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Webcams is an online chat community, first established as a listing of thousands of live camwhores on the internet. It later became the online virtual sex community that it is today. Nowadays Webcams is an online virtual sex community with registered and unregistered online chat users.

Short History

Webcams is a domain name originally registered on November 11 1998 which was used as a round-the-world camera website, showing live video recordings of fixed locations around the Globe. Like many other websites, Webcams was entirely transformed into adult online chat community. It is presently registered to a company named Colbette Holdings, Ltd.. Webcams is not to be mistaken with pornographic online video hosting service, as the Webcams brand sells only the webcam shows of its amateur or professional adult entertainers, who must meet the requirements of the 18 U.S.C. 2257 Information Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement before registering for the site. Webcams uses a credit system which relies on the US Dollar as the main currency, so that visitors can buy credits at a 1:1 (1 credit = $1 USD) ratio. If the registered visitor does not apply for any of the special credit packages. In case foreign currencies are used, an automatic conversion is made into American dollars. The credits thus purchased can be spent in the adult entertainers' private chat room. Webcams also sells phone sex services based solely on audio technology and lacking the webcam video streaming feature on which the whole concept of adult video chat relies on.

Webcams in the world of video chat

Initially, Webcams was not promoted in the online environment at all, but instead a rather unconventional, offline marketing method was used. Contracts were signed with various sex shops, so that their clients would receive flyers or gift cards that offered free credits. This apparently, was a good idea since the website managed to grow in popularity over the years, thus being one of the nominees of the Live Video Chat of the Year category at Xbiz Awards, in 2009. Like all niche websites out there, Webcams is also registered at Alexa Internet for traffic statistics, as well as other online metering services, such as review websites specialized in adult content. In 2010 Webcams becomes one of the companies in the adult entertainment business to change from standard-definition video to high-definition video streaming.

Live Peep Shows and Peep Niches

The live shows offered by the cam girls performing as webcam chat hosts are very similar to live peep shows. The only difference is that the whole act of teasing the members of the virtual sex community is done via the world wide web, with no possibility of direct contact whatsoever. Webcams provides an environment for cam girls, or cam whore, as they are sometimes called, to perform various sexual activities, usually requested by the registered users of the website. The girls going online on Webcams live in different countries around the world, such as Romania, Russia, Colombia, Philippines or the United States. The visitors of Webcams regularly request different virtual live sex favors from the cam girls, who have the option to refuse anything that's asked of them. The live peep shows usually involve different forms of masturbation, with or without the use of sex toys, or other mildly sexual activities such as erotic striptease and explicit dance routines. There are however fetish models on Webcams, who perform niche sexual acts, such as latex shows, anal masturbation (using the corresponding stimulants i.e. anal beads or butt plugs), erotic spanking and mostly anything that represents a sexual fetish and can lead to an orgasm for the person requesting these acts. The Webcams site also includes a section dedicated to gays and one for transsexuals where visitors with the corresponding sexual orientation can have access to niche peep show models.

Third-party sellers

In its early days, Webcams developed a few marketing programs from which the Webcams affiliate marketing program proved to be the most successful for this niche market. The webmasters who are working with this company are using the above-mentioned program even today. This affiliate program is similar to multi-level marketing and the way it works is by promoting the Webcams brand, through affiliates, or associates who can send their internet traffic to Webcams, using various marketing tools, specially designed for the affiliate program (RSS feeds, web banners, landing pages, or the fully customized content management system (CMS) which every affiliate can use to create his own branded website). The affiliates receive a commission in return, based on the number of clients referred and the amount of money spent on Webcams. This commission is either a flat rate or a percentage of the cash spent.

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