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Walls Fall Out is an educational film pertaining to sexual health, largely focusing on safe sex, especially anal. It is currently under review by a number of educational boards in the United States and expected to be shown in classrooms to children from the age of 10.

European Reception

For many years European schools have shown this video to children, which is why AIDS is more prevalent in the US. After viewing this video, children reported a disinterest in unsafe sex, and in most cases, a blood-curdling nightmarish terror regarding their anuses.

Many of them are unable to crap due to being scared to death, let alone allow Bubba's cock in there, for fear of their internal organs flying out, taking residence in the sewers and mutating into a new organism like an abandoned pet alligator, leaving the child looking like a drug PSA.

lips pout the walls fall out red rose grows as the walls unfold my lapse prolapse jizz trap spreads my gap red meat flaps as the walls unwrap my lapse prolapse


—Walls Fall Out, lyrics


The video features such choice artistic scenes as:

  • A starving African fashion model's pussy dripping blood down her leg.
  • A black laundromat worker using another person's anus as a musical instrument. performing an ancient ritual sacrifice to Mother Sanger.
  • Someone with a trypophobia-inducing leg disease twerking with two feet of their colon hanging out of their asshole.
  • An elderly person having black fecal matter poured down their throat while the game over melody from "The Price is Right" plays.

As such, the film has been reviewed and accepted into the Library of Congress as an artistically and culturally important piece, and should be forever immortalized.



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