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The W3C, hard at work. Left to right: Tim Berners-Lee (founder of the W3C), Ian Jacobs (Head of Communications), and Al Gore (inventor of the Internets).

W3C was created at least 100 years ago to control and oversee the internets when more than 3 nodes were connected and administration of said nodes was deemed too complicated for mere mortals.

The W3C rules the internets with an iron fist and ensures that the few websites able to afford its coveted "Best viewed with Internet Explorer" seal of approval stay compliant with it.

The most important role that the W3C plays, according to its website, is "Leading the Web to Its Full Potential" (their extraneous caps). So next time you get stuck in a pop-up loop of hardcore fisting pre-teens, you have the W3C to thank.

On a normal day, W3C publishes things like HAY GUISE I DEVELOPED A STANDARD WHY NOBODY IS IMPLEMENTING IT?? and nobody cares.

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