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Vinesauce is a cliché livestream group consisting of "unique" humor, popularized by a batshit crazy fanbase consisting of 13-year-old boys and 16-year-old girls while it started as a typical stream site that nobody cares about until bringing in a bunch of buttbuddies that did what every "Let's Player" has done - sucking all of the Jewtube cocks for fame.

They use jokes that are original and funny to make it in the streaming community (just like literally every other unfunny live streamer has ever done), and the fans take it to heart when they don't know that they are watching another copycat gamer channel, that is copying another game channel that could be ten times funnier than their unfunny asses.


It all started when a group of drunken mates decided that spreading AIDS wasn't enough and decided to play some Mario Party while they noticed what appeared to be "a vine coming out of an ass". Thus, on February 20, 2010, Vinesauce was born.

On April 2, 2010, an unfunny Jewtube video spawned from the interbutts of the web depicting two people attempting to recreate the awful webcomic known as "Douk Nouk Kem" .


Full Streams

While most streams typically start out with the host talking about shit nobody cares about, they are either filled with lulz or anti-lulz. Other than that it could be about Vinny showing how rich and kewl he is with his vidya gaems, Joel totally faking PewDiePiebeing a tard, Rev licking his body pillows and other shit streams nobody knows in their godawful websites.

    === Vinebooru ===
What goes on everyday
The Absolute State of the Vinebooru
Where it is Heading

Almost every stream ends with commentary of fans and their DA-like content as if you were reading a bad fanfic. These people will literally shit out fanart of pointless games that this fuck will play. Joel's is even worse.


Vinny,finally with the attention from hipsters he desired,moved to next step of his Multimedia Empire: Scoring some Pussy. However,as his fans were either A. Wapanese or B. Furfags,the only chicks that digged him were mentally ill underaged sociopaths with little regard for dignity. Little did our hero Vincent know,this would come to bite him in the ass. 10 years later,the Schizophrenic one night stands grouped together into a cabal in order to Divorce Rape Cancel Vinny. However,literally everyone else saw through their shitty attempts at a cancellation and rightfully called them out on the spaztastic failure. MORAL OF THE STORY:BUY A POCKET PUSSY AND DON’T BASE YOUR CAREER AROUND INTERNET DEGENERATES


Bonzi Buddy

Even though an ancient meme, Bonzi Buddy shows up every now and then to annoy the fuck out of everyone due to the autistic fanbase.




center 30px


Trying too hard

Vinny (Vinesauce)

A sellout "artist" from New York who finds himself funny while ripping off the jokes from Cr1tikal, a faggot that could be more funny by just shouting the word "TITS". His sense of "humor" includes yelling words loudly over a terrible video game and pretending glitches are funny so retard kids give him jewtube money. When he's not trying to force memes or begging female fans for nudes, he's posting his shitty coma-inducing music fucking everywhere.

Joel (Vargskeletor)

Vinesauce whois joel.png

Vinny's main butt buddy and the primary reason why people watch Vinesauce. Sits on his ass all day while spamming Twitch and talking about his undesirable love for metal, Bonzi Buddy, and Grand Dad. Joel continues to be unfunny while talking in a silly accent much to the delight of aspergered children everywhere. Much like Pewdiepie, both of them live in Sweden. The most cancerous of the group.

Vinesauce is a Quality Stream

Rev (Revscarecrow)

A texan closet weeaboo that mainly plays animu games and tries to be politically correct to his fanbase while fapping to hentai all day. Nowhere near as popular as Vinny or Joel.

Jen (MentalJen)

An extra add-on for fap material by fans. Jen is just a clone of Rev except one thing was altered; to grab more attention Vinny decided to put bewbs on his chest and a vaggy on his stick. When the Italian nobody was first starting out to be unnoticed and unfunny he was first noticed by that tranny so in order to join "it" had to suck the tool of him, better than all of his low viewers.

KY (LiveByFoma)

An internet tough guy with a name more exploitable than a sex joke. He is rarely seen because he is busy serving his godfather and fap over Jen.


You're trying WAY too hard

Jen's whale dyke girlfriend that tries to score with Vinny but fails miserably so everyday so she acts like a complete retard and never streams unless her tranny girl is there to powder and rub her sloppy wrinkled asscheeks.

Separated at birth?

Other streamers

  • Dire: A miserable Jew-swine that needs to die.
  • Feargingers: Some cunt no one gives a fuck about.
  • Fredsauce: An unfunny asshole that mooches off of Vinny's popularity.
  • GPM: A ginger with no soul. GeePM was suspended from Vinesauce for 1 year due to begging for money like a Jew.
  • Hootey: Who the fuck cares?
  • IWantAPotato: Unfunny #5
  • Limealicious: Another unfunny dyke that also wants to lick Jen's clit.
  • Study-Guy: Some douche nobody knows.
  • And other people that nobody cares about

Vinny (almost) got cancelled


One day some retards on twitter decided to form a coalition to take down Vinesauce Vinny, you see this could have had some weight to it BUT they decided to pick the worst day possible to launch this attack on his character. No