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Cat eyes.JPG
VDD, summarized, drawn by the bitch herself.
Hello, my name is Anna, I love voodoo dolls, witchcraft, tarot cards, creepy creatures, black roses, blood, gore, horror video games, horror movies, vampires, werewolves, being alone, quiet places, naps, staying up late, winter, the rain. .


— voodoo devil doll dementia raven way's profound, dark, profile

Art vs IRL comparison.

Voodoo Devil Doll, also known as Anna Garcia, Nightmare Nin, Bittersweet Devil Love, xxBitterSweetDevilxx, Voodoo Vampire Doll, OctoberFall, La-Lavender on DA, and now LittleRedHoodedKitty on Furaffinity (where any proper dumb furry internet whore belongs) is a hardcore, goth Sheezyartist spic from Phoenix, Arizona who likes to spend her time soaking up every drop of attention jizz she can possibly milk by repeatedly drawing her original characters, and is known for having absolute bitchfits on anyone who dares tell her wrong. When she isn't making journals complaining about her lack of love, she likes to visit her boyfriend's horrible fanfiction, comment, and then proceed to yiff, thinking no one will notice the fact that she's just repeatedly play-biting his cheeks and grabbing his ass. She also likes to make entire fucking conversations and emoticon spam if you so much as comment "Neat." on one of her pictures. This is because she is desperate for social interaction, as nowhere besides Sheezy, both online and off, will tolerate her fat ass.

So Dark

Voodoo Devil Doll is known for her awesome dark art. Surely the average person cannot match her masterful anatomy and deep sense of imagination.


And what is a wonderful anime artist without her likes and dislikes suiting her masterpieces? She's totally not faking it either.

Hates/Dislikes: A lot of things, but I don't hate my boyfriend, my family, friends, myself and positive things.

Anime & Shows I love (I also watch the news) Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Vampire Knight, FullMetal Alchemist, Death Note, Bleach, Basilisk, Chrono Crusade, Evangelion, Inuyasha, Black Cat, Gundam Seed, Megaman, Code Geass, .Hack Legend, Elfen Lied, Blood Plus, Poke'mon, Digimon, Zoids, D.N.Angel, Teen Titans, Boondocks, Family Guy Nancy Grace, True Blood, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, CSI Miami, Cold Case Files, Little Britain USA and more.

Fav Music: Goth music, rock, heavy metal, screamo, game soundtracks, pop, J-rock/heavy metal & Fav Artists:

Evanesence, Flyleaf, Gackt, Kanon Wakeshima, Akira Yamaoka, Anna Tsuchiya, UnSun, Within Temptation, Tarja Turunen, Epica, Sirenia, After Forever, Theatre Of Tragedy, Lacrimosa, In This Moment, Mortal Love, Two Witches, Kidney Theives, Nikki McKibbin, The Gathering, Nightwish, System Of A Down, Red, Korn, Linkin Park, Bullet for my Valentine, Marilyn Manson, Lacuna Coil, Apocalyptica, Godsmack, Disturbed, Staind, Creed, Avril Lavigne, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance and more...

Games I'm interested in or will be

Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Naruto, Digimon, Pokemon, Spyro, Crash the bandicoot, Silent Hill, Haunting Ground, Clock Tower, Fatal Frame, Rule OF Rose, Siren & Siren Blood Curse, Trapt, Obscure The Aftermath, Heavy Rain...


—Voodoo Devil Doll on how fucking unique of a person she is.


Sonro's agenda is much like his sweet little cat's:

  1. Write Fanfiction
  2. Write shitty poems about him and his bitch
  3. Have some hot yiff action with his fat pussy in public comments
  4. Be a faggot

To sum him up, he's as three-dimensional as Edward Cullen, but nobody pays attention to Sonro anyway so who gives a shit.

Her extensive use of ;D is likely an extension of her inability to find the other keys on her computer keyboard. Some argue, however, that since she is an original, her keyboard must be original as well.


Anna really gets upset and pissed off about Ed being there. Even though she acts like she doesn't, she really cares.


—Voodoo's sister tells us what we already know.

VDD butthurt over article.jpg

One may wonder how a 21 year old could be this idiotic while still being able to work a keyboard. Well the possible answers are simple.

  • She's lying about her age.
  • She has assburgers
  • She's using the majority of her mental output repressing the multiple times her father sodomized her as a child
  • She's inbred.
  • She's a fucking dumbass.

