Examples of white guilt include giving special privileges to Holocaust survivors, creating welfare programs, patronizing minorities without ever learning about them or being around them, hating one's own race and heritage, race mixing, and electing Obama.

2. Non-caucasian

Noticeably, most nigras / arabs / Aboriginals etc, who fight against racism tend to have pale skin. Therefore their victim complex can be attributed to the fact they are trying to PROVE they are black / asian / indigenous so they will not be lynched for being the "race traitors" that they are. Strange though it seems, you don't have to be white to have white guilt, but it helps.


White Guilt in Action

Things For Which Whites Often Feel Guilty

A list of people and groups who suffer from white guilt

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Fact: white guilt was a communist jew plot to help destabilize and destroy the west.

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