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You have no rights is an unwritten, yet accepted policy of Wikipedia, and by extension all other wikis. Although it is more of an idea than an actual policy, it promises absolute power to the administrators in order to keep the community in line. This same concept is utilized by dictatorships such as The People's Republic of China; all information those in power wish to dispose of is scrubbed out of existence. This means the only rights held by the general public are those which those in power wish to give to them (or lead them to believe they have them), thus giving them no rights at all. If it weren't for this, TOW might have had a chance at being what Jimmy envisioned (no, not Russian hookers and expensive wine).

How it works

Wikipedia is based upon several unclear, extremely loose policies such as NPOV and Don't be a dick. Both of which rely on the individual, and his or her personal opinion. Because the editors of Wikipedia are too childish to work their differences out themselves, the administrators of the website are appointed to resolve all conflict resolution. While they must act in accordance with TOW policy, once again, most of these depend on the judgement of the administrator. If he or she determines that an article/section fails to meet Wikipedia standards, it will be hastily removed. If they determine that a user is a dick, said user will be quickly banned.

Consider what it says right on the front page:

Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.


Then consider what Jimbo says on AN/I when the issue of "rights" comes up:

"If you think that sort of thing is the sort of thing that needs an apology, then perhaps you have misunderstood something important about Wikipedia. It is not an anarchy, it is not a place where people have the inherent right to edit (or admin) Wikipedia, it is a place where civility is to be paramount, and bad users should be shown the door promptly and firmly with a minimum of fuss." - Jimbo Wales, October 29, 2007.


But you can ignore all rules!!!11!!1!

Remember, Wikipedia's purpose is to build an encyclopedia, not focus on any of these rules. Calling attention to any of them implies one's status as a troll, whether they truly are or not. Nevertheless, YHNR still holds true.

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