Either way, the wisest choice would be to see how long she can keep up her charade by placing bets and dropping her a comment. Chances are, however, even the most loving and honest of comments will get deleted by her hardcore and intelligent goth self. It's probably just because the cunt rag is too good for those comments, right?

VDD is Fucking Stupid

With a reputation like this, one might assume Voodoo is a pinnacle of wit and intelligence.
However, this isn't any farther from the truth. The bitch is really, really fucking stupid. This is always pretty obvious, but sometimes she likes to push the boundaries of just how ridiculously stupid she can make herself look.

Blonde Moment About missing Pics

Perhaps in a rare moment of self-awareness, however, Voodoo has stated that she doesn't want to drink because she feels like she will kill (more) brain cells.

VDD no alcohol.png

Being cautious about the health of her brain cells is a good call to make, as she really can't afford to lose any more of them.
On the other hand, Voodoo is still a retard because alcohol doesn't damage your brain unless you're hardcore alcoholic.


Although she may not consider herself an "artist", she certainly loves to draw her own unrealistic persona over and over again. Both of her galleries consist of cute "dark" things and her slut persona who is constantly sucking dick 24/7. She also draws herself with tits the size of automobiles.

Gallery of Fail About missing Pics

She also favs her own art because no one else will.

VDD faves herself.jpg

Considering how many discarded accounts she has, I'd wager it's safe to assume that the majority of favorites she gets are from herself.

"What's Exceptional"

Proving they lack even the most basic levels of understanding of the difference between what looks exceptional and what looks like shit, Veedeedee's art has made itself onto the "good" section of Sheezy's front page.

VDD whats exceptional.png

What was funny was what under her well known aliases on Sheezyfart, the following week when her own artwork wasn't been shown, she dialled 911 for a waaaambulance with this journal, on her Monique account, :


Voodoo was under the impression that Sheezy was going to let her drama-whore their site all the time, clearly they had other ideas, or something more KAWAIIIIII!!! came along. But for their crime of featuring her work, Sheezy will pay the penalty of being stuck with her, because if they ban her now, all of her friends will go apeshit and chain spam every poor bastard on Sheezy telling them why her ban would be unfair because she made a critical journal and it would be against freedom of speech to remove her.

Had sheezy banned her ass long ago, she might have gone into non-existence.

Life ain't easy when you're so Sheezy.

Color my art!

Voodoo apparently wants you to color her art, because she's too lazy to do it herself. But don't forget to credit!!`! Wouldn't want anyone to mistake her masterful line work for being one of your dirty peasant creations, even if you did half or more of the work on the actual picture.

VDD color my shit.png

It's also funny that she asks people not to edit the pictures or use different colors (presumably than what she would use). Further proving that she just wants people to color her own shit for her for absolutely no form of compensation, and that originality is like a virus to VDD, and any instance of it taking place around her causes her to break out in hives and tantrums. This would do a lot to explain why she just draws the same shit over and over the fuck again.

Of course, it's obvious what anyone should do in this situation.

VDD color edit IRL.png


Considering how awesome and kawaii Voodoo is, it's no surprise that she would be on the receiving end of some awesome fanart.
Feel free to keep making and sending her cute dark art to show how much you appreciate her.

VDD's Fanart Collection About missing Pics


Voodoo prides herself in being a little angel for the moderators. So of course, the report button is her tool of the trade. A week long ban was set into place upon an artist who simply warned people of the eye cancer they would receive from looking at Voodoo's art. A fellow Sheezy user spoke out against this.

A certain little goffik faggot here that draws anime and hates critique here is....

A heartless bitch who wants us all to die of eye cancer.




—Kiwi Tang, on truth

VDD the Hypocrite

Unaffected, she said? It appears our dear Voodoo is beginning to lose her cool. Our REASNS are so very dumb though, and anything anyone READS OFF OF ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA is a lie.

And of course. She has all right to hate people who can't take critique. DISREGARD THAT I CAN'T READ.

She bitches about how others can't handle her "attitude," how others can't handle her "strong opinions" (even referencing the word "baw" which she herself is doing in excess right now), and says others can "simply not read" her comments instead of complaining.

Watch out! The hardkoar just got ramped up to 11!

