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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Cream is doing adult things...



Weegeeisgoingtokillm AKA The Internet's faggier version of Elliot Rodger is a ponyphile, a no-lifer, a stupid nigger, a high school drop out who never took or studied Arts and Crafts in his life thus the poorly animated/drawn/ripped Mugen and OC conversions from Weegee we know and hate, and an attention-seeking whore who would do anything to put out his godawful Mugen characters out in public. His characters are atrociously terrible and were most likely made in 10 minutes. Like Spax3, he's obsessed with Cream the Rabbit, and will defend her with all his heart. Did i forget to mention he likes to suck nigger dicks.

His icon he used back in 2012. They say that art imitates life.

M.U.G.E.N life

WeegeeSamStance.gif This is one of his Mugen characters named Microsoft Sam. Don't be fooled by the smooth animations. This MUGEN character is cringeworthy. Mugen is a game engine that allows you to make your own fighting game. Making a quality character, stage, or screenpack requires a significant amount of time and effort. However, Weegee completely disregards this fact, and instead creates everything half-assed in under 10 minutes.

He is a stereotypical Mugen fanbrat who becomes enraged over feedback, threatens to quit Mugen due to aforementioned butthurt, and releases cookie-cutter characters. As a result, Weegee frequently comes under fire from annoyed members of the Mugen community. It is easy to make a decent version of his Mugen chararacters and have everyone flock to your Mugen character. Hell, you could even spriteswap (Replacing sprites of an existing character and call it your own. No one likes this style of Mugen creation unless the character was already a clone to begin with in their original games. E.G: Pichu by Zobbes1.) and it will be considered better than his version of any character. Weegee is Mugen's LJN. If not, even worse than LJN. His characters are "Blegh" levels of Wlanmaniax's bootleg Marvel VS Capcom fighting style with an added layer of Beanfan112's Wtf spam and PlaceMario/Felixmario2011's old characters' "Out of character"-ness mixed into one giant shit in the dumpster. His older characters in 2011 adds the "Josh Geary's laziness" layer to the list. But since he finally adds at least 1 minute of effort. He is now considered less lazy than Josh Geary.

The Beginning

In late 2010, he joined Mugen as "Mahboy." His first character was Krunk, a rip off of Krunk from Dexter's Lab character that grew in size and shrank constantly with half assed attacks and no combos whatsoever. Realizing that he had so much more talent, he edited Death_By_Sp00n'S Gir. Although better than the old one, it was still as shitty as Krunk was.

You know it's true.


In 2011, he inquired as to how to do simple things in Mugen such as power charging or making a new sprite. He also begged people to make Toontown stages and characters for him because he is a lazy ass. His phrase of choice for such inquiries was "He!p" instead of "Help." Later, he went back and updated Krunk, which hardly helped. He couldn't do a simple assertspecial code which every new Mugen creator knows how to do.. later, he quits with a hilarious outrage when he found out that he had a negative opinion on his new and improved Krunk character and jumped to a new account titled Weegeeisgoingtokillm to make his Roblox "Char". From this time, he was Josh Geary before there even was Josh Geary.



~ Mahboy (Fun fact: New Mugen creators at least know how to do chain combos and new attacks. Mahboy is a new creator and didn't even bother to put in new attacks nor chain combos.) |

Butthenidied dies Goanimate style

This year marks as a piece of history for M.U.G.E.N involving Weegeeisgoingtokillm as well. He was the first to make an actual MLP character. Unfortunately it was complete garbage and was ripped on at Equestria Daily. Because of this, many bronies started to kick him out of brony groups, sites, ETC. ruining his reputation by the size of the Megaton settlement from Fallout 3. He was considered as a "fail brony" by the brony fandom later being considered a "troll anti-brony" after making his second pony character, Trixie.

He made 2 characters.

Krunk: Krunk is not the one from Dexter's Lab, but some kind of dog with the same color scheme. He is basically the default Electbyte template with sprites. Nothing else.

