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Virus-20's fursona , dressed like a nigger and ready to paint more shit.
Virus-20 wants a fursuit

Deviantart-favicon.png Virus-20 is an alleged 24 year old artist from the yeast-infected cunt of the Internets, DevianTART. IRL, he resides in the great state of California, where he openly expresses all of his fetishes in the form of art. His artwork includes characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sly Cooper, and even his own original characters. According to Virus-20, whenever he's not lying about his age, his hobbies include drawing and working out and fucking the shit out of his mom. Virus-20 still thinks he is good but actually the cunt hasn't even gotten better since 2000.


Allegedly, 24 years ago, Virus-20 aka Terry Gabriel Chavez fell out of his mother's rust-covered asshole. For about 10 years afterwards , he did nothing of great importance, that was until he got the shit (literally) raped out of him by his birthday party clown, which his beloved mother had ordered for him. From then on, Virus-20 began to draw furries and other gay shit like that, just to suppress the memories. On his supposed 20th birthday, Virus-20 had created his fursona and showed it to his mom, to which she replied by slapping the holy shit out of him and saying, "Good job", unfortunately, those two little words had created the newest Furfag that day. After getting the OK from his mom, Virus-20 began the search the internets for a website that would allow him to post his artwork and have people fap to it on a daily basis and tell him how great his artwork is and that his gallery is so AWESOME!!1oneoneone! From that day to the present, Virus-20 has been posting artwork over and over again, now he has reached the over 1,000 mark.(Note) he draws more shit every day and will not stop . He now has over 1,285 deviations. He's like lot like DOW in reverse, it just keeps going up and up, several points a day.


Virus-20 loves fatass pigs

Virus-20's "artwork" can easily be placed into one of four categories: fat furry, regular furry, Sly Cooper, and Sonic. Pick your poison. Virus-20 began posting his "art" on DevianTART sometime in February 2005 and the furry admirers and Sonic fans began to flock to his userpage, posting comments like, "your art is so cool" and "Do you take requests?". If someone does ask Virus-20 whether he does take requests, Virus-20 goes on a fucking batshit crazy rampage saying that he doesn't take requests, only commissions art trades, because as everybody knows, being a furfag, Virus-20 is fucking poor. (And yet, he can somehow afford pencils , Photoshop and Internet access. The hell he's poor.)

Like most other furry artists, Virus-20 has a fursona that is some sort of mutt with a goatee. Human facial hair on animal fuzz. Who woulda thunk it? That makes about as much sense as wiping your ass before you take a shit, and it just looks ugly to boot. Oh wait , never mind. Even though he shaved it, he still looks like a gay beaner.

Virus-20's Fat Furry Art

Whenever Virus-20 begins to do fat furry "artwork", he always imagines an animal's head on his mom's fat body and is automatically inspired to start drawing. The body for all of Virus-20's fat artwork, whether it be Sonic-related, one of his original characters, or fanart, is always the same design, in which, he only fattens the midsection and ass of the character. Also, lots of stitching lines on clothes.

Virus-20's Regular Furry Art

Virus-20's regular furry artwork , though it may be very rare to find any , is as stupid as anything else you would find from a furfag . That doesn't mean it's badly drawn, though, because there are no bad furry artists.

Virus-20's Sly Cooper fanart

Virus-20 is also obsessed with Sly Cooper, Carmelita Fox, and Penelope what's-her-face from the Sly Cooper video games — tho' not as obsessed as he is with anything else. Not surprisingly, he wants to make the entire Sly Cooper cast insanely fat as well once a great game now turned fat and gay thanks to Virus-20. I wonder what game he will ruin next with his faggotry .

Virus-20's Sonic fanart

Virus-20's Sonic fanart is done in both the regular furry and fat furry format. Of course, he does way more of the fan art in the fat format than anything else. He practically does every character from the Sonic universe, even the ones nobody gives a shit about.

Virus-20's Devoted Fans

even 9-year-olds know Virus-20 is a furfag

For as long as Virus-20 has been on DevianTART, he has acquired, what every fucktard does whenever he/she gets drunk over their own hype, fans. Most of Virus-20's fans are horny 13 year old boys who fap to his fucking inflation art every chance they get, but are pressured by societal norms to keep that to themselves. However, there are a select few of Virus-20's fans who take their worship of him to a totally different level, even willing to fap him while he looks at his own art.


A complete fucking noone who has know life and one day decided to make a tribute video, on YouTube, dedicated to all of Virus-20's fat shit on DevianTART. [1] Along with this video Virus-20 also has an account on YouTube where he posts videos of his own, probably making YouTube gayer by the second. By the way, most of Virus-20's videos involve "X does Y While I Play Unfitting Music". Too bad for Youtube Poop authors, the joke is now officially untouchable with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot-pole.

Virus-20's Mom

Virus-20's mom

Ever since Virus-20 had become famous on DevianTART, his mom had been there to soak up some of the glory that he was receiving. She is the main inspiration behind all of Virus-20's drawings and always asks Virus-20 if he could make copies of all the work he made just so she can fap to them, too. She is always begging him for sex, because she loves him so much and he always agrees because she is the only thing that would really fuck him (besides the birthday clown from his 10th birthday party, who he invites to his house every year and then gets his ass raped).

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