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Count the amount of changes in the last 12 years

Microsoft Visual Studio is a computer program to make computer programs which complicates everything you do on purpose. Visual Studio is the most nerd trolling piece of software ever written in the planet. Also, newer versions of Visual Studio is known to be written in itself, which is why they invented a database engine called paradox, in the first place. The vast majority of reasons why nerds are whining about VS on programming forums in every discussion about VS and its competitors are as follows

  • When your aim is to install one programming language support and a database management studio, hundreds of different packages are installed on your PC.
  • Installation and any update will take several days. If you are doing it in the working hours, your rest of the day will spent on anything other than actually writing some code.
  • Crashes a lot and doesn't close itself to prevent data loss on crash, can't accept that it will lose your data no matter what.
  • Has 337 components filling your uninstall page in control panel
  • Invents stupid shit like adding SQL in C# language
  • Separates everything into layers and sell services to integrate them.
  • Publishes new version, publishes a service pack 1 for the older one and runs like hell.
  • You have to Buy 10 other windows products to use any features.
  • Supports other vendors with limited capabilities, like read only, no designer, nothing. Also, try php support with expression webz.
  • Copy others (Default Microsoft Policy in every product)
  • Change nothing, add a new label like 2005, 2008, change the infinity sign logo every year.
  • New buttons and GUI each time, like it makes any influence on the output.
  • The price was 10000$ and went down to 200$ in 5 years, guess why.
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