Builderman: Not even trying on copying Roblox's gameplay mechanics. Nuff said.


In 2012, Instead of making "OC" characters, he now makes crappy conversions of characters from media industries such as Strong Bad from Homestarrunner and Pichu from Pokemon. Of course, he had not improved and still continued ruining people's childhoods and manhoods. This is why people call him the new Laughing Joking Numbnuts. he went on a different route with his characters, using the Marvel VS DC template (Which is shunned upon) and poorly copied and pasted sprites from flash and sprite sheets. Microsoft Sam was his first character of 2012, and it had more glitches than a hooker has STDs. Over the years he keeps on making it cheaper and crappier and never fixing the obvious mistakes such as poor sprites, missing sprites and the Blue Blaster spam attack as well as tossing the whole "Thunderbirds101 inspired" concept aside. Microsoft Sam usually shouts random phrases such as UNGA BUNGA FROM AFRICA, TOY SOI, and STRECHI LEG as the real Thunderbirds101 Sam is more mature than that. The creator of that version of Microsoft Sam disowns Weegee's Microsoft Sam as part of his version for not being like the real Thunderbirds101 sam. His second character was Strong Bad, a shitty Mexican wrestler from Homestar_Runner. Strong Bad would activate his "hit" sound over and over again for the whole round when hit, which made anyone who played him leave with a raging headache. Because of this, he now became Wlanmaniax's poor spirited, obvious shit character equivalent.

He later went to war with many other Mugen creators such as Daniel 9X7 GMC, The_None, MatttheBiscuit, and RockRage and sided with fellow talentless hacks like him such as TheIranSonic, Knowe386, Josh Geary, and Wlanmaniax (Even though only 1 out of 4 don't hate his guts). It became one big happy circlejerk after a few months. In the timeline, Weegeeisgoingtokillme found a hate video where the person in the video looked through his channel and stated the fact that he's obsessed with Cream the Rabbit, attempts to troll people, is underage, and makes fun of actual decent Mugen creators.

The video went viral to the Mugen community, receiving 30+ likes and 5k views. The video no longer is available because he decided to go full tantrum mode and cried to daddy Andersonkenya1, who then contacted the YouTube police to have the video pulled off for Cyber Bullying ironically he has done some cyber bullying himself... yep. How old is he again? He stated that he was 13, but he could pass for far younger.

Weegee has made 3 characters.

Strong Bad: The one with the head inducing "ows" not just because of the terrible sound, but it has sprites and animations of a puppet. The attacks are trying too hard to reference Homestar Runner and the animations suffer the "Game & watch symptom".

Microsoft Sam: This character was supposed to be like Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam. Only failing misrably on that. The attacks are just Microsoft Sam saying random unnessecary garbage while flailing his arms around his super is just generic beam attack in Mugen number 54983478 and has a shit ton of unused content that actually relate to Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam also with a reference to a webshow called Arby N' The Chief.

Max: It's Max from Sam and Max: Hit the Road and it's not even finished... Another Telltale character ruined yet again. SonicLenKirbyfan8 AKA SLKMugen would be defending this character like it was his own.


In 2013, he released his "final" Mugen characters called Pichu (Pokemon), and Max (Sam & Max). Pichu was a cheap Pokemon that literally has no player control and spams it's Hyper move and the Pokefag version of a attract move over and over again. Max is that EOH template character that no one cares about. he called it "quits" and closed his YouTube account, but not before making a bunch of copy-paste videos about YouTube users such as Tailsprower72 and Memy9909 that shouldn't even be talked about. He now uses the UrFalloutNewVegas alt as a main. |

This guy is what is representing the Mugen fanbase, folks!

He only made one character this year.

Spiked Eared Pichu: This character has loads of infinites. This has more infinites than Dark Donald. You can't even control this character. It controls itself and without using power, uses the Final Smash and Attract move without your concern of playing as it. The tap is also annoying as hell. It will make your ears bleed to death. The attract move just has to be the most poke'faggiest thing to ever exist making Pichu come up to it's opponent and make out with his legs. Many people prefer the awful spriteswap Pichu by Zobbes1 over this.




