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White Paw is a babyfur residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is commonly known to carry guns to furry gatherings and sleeps with a loaded handgun under his pillow.

Picture taken from White-Paws Myspace account

White Paw recently posted pictures of himself in footie-pajamas and a pacifier on his FurAffinity account. Shortly after, he was jumped on by a number of babyfur trollers (doing God's work.) He bitched out and deleted the photo.

Livejournal members managed to get the file backed up.

Afterward, stories of this occurrence appeared on lolfurries.org, White Paw lashed out at the poster in a YIM conversation, resulting in a second post of the chat log. Babyfag's myspace url was also posted, and at the time had many photos of him pissing his pants. White Paw quickly reacted to this and deleted -SOME- incriminating photos. However, not quick enough to elude the gaze of several Anons.



Holy crap, this guy was interviewed by the local newspaper! [1]

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