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Vital article

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Vital article.jpg

Vital articles are TOW's conception of what every encyclopedia should have, because they, as the unpaid experts, believe they have the right to pass judgement on the rest of the world. As with the good article, the vital article can be identified either through a list, or through the talk page, which if you scroll down may have a Version 1.0 Editioral Team banner, which has a toggling show/hide thing which reveals the ugly beast that is the vital article.

Since TOW aims to be a broad encyclopedia with no bias towards any particular worldview, it has vital articles in a wide range of categories in terms of the sorts of things that you might be taught in school or college. Most of these are relatively unfunny, but lulz can be achieved by watching edit wars or by adding your own, creative additions to the vital article list... mudkips anyone?

The Fucked Up List

Come on Jimbo, are you saying you wouldn't hit it? Well, if not, there's always someone who would.

In terms of geography, they're clearly biased. How come Austria, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are vital articles? These little Eurostates are vital when Argentina, Portugal, and Kazakhstan are not? It's because Jimbo is biased towards the Anglosphere and Northern/Germanic Europe and wherever these people or their descendents settled, that's why - in all his years of watching and producing porn Jimbo has never had a good blowjob from and given buttsecks to a Colombian girl. This also explains why Jimbo is BFF with Richard Branson and Tony Blair - because all project an image of doing good when they put their own personal greed over freedom of information, speech and the right not to be tortured at Guantanamo Bay for having a non-white complexion!

Encyclopedia Dramatica, the most reputable encyclopedia the world has ever known, defies the vital article list. The majority of the vital articles are not included in ED, but does it suffer? No, not at all. In fact, it just keeps on riding the Alexa train higher and higher up the mountain bypass!

Vital articles on ED

Things to insert into the vital article list


Philosophy and religion

  • Lulz (in "philosophical schools and traditions")

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