In 2014, he came back and released his Trixie Lulamoon character for Mugen (Which RGM makes a way better version later), stating that it is better than all of his characters, but in reality it is just as poorly made, glitchy, and ugly as all his other failures such as his Rainbow Dash that should not be mentioned (Equestria Daily already ripped on that failure enough). 2014 ends the era with a goodbye message that is barely even audible.

And if you're curious who Trixie Lulamoon is, Trixie is one of the pony villains from the My Little Pony series that Sethisto keeps in his moldy bed.

Angry monotone rant over people bashing his shitty Trixie Mugen character. (No longer available because Weegee closed his account due to constructive criticism he had with his Mugen characters.)
Example of Strong bad's headache-inducing "Ows."
Fun fact
This isn't his worst Mugen character he made so far.

This year, like 2011 marks as a piece of history for Mugen... It thought everyone to double check on who made the Mugen character before considering to touch it with a 100 mile long stick. Whether if they have bad reputation or if they make great Mugen characters, or is a troll all together. His Trixie character cutted down the long running "Your characters sucks so therefore we must bash your characters in a YouTube video and then troll you, then stalk you" drama that was happening since 2006. Because of that, no one gave a fuck about Trixie since the final update making her weak as shit. This all ends with him getting arrested for making a horrible M.U.G.E.N character.

Although his account has closed and became a anti-trixie anti-brony along with that. He can still be seen ironically making crappy pony conversions to Minecraft. At least he is at least somewhat decent at making skins because his artstyle is just as bad as Minecraft's. After he closed his account, PGRS111Magen has made a punching bag of Weegeeisgoingtokillm with only 1 in every stat making him die with only one hit no matter how crappy it is and also repeats a song over and over when the Weegeeisgoingtokillm punching bag moves as what a traditional PGRS111Magen character does.

Weegee had made only ONE character for this year. Trixie: Probably his most lulziest character yet. This thing has 14 bashing videos on Youtube and still going. This character has animations that will make Mr. Game and Watch look realistic. This character has the sprites of a 10 year old horribly ripping out a vector graphic and moving it one by one, and this character has the most bootleg voice ever. Luckily, everyone got over this character after a month of it's release. It even got RussGameMaster to make a finally-decent Trixie character because of this.


Social Networking Life


Beautiful work of art.

On deviantART, he acts like a pedophile, beating his meat to Cream the Rabbit and also "roleplays" as her. His username is "Ask-cream2," an ask account where he responds to questions while pretending to be Cream however never actually acting like her with the complete opposite personality that the actual Cream has.

When responding to a question that has nothing to do with Cream, he puts his response inside parentheses. Example: ((I just went into your porn stash. Yeah, I puked a river.)) As if that weren't bad enough, he constantly favorites "jailbait" art of Cream and My Little Pony characters.

3 years later, he became a ponyfag and commenced favoriting of Trixie, Bon Bon, and Applejack pictures (including pornographic ones) and occasionally called them "cute" or "sexy" just as he did with Cream the Rabbit before them. He also draws his female pony OC, Melanie in a style that looks like something that belongs in a Sonichu comic.

Weegeeisgoingtokillm is also two-faced.

Two-faced cyber bully

An example of his multiple personality disorder (Or two faced) and him being a cyber bully is when Tailsprower72 posted a journal about Weegee on Deviantart for trolling him for liking Tails. His "disquise" account on Deviantart replies to that as one of his "fans" talking about his videos he had posted about Tailsprower72 all because he was a fan of Cream's superior opposite Tails. He later gets caught by MadBootDude forcing him to admit to being Weegee in of course, in (( )) style. Ever since that, every one of his Deviantart friends has been blocking him one by one for his crimes.


