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This article is entirely factual. I'm not kidding.


WarpMyMind.com is, according to themselves, "dedicated to supplying you with free hypnosis MP3's" and trying to "maintain a wide variety of files." This is not entirely correct, as a lot of files either require "Premium Access" or are pay-only, and since all files either deal with turning you gay or female or submissive or incontinent or furry or all of this at once. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

Saner files are confined to the sister site, hypno-files.com.

What would you do with seven dollars? Turn yourself into an incontinent babyfur, of course!

The community


The contents

The file categories.

Much as you would expect, WarpMyMind.com has a huge collection of files available for download, created by its users. They are divided into several categories for easy access, like Diaper/Incontinence, Humiliation or Slavery. You can also specifically search for hypnosis files that will force you to do stupid things whenever somebody says a certain phrase or those which can't be removed by normal means.

Still no jokes.


Well, who doesn't want a smaller penis?
Dear god, they're everywhere.

While the page claims to be encouraging diversity, popular files usually include Furry, Incontinence, Infantilisation or exaggeratedly sexual themes. The best example for this would be the elusive CurseDiaperUrinateDefficateChastityHumiliationTortureCCPDribbleCumMore file, which has 11,754 downloads at the time of writing. Still not had enough? Well then:

Name: CurseNightDiapers

Description: WARNING!!! This is a curse file and may only be removed by EMG!!! This curse is not removable for 6 months from the first time you listen and must be removed within a year or it becomes permanent. The listener will be forced to put on a diaper before dressing for bed and will have to wear it for 6 hours. If they forget they will wake up and wear cloth diapers and rubber pants for 8 hours. Whenever they wear diapers they will wet them regularly and be unable to get an erection or masturbate. (11,445 downloads)


Name: Dog Brain

Description: This file will turn you into a dog. it will transform your brain into that of a dogs. you will think you are a dog. you will bark like a dog. you will live on all fours. dogs are very obedient and loyal to their master. you will have no control of your body. you will uncontrollably be forced to think like a dog. your mind is changing and you cant stop it. the dog brain is to powerful. it is so easy to submit to it. and live an easier life. you will be turned into a mindless dog and you cannot help it or change it. (2238 downloads)

Wait, there are actually people who want to destroy their own minds?

Name: CursePunishment

Description: When you trigger this file with "Punishment time for me" (it is only self-triggerable), you will be stripped naked and given 25 blows from a whip by a punishment Master. The curse lasts a year and if you skip a day 25 blows are added for each day you missed. After the punishment you remain bound for 30 minutes and cannot cum for 6 hours. (5,031 downloads)

Does someone come to your house or something?

Name: Phantom Rapist

Description: This file is experimental. As all my files do it utilizes subliminals, a binaural, and and induction voice. I have cut this one down to the bare minimal. There are several differences from my normal files. The binaural is in theta in this one, not delta. The subliminals, while different for the right and left channels are now audible. The induction voice is computer generated but the audio echo effect has been decreased to allow greater understanding of the voice. This file is a curse. It creates a phantom rapist that will force the user onto their hands and knees and anally rape them every time they are not in the direct view of another person. The rapist will vanish the instant that the user comes under the view of another person. It is a seamless loop like all my other files. That much hasn't changed. Enjoy! (1,694 downloads)

Enjoy your rape.

Name: TrainDiapers

Description: Whenever the listener wears diapers and is in a safe place they will be unable to control their bladder. (31,421 downloads)


As a final insult to human decency, there is this:



Yes. This person made EIGHTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS by forcing people to wear diapers. EIGHTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS for maybe four hours of work. That's TWENTY-TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS PER HOUR.

Coming to think of it, that EMG person seems to be responsible for at least 100% of the site's files and has probably made a fortune by now, thanks to persons with too much money.

Typical Hypnosis Session

Undeniable proof that EMG is after your jew gold.
  1. Download a file that has effects you would like to have and put it on your iPod or any other shitty MP3 player.
  2. When going to bed, listen to the file for at least 100 minutes.
  3. Wake up at the end to see if the file has actually done anything.
  4. If not, keep listening to the same file once a night for four months straight.
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!!! Well not really, you sick fuck.

Yes, seriously, it takes pretty much takes about four months for anyone to get a single file working, even if they use different files to support them, maybe less if you're 'lucky', more if you're retarded. So this pretty much means the people who buy premium and paid files are pretty much fucked if they can't even get them going in the first place. What a nice scam!

UPDATE: They get creepier, somehow.

Words really don't do this one justice. I should probably make a joke about how this at least solves the age old question as to how the furry disease spreads, but no amount of caps and/or goatse could do this justice. Lo, I am smitten.


(Note: This used to be a premium file. People paid for this.)


It appears that, some time ago, somebody on their forums [1] took a break from fantasizing about his dick shrinking being turned into a catgirl, and noticed this article. Most of the replies in that thread were surprisingly rational. However, there was a true gem of BAWWWWING to be found as well. The best part is all of it.

Use scrollbar to see the full image


Mr. Cardigan sure is cool. No, really.

Turns out they're okay, actually!


So in summary, getting your brain fucked over with crazy shit like this is like being a good, although non-human clown, only with cum instead of water?



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