And if you want further proof of her rampant hypocrisy (and USI) look no further than how she treats her art trades. Although Voodoo's art looks like the kind of shit a child wouldn't even be proud to scribble in crayon, she will nitpick every little thing about a picture when she's on the receiving end. (Of course, this only applies to the art she receives, not does. Only the best for Her Royal Princess Piggly Wiggly.

It's also worth mentioning that she apparently "hates hypocrites." Surprise, surprise. Just like everything else in her life, she holds people to standards that she refuses to keep, herself.

VDD hates hypocrites.png


VDD nobody cares.png

Anna is finally starting to acknowledge the obvious that no one gives a single fuck about her. Not on the internet, and not in real life.
She also accuses most of her watchers and internet friends as not being true friends at all because they won't kiss her ass over every little thing she mentions about her life. Even though they have their own lives to deal with, and all Veedee tends to post about is stuff like "LOOK AT THIS NEW HAIRBRUSH I GOT, YOU GUYS!!`!"

Meaning that this bitch is flat-out stating that she is the absolute center of the universe.

If you're not willing to drop your commitments and responsibilities and previous plans on the drop of a hat for her and her obsessive internet schedule, then you just don't deserve to call yourself her "friend." You are a "so-called friend."
Her personal definition of the word "friendship" apparently means "feed my ego 24/7 for the rest of your life."

Like usual, she's completely unwilling to look at why people can't stand her, in the first place. Because it's THEIR problem, not hers. It's never hers. Everything she does is perfect and not up for debate in any kind of way. Even though this article gives plenty of good reasons as to why she's a massive cunt, and spending five seconds in her presence will tell you the same.

She then proceeded to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING, knowing that this would just be another glimpse into her true self, and thus a stain on the desperate "nice" persona she puts up in hopes that someone, anyone, will let her use them for her own self-worth.
Too bad screenshots exist, huh, Vadurpadurp?
She also tries one last time to bait comments and pity. Anna's head is going to start getting so far up her own ass that she's going to implode, at this rate.

TL;DR: VDD is basically a fedora-wearing whiny asstard "Nice Guy" in girl form.

Voodoo IRL

Though she tends to draw herself as a rail-thin, pointy-faced, huge-eyed kawaiidesu anime girl, don't be fooled. VDD is quite the porker. She seems to have recently taken up the hobby of posting her real-life photos, because being a basement dweller and being as repulsive as she already is, this is the only chance she may ever have at getting compliments from the internet's ridiculously low standards. The "SO GOTH!!!`!" look that she tries way too hard to pride herself in is just more bargain bin Walmart shit, that children don't even wear for Halloween because of how bad it looks, and how shitty the fabric is. Good job, Veedee. U r the best gawf.

As proof of her delusion (or perhaps her denial), she insists to others that she is, in fact, beautiful and that the "haturz is jelus." Even though she draws herself completely different from the way she actually looks, and requests for her art trades to look less like her actual self. Riiiight.

She also likes to post blurry pictures of cheap plastic shit, like hair brushes she got from the Dollar Store, and other stuff that nobody cares about.

Keep your harpoons and eye bleach ready.

Hottie with a Body About missing Pics

No Life Outside the Internet

Though it would be obvious to even the most obtuse observer, VDD lacks absolutely any kind of life outside of the internet (and perhaps even Sheezy, itself).

This became the most apparent (though everyone always knew it) when her computer fucked up, and she was forced to waddle her ass to a library to use the internet, only to cry about how she feels "so alone" because no one was online at the exact same time as her.


Every parent I meet are like that. I find it disappointing. Makes me wonder why people even have kids. I honestly think parents like to be a bully.


—Bittersweet Devil Love on being expected to do something with her life at the age of 20

Voodoo's parents are getting pretty tired of she and her sister leeching off their hard-earned crack money, and are pushing for the lazy fat fuck to go out and get a job.
Her sister just got kicked out, despite already having one. I guess working the corner doesn't pay enough.
Of course, instead of worrying about her sister's well-being, her first concern is her "POOR LAPTOP!!" Who cares about family when you need attention from the internet?