His old account "Weegeeisgoingtokillm" consisted of him recording Mugen videos on an unregistered Bandicam, Goanimate videos, and Memy9909 bashing videos. Most of the fights were lame and consisted of hilarious characters such as Dee Bee Kaw, Omega Tiger Woods and his character Microsoft Sam. He posted at least 5 videos a day about these shitty characters.

He also sexually RPed with a bunch of faggots pretending to be Sonic characters, mainly Cream as his real self. He really had no shame when he did this. Today, he rarely makes any effort to entertain everyone with his fantastic videos. His only videos are of his latest failure, videos about his Mugen character " Trixie", a Fallout New Vegas Let's Play video (now followed by 3 others), and a Sims 3 mod video and then closing his account because he found out someone had an opinion about his Trixie abomination.

His Fallout New Vegas video consists of him entertaining the masses with his hilarious comedy. Instead of roleplaying with a bunch of Sonic characters, he roleplays with ponies on Google+. So far Trixie is his so called "waifu" who unfortunately for him kept on ignoring him after the Trixie roleplayer found out about his Trixie MUGEN character.

Borefest of a Let's Play video

The only piece of Weegee in Youtube left now is an abandoned channel called UrFalloutNVCharacter or Your Fallout New Vegas Character once using a Vault Boy scout as an avatar for an extended amount of time now using no image as his pic. He continues on making fights with cheap characters no matter how crappy they are trying to break his MUGEN for the sole purpose of entertainment but all we got was a bunch of mindfuckery. best example is when a Nigger and an MS Paint, Windows XP stickman fights the master of mindfuck and a golfer. He, as well continues making crappy video thefts of Memy9909 being told or being murdered and has done other countless cheap Bandicam recorded atrocities.

Youtube: Comment history

Thanks to a nice website named Archive.org, we are able to see what he was like when he still had his channel before it was closed (Before 100+ subscribers). It didn't capture his Youtube far enough to when he first showcased his first controversial Mugen character called Microsoft Sam however. Weegeeisgoingtokillm

SOPA closed down Megaupload :( Icon: N/A (Default icon) Subscribers 6 (lost 3 after that) 3 Description: My twitter (https://twitter.com/Nlggerthenlgger), please follow to get updates of my Mugens. (Despite 80% of them being random racist fat joke spam and the 20% being actual posts not counting the automated unfollower ones.)

@JadenYuki20 He saw the internet. (Taco-Man the Game Master 2 - Super Mario Preemtive Strike)

Nyan cat IS annoying. (Nyan-Cat flipnote)

I used to be an adventurer like you, until i- (Arrow to the knee) ((This was before he had interest in Fallout and none at all for The Elder Scrolls.)

@MuslimGoku Brody. (NEW Yo Mama Theme) ((Answering some guy's dumb question on who the guy in the pink shirt's name was in the video.))

@nightthewolfhanyou Yes XP had been the best success so far. It lasted 11 years (Windows 8 2013) ((He had a biased opinion on Windows 7 because of it's GUI design.))

2012: MATTTHEBISCUIT IS A HUMAN JAWBREAKER (Insulting MattTheBiscuit during the war between the good and bad Mugen creators and it's random access humor. Description: trollololololol Icon: Weegeeisgoingtokillmicon2012.png Subscribers: 63

2013: (Channel name unknown) (Description "Some random unneeded Mugen drama info") Last icon: Weegeeisgoingtokillmiconclosed.png Subscribers: 178 (Lost 35 after deleting all of his Mugen related videos.) 143

Youtube: Weegeeisgoingtokillm and YoutubePoops

Weegee has made a couple Youtube poops containing a Pokemon short, the Pichu Brothers awfully editing them and repeating the same thing over and over again. Example being the organ explosion from Half Life 1: SSH WTF Mod being repeated over and over again when a Teddiursa eats shit out of the trash can. His idea of comedy is almost just as bad as Chris Chan's Random Access Humor. The video starts off with the space marine from DOOM II running after 2 magnemites holding a TV ripping a sound from the Mugen character Dee Bee Kaw, the Doom Guy says "Kill that Mother Fucker I swear to god...". The title screen for Pichu bros appear. In a higher pitch than before possibly for copyright reasons. Pedobear's Skype quickly pops up after the narrator says "Pichu". The Pedo (Or Pichu) is a whole 'nother topic to talk about. The rest is outdated Youtube Poop humor.

