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What is air

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What is air will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

No... Seriously. What is it?

"What is air" is a forced meme that originated on Tumblr as a catchall response to lulz. The implication is that the subject at hand is sooooo lulzy, the reader completely forgets how to breathe, thus prompting the response "WHAT IS AIR" or some variation thereof. Of course, given that Tumblr is populated by 16 year old girls, cancer, and fail, they have successfully destroyed their own meme, like a rabbit that eats its own young.

Birth of a Stillborn Meme

Right now you are probably digging out your eyes and screaming, "Wow, that is fucking annoying! Where the fuck did something this insipid come from?" Truth is, noone knows. Even the guys who operate and maintain Tumblr don't know. Its a goddamn clusterfuck of a mystery.

I first saw "WHAT IS AIR" as a reply to one of my posts several months ago. Having no idea what it meant, I assumed they were confused or making an obscure reference to the fact that I had asthma as a small child. After that, I started seeing it more and more, and it was interesting at first. Lately it's become an inside joke that no one in any circle actually gets. I suspect by next week people will be hunted down and killed as a result of its usage.


—Chris Price, Tumblr's Community Manager, predicting the future

Beating a Dead Horse

In Tumblr's continued efforts to be more like its cancerous older brother, a series of raids were staged against Omegle and 4chan's /b/ forum, waving their new meme around like a flaccid exhibitionist's penis.

Omegle Raid


As the cancer progressed, Tumblr users somehow got it into their heads that they were LIKE OMFG EPIC TROLLS LOL. So last thursday, Tumblr staged a raid against Omegle using reblogged image macros to spread the word. The plan took the form of an ill conceive DDoS attack, but instead of crashing Omegle's servers, they only succeeded in annoying its lurkers.

A typical Tumblr user's idea of trolling.

4chan Raid

Lets raid the site that is infamous for raiding! Brilliant!

Writhing in ecstasy after their perceived victory over the worthy opponent, Omegle, Tumblr decided that it was ready for bigger game. So Tumblr users launched their next series of raid related image macros, setting the 4chan raid date for November 15, 2010. This of course would consist of spamming "WHAT IS AIR", "U MAD", and other stolen memes. While some /b/tards raged hard, thus validating Tumblr's shit poor attempt at raiding, most Anon ignored the spam until admins set up an autoban that swiftly caught most would be trolls. Anyone posting "WHAT IS AIR" or the word Tumblr was given a polite warning, showing once again what decent people the 4chan community really are!

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