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Worth 5 years in federal pound you in the ass prison?

Higinio Ochoa, also known as higochoa and w0rmer, is a retard wannabe Anon and a fanboy of the sidescroller game worms who was too busy trying to become e-famous and show off that he could get a girl from the polar-opposite side of the world to camwhore (something she was most likely doing anyway), that he forgot to remember that photos taken with iPhones have GPS data in the EXIF.

If you combined the movie “Tron” with “America’s Dumbest Criminals,”


Law Enforcement Today


Anyone with a Twitter icon this stupid should be instantly written off as a douchebag.
Skiddie groupies

Part of the super elite hacking group CabinCr3w, he proved that skiddery and gloryfagging is alive and well in Texas by defacing police websites by signing his fucking name on them with pictures of his Australian cumdumpster e-girlfriend's (MissAnonFatale) tits taken with her iPhone. Neither of them had the brains between them to remember that Apple tracks your every fucking move, and the cops used the coordinates to get the exact location of the room in her house in Ausfailia that the picture was taken.

Higinio was arrested soon after due to his superhuman inability to keep his fucking mouth shut and crippling failure to stop talking about himself for a single second. He was subsequently charged with breaking into police webservers and posting police officer's dox all over teh Internets in the name of Anonymous.

this is what happens when you say "lulzsec" or "cabincrew" was here, when you start using a nick name and stop using anonymous you weaken the cause for your own petty search for infamy, you cease to become anonymous and start to become a target.


some guy


Hmmmm yeah they aren't attention whores at all... Also flat ass is flat.
PROTIP: You aren't an anon if you aren't anonymous
Every girl's dream wedding
Can't tell if irony or just really fucking stupid

After w0rmer was arrested, instead of telling the dumb cunt who got him arrested in the first place to kick rocks, his e-girlfriend moved to the USA from Australia and he fucking married her. She will presumably mooch off of his family for the next 5-10 years while they wait for him to get out of prison. At which point he will have been fucked in the ass by men so many times that he will have no interest in her and she will be forced to move back to Australia in shame.

After being released on bail, despite his court ordered Internet ban, w0rmer wrote a lulzy grasp for e-fame on Pastebinfavicon.png pastebin, where he further cemented his retard status and attention whoring behavior, going so far as to request that "All Media and support inquiries please contact my public defender at, Jose I. Gonzalez-falla (512)916-5025".

Shortly after I was taken to the Texas City field office where I turned over all evidence I had collected on myself,over the course of the last few months. I then spent the subsequent hours going over w0rmers timeline and confirming or denying my participation in various attacks.


Pastebinfavicon.png w0rmer, in all of his ( presumably short) time as an activist was apparently never told about his Miranda rights

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be) that's what happens when so-called "script kiddies" get online. You get a generic idiot running a generic hacking script that they neither created themselves, nor have no idea how it actually works, and then they call themselves a hacker.


guy in comments section

Bald Guy Angle Shot

After being doxed and epically pwned by the feds, w0rmer turned to camwhoring to feed his addiction for attention (That is when he got tired of snitching out every nerd from IRC he had ever met to his new friends at the FBI). The result was the birth of a new form of Internet disease known as the Bald Guy Angle Shot. A variant of the Fat girl angle shot, except substituting the fat bitch for a bald one.

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