He had made a sequel to The Pichu Bros now starting off in the middle of Pichu Brothers short. A guy from the game Happy Wheels gets ran over and killed yet again reusing the sound from the Half Life 1 SSH WTF mod. Weegee has a strange obsession with the sounds from the WTF mod. That, or he doesn't know very much media apart from My Little Pony, Sonic, Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout. The video is nothing more than less repetitiveness but still overusing the repetitiveness. This also stars special guests featuring Duke Nukem, Adolf Ghostler, and Vault Boy. Also, his Special Ed teacher appears in this poop.... What does his SPED teacher have to say about that?

Finally, he had stopped with Beef Stew Education which is basically That damn education commercial replaced with a food item... Again, he uses Half Life 1: SSH WTF. however, this time he uses a larger library of sounds than in the Pichu Bros Can't Run on series. Most being from Youtube Poop Soundboards and splices from Education Connection.

The sequel to Pichu Bros can't run Windows 98. Because Old OS is slow jokes are so hilarious and was never overdone before.

Weegee's collection of Youtube Poop sounds.

Youtube: Weegeeisgoingtokillm and video theft

Weegee likes to jump on the band wagon and play "Torture Memy9909" with people 3 years younger than him. They consist of Fallout 3 videos from Agrmonster, flushing cum down the toilet, or Spongebob Squarepants for no damn good reason. He also does this with me, you and everyone else because he thinks he will get a controversial reaction out of them. He also makes fun of 2 nonexistent people named TheWarren1995 who apparently steals VHS tapes and FuckTheRejectTeam who apparently acts like PewDiePie yet again being a cyber bully for no reason.

Is a copy of


Not even the Nexus community wants him.


Twitter is a social networking site where a bunch of attention whores Tweet everything about their life. No one ever looks at Weegeeisgoingtokillm's descriptions neither would they be willing to follow him especially when a bot took his place on tweeting after he abandoned it. Back in 2011 he originally wanted to use it to post updates on his four W.I.P Mugen "characters"; Rainbow Dash, Cream The Rabbit, Ghost from True Capitalist Radio and Microsoft Sam. Two actually became "characters" the others were thrown in the trash can while one of them had a video done on it but since Weegee is a butthurt faggot, no one can see it anymore.

Twitter history: Follower history (One person unfollowed me, two people unfollowed me, ETC.): Unfollowers.me checks unfollows for you by spamming your feed with it. It is a useless software and shouldn't be used. Usually people unfollow Weegee because no one likes a spammer in their feed telling them that they lost 50 followers.

Aug 13 2013: The Last Combat of Weegeeisgoingtokillm vs Mugen: http://www.lastcombat.com/#.UfRXIh3HSxo.twitter (Link used to take you to a murder & torture themed voting game. but now it's a company/Program to Company/Program comparison on which one of those is better instead of how many people like this character more than this other one. The battle no longer exists.)

OK. 1) I don't know what to call you. 2) Just because I play Toontown doesn't mean you have to spam dislike all my comments???TOONTOWN! (Who is he talking to?)

Jul 9 2013: There's a Karate team named KKK. (No, sir. They're the OKKK. Not the KKK)

21 jun 2013: Lil Oldman is not impressed by you toons, today. (Failed attempt at Roleplaying as Lil Oldman from Toontown.)


Retweet: RT if you're a strong independent black woman who don't need no man. (He's a black woman?)

7 jun 2013: HOG KILLIN' TIME! (~ Victor (Fallout New Vegas)

7 jun 2013: Are you black? Because your crime reports are high.

(I don't even know...)