In typical VDD fashion, this of course means that they're "evil oppressive heartless bastards that just want to make their children slaves," even though she's 21-years-old and most kids get their first jobs around age 14.
Also, unsurprisingly, no one wants to hire her ass. Probably because she thinks the idea of interview-appropriate attire is Dollar Store Halloween shit and whatever she can pull out of Hot Topic's dumpster. She apparently has no clue what "nice" clothes are even supposed to look like, as evidenced here, where she gushes endlessly about how "soooo pretty and sexy~" some trashy $30 emo dress is. Even McDonalds employees would laugh her right out of the building, as she stepped in with her Halloween store crap and little red cape ready for an interview, and then probably call security and disinfect the place.

Despite these threats, it seems all Voodoo wants to do all day long is sit and yiff with Sonro some more or live in her fantasy by drawing her sparkle-shitting OC a million more times.
She also got her computer back and still spends most of her life on it. This is either because she gave her step-dad a good blowjob, or because her parents are just entirely incompetent at the whole "parenting" aspect of being a parent.
This is much more likely the latter, as Voodoo isn't good at absolutely anything she does, and her parents have produced such wonderful results as she and her sister. Their handiwork rivals Voodoo's art in just how piss-poor it is.

Oh wow. She actually got one.

Either VD's lying for attention or her sister sucked a few dicks for personal favors in the company, but she now has a job shoving boxes around for Fedex. While one might consider this a step in the right direction towards growing the fuck up, all she seems to do is whine about how crappy and tired it's making her feel, or how lonely she is, or why she doesn't have time to draw and yiff with Sonro any more, and why people won't flood to her journal and praise her for finally getting up and doing something that everyone else is expected to do with their lives.

It's worth noting that absolutely none of the priorities she currently has with her new income is moving out and getting away from the tyranny of her "bullying" parents. Even though she has made a point plenty of times to cry about them in the past. She also doesn't plan to get a car, either. Instead, she'd rather spend money on shit like her hair and clothes.

Interesting Tidbits of Information

This shit is deep, man. real deep.
  • She is actually on the heavy side. She also claims to not mind this fact, so feel free to draw more art of her being her rightful size of 300 lbs.
  • Her arms are about as thick as an average fat girl's thighs.
  • Her boobs sag worse than your grandma's.
  • All of her watchers are "bitches".
  • She hates roleplay but acts like a fucking furry around the clock.
  • Her art is the most original shit since Kanye West.
  • Bats come out of her tits.
  • She can't take critique without throwing a fit about how her art is perfect.
  • She's from Arizona, and is a self-hating spic that wants so desperately to be white / and or kawaii Japanese-desu.
  • She treats even people close to her like shit. (See: Monique Uchiha)
  • She has no real friends.
  • This fact makes her depressed and wanting to quit everything forever.
  • She thinks her attitude is perfect and you can just deal with it.
  • She's likely a dropout, seeing as she has no friends and has mentioned absolutely nothing about school, even though she feels a need to whine about every goddamn thing otherwise, and spends every waking second on the computer.
  • Her mouth needs serious fucking dental work, and smells worse than the inside of a hobo's anus.
  • Her parents want her to get up off her her ass and get a job and a real life. It goes about as well as you would expect.

Monique Uchiha: Voodoo 2.0?

Either one of her sock puppets, or an ass-kisser of epic proportions, Monique Uchiha aka Angel Garcia seems to be copying Voodoo Slutbitch in every way she can manage.

Just look at this shit. It's like if VDD threw up in a rainbow mirror.

They even look the fucking same. VDDMoniquelookthesame.png Monique IRL.png

One can only hope this is an alt account to try and escape the trolls. The world does not need two of these retarded cunts.

VDD's Sister Even Hates Her

Oh, wait, even her own sister thinks she's a dumb bitch.

In light of recent postings, and though Monique was one of the few people who have ever stood up for her general dumbfuckery, apparently Ms. Goth Princess is so high and mighty on her spoiled little throne that she even treats her own flesh and blood like complete shit.

VDD is even a cunt to her sister.jpg

While Monique was busy wiping an old lady's ass for money at her job, Voodoo was still sitting on hers, expected to do shit-all with her life by her parents.
And while Voodoo was too busy stroking her own ego on Sheezy to do anything of worthwhile to anyone but herself, her sister was kicked out of their apartment for not making enough and went to go live with the same lady she works for.
There was already a visible rift between the two, but this event just pushed things further.
And though Monique is an attention-whoring lolcow and shitty kawaiidesu "artist" herself, she still thinks the treatment of Voodoo by trolls is justified because of her childish attitude.

Gallery of Sisterly Love About missing Pics

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