6 jun 2013: Great, my sub count is starting to act like my twitter follows.

(That's because you make crappy MUGEN characters.)

6 Jun 2013: I don't hug Pokemon with armor on.

(Even Metapod needs a hug.)

5 Jun 2013: Now, you can all stop throwing bombs at my house for liking Plusle, now. I have my reason why. (*Throws a bomb at your house* TEAM MINUN! *Trollface*)

5 Jun 2013: Today stats: One new unfollower via http://Unfollowers.me


5 Jun 2013: Say hello to the new Youtube One Channel. Welcome to the new and improved layout! (He was obviously paid to say that.)

5 Jun 2013: I don't take Spanish classes. (And I don't take them too. You don't see me telling people that.)

5 Jun 2013: Insert racist joke here. (Niggers eat fried chicken. Done.)

3 Jun 2013: LET THE BOTTOM FEEDERS GET SKINNY, COGS ARE ANIMALS, TOO! (Random protest for fictional enemies in Toontown.)


2 Jun 2013: THE NEW MONEYPAK VIRUS 2013!! IT REMOVES YOUR WHOLE COMPUTER COMPLETELY. I'M SERIOUS. IT HAPPENED TO ME!!! (The Monkeypak virus always does that, and did your shitty MUGEN characters get caught in the MonkeyPak virus too?)

2 Jun 2013: 10FatosSobreMinhaMelhorAmigaVirtual BITCH I DON'T SPEAK THIS (Then don't follow Spanish people...)

1 Jun 2013: If you follow me, don't forget to unfollow tomorrow -_- (He's losing it.)

31 May 2013: How do Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu poop? (@YouTube (Link removed. It redirects to pony porn.) (Yep. Defiantly relevant to the Pinkie Pie porn video.)


( You're the one to speak. )

MLP Fanbase

Weegee proudly enjoys jacking off to My Little Pony characters. He is so batshit insane that not even the Brony fandom wants anything to do with his AIDS-infected ass. Because of his dislike of the infamous Fallout: Equestria, he caused massive butthurt among the unoriginal RolePlaying faggots at Ponysquare and was promptly I.P banned forever.


The Bronies at Reddit were so jealous of his " 1337 5k1775" on making fun of FO:E that the head admins of Reddit (Who were probably also bronies) shadowbanned him for not liking it. He is hated by the brony fanbase because he caused havoc on Youtube for not liking Rainbow Dash, but likes Applejack on his now closed Weegeeisgoingtokillm account and the same on Deviantart as he is still pissing people off today. The brony fanbase of M.U.G.E.N likes to bash his "Rainbow Dash and Trixie" Mugen characters and Equestria Daily briefly ripped on him for making the atrociously terrible Rainbow Dash in Mugen. he later then goes against the bronies because they had character along with construction opinions of his two characters that almost ruined the brony fandom for Mugen and everyone makes fun of him in some of his Mugen videos or videos featuring his characters on the comments section.

"No longer a brony" ~ Guy who still favors pony art to this day.

MLP Fanbase: The wall of spam on /R/MyLittleSupportGroup

This kid is still going at it. He will never leave this MUGEN crap alone. Weegeeisgoingtokillme complains about how the MLP community rightfully hates him for making two pony characters that they gave good constructive criticism on. He states that he is getting stress from the bronies for calling him an anti brony because of his Mugen characters sucking so much.

Okay, if you don't know what MUGEN is, it's a game engine that Gamers turned into a video game. People use the game to make characters based on their favorite characters from anything with the knowledge of their own coding engine (Back in 1999 it was C+ that you had to use.). Back in 2011 I created the first ever MLP character to be in MUGEN who happened to be my least favorite pony a year later named Rainbow Dash. It got a lot of bad feedback (for a good reason. It's awful.) people in the Brony community addresses me as an anti-brony for a short while until Rockrage made his own version that became popular. I was ignored for a bit and was known as "that guy who made the worst mugen character of 2011". All well and good? It comes back later on. In 2014, I decided to create another pony Mugen character who is Trixie Lulamoon. I used my own vector graphics, a professional (at being Trixie) voice actress for the voice and show inspired attacks, and also putting in 3 months of effort (It would be a year if I just started, but I am a veteran coder in Mugen sooo...). I decided to release her as beta, made a video showing on Youtube. What I get? threats, insults, assumptions that I am trolling bronies with the Mugen character because apparently I just created a Trixie fighter in MUGEN just to piss off bronies, 200+ views with 13 dislikes and one like from me. After RussGameMaster made her own, people started to praise Russ like he's Jesus and shunned me like I am Satan of the Pony fanbase. I've been seeing some comments on Youtube, article (Such as Encyclopedia Dramatica and user's page on the Mugen WIki from bronies that say I am a troll.) mentions about me saying that I am not a brony Russgamemaster encouraging the hate by vandalizing my Mugen Wiki page, and the page on Trixie in Mugen that talks about my part. Why am I so pissed about this? Well, I always wanted to be popular on the Internet since I was 8 and Mugen was my way to go. I learned it from trial and error for 3 years and eventually mastered the coding it has. It's like typing a C++ code. Sorry if I confused anyone, but if you are a Mugen creator and you've seen and talked to me before you'll understand probably. If you want to learn more such as the link to MY Trixie and MY Rainbow Dash Mugen characters, I will PM you it. Basically, I am infamous by the bronies because of 2 mugen characters I created and I can't get over it.

Weegeeisgoingtokillme -Original source:[1] What's funny is that Weegeeisgoingtokillm said he will never go back to ponies because of MLPLoudge yet he came to the bronies to whine about his mistakes he has done for years on end.

Fallout Fanbase

His Reddit posts on /R/Fallout in a nutshell.

Weegee is a fan of the Fallout games and is friends with a famous mod reviewer who needs lots of help named AlChestBreach.

The blind people at Reddit ignored his faggotry and featured many of his posts on the front page of /R/Fallout. He constantly bitches about some of the weapons in the game because these are very important issues.

He also posted updates on TheSurvior2299, but his posts about his Fallout character dying brutally and stupid unfunny Fallout memes got more attention than his updates. He has also been I.P banned from a Fallout porn mod site called Nexus Mod Manager as confirmed by Weegeeisgoingtokillm in the comments section of an AlchestBreach video (Also, he lost that Wendy Testaburger icon of his.)


Minecraft is a game where there is no point to it. All you do is waste your time building a penis out of gold blocks while canniballizing zombies. Weegeeisgoingtokillm makes Minecraft skins For everyone to not give a fuck about for everyone to enjoy. As usual, his skins look like utter shit, but in Minecraft standards, it is decent. He's not like the normal people in the community. Instead he makes skins for Ponies. The only time when he

This is what we get when we mix a Lego hobo with a Pokemon.

there are many flaws to point out about all of his skins. Of course, he hadn't learned from the well received and well thoughout criticisms of his Trixie Lulamoon Mugen character and still half asses everything. Here is a list of flaws with all of his Minecraft Mine Little Pony skins.

  • They all have manes covering almost all of their eyes
  • No attention to detail
  • All female
  • Some of them have a grey spot at the back of their head (Typical Mugen character by Weegeeisgoingtokillm flaw/Lazy)
  • Irony (Making ponies even though he isn't a brony anymore)
  • All of them are Teenage or kiddy OCs
  • Ugly
  • A bunch of characters that no one knows about

A rumor said that made the 2nd most famous Pichu skin used, the one with the creepy smirk and no shading but a user named after Snivy stole the copyrights to it and claimed it as her own.


Hey, his mic isn't broken anymore... (This video was made before the original Pichu skin by Weegeeisgoingtokillm was uploaded.)

How to Troll

  • Negatively review his latest Mugen character.
    How NOT to troll Weegeeisgoingtokillme. Calling him something that isn't true about him like calling him a Beavis lookalike completely ruins your attempt at trying to piss off Weegee. He's not like Chris Chan when it comes to trolling him. It requires more effort than that.
  • Make a joke about his sprites in Mugen.
  • Submit all of his characters to a crappy character basher.
  • Submit his OCs to your OC sucks. (None so far has been in any episode.) (No longer valid method, the show only accept OC's submitted by their creator.)
  • Praise Fallout: Equestria. (Ironically he likes both things that the fanfic combines to death yet he doesn't like Fallout Equestria.)
  • Ban him from any site.
  • Make a bashing video on his Mugen characters (He gets this a lot and it will be no surprise if he quits again because of your bashing videos on his Mugen abominations.)
  • Call him a 12 year old. (A simple "hey, you're 12" won't do it, however. You'll have to give a reason to why he is a 12 year old from his flaws in Mugen that only a kid with a low attention span would do to what he likes. Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Little's Pet Shop, Fallout (even though it's not a kid's franchise) and most notably ponies.)
  • Make fun of the MLP character Applejack. (With Apple Jack being hated by the brony community, I am pretty sure he has had enough of Applejack hate.)
  • Become a friend of his and then betray him.
  • Make fun of Cream the Rabbit (He'll make a copypaste video about you and then ramble about you in the comments.)
  • Say "yoloswag" to him. (He complains about the memes of today and how better old memes are like an old fuck.)
  • Send him smexy pronz of humans or his favorite ponies getting raped in the ass. (He likes pony porn, but not rape pony porn.)
  • Have him check out a Dubstep remix of any classic rock/Metal song (Mostly Led Zeppelin or AC/DC. He would either go full old fuck mode, or ignore)

Trollbaiting Rumors

  • Weegeeisgoingtokillm has two Tulpas named and modeled after Trixie Lulamoon and Lyra Heartstrings and they "love him very much" which in reality were forced to.
  • He has many sockpuppet accounts on Youtube.
  • The reason he quit using his old account is because someone was dissing Cream and hating on him for liking her.

List of sites and communities that want Weegeeisgoingtokillm off their services

Weegee has been banned many times in sites, most were unexplained reasons that Weegee did not share, others were because of his Mugen characters or because of his opinions on FO:E

Youtube - Youtube's new spam filter occasionally marks his comments as spam for no reason.

Reddit - Shadowbanned for life for not liking Fallout Equestria.

Mugen Guild - Was banned for making the Rainbow Dash character (Before Trixie) and being a whiny butthurt bitch in early 2011, Still trying to get on their good side nowadays.

Nexus Mods - His IP is on their blacklist according to him.

Ponysquare - IP banned for not liking FO:E according to him.

Roblox - Was banned with the following message: Bye. Robloxisforniggers.PNG

Dying Alone Methods He Utilizes

Unnecessary trivia

  • Weegee turned 9 in 2014
  • Weegee never showed his face, but his voice...
  • Weegeeisgoingtokillm is supposed to have an "e" at the end, but due to YouTube's limitation of characters back in 2009 he couldn't include that letter.
  • He has not one Reddit but two. No 4, no 8... he has tons.
  • His main Reddit was following /R/FalloutEquestria/
  • If the trivia above doesn't prove that he loves FO:E he also endorsed an image of Little Pip in a Gala dress by calling her "hot" (literaly) on /R/FalloutEquestria.
  • His DA account doesn't hide his love for the little grey horse in a vault suit. He likes pictures of her every day.
  • His Reddit posts vanished from existence along with his Reddit account.
  • When advertizing his Trixie character on the subreddit "Trixie", it will be removed quickly without warning.
  • Socialblade says Weegeeisgoingtokillm is similar to PewDiePie, One Direction, Justin Beiber, Smosh and RayWilliamJohnson.

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Weegeeisgoingtokillm (old channel. Redirects to a capture by Wayback Machine.) The real channel was deleted due to some unnecessary butthurt

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everyone spam to him that he's a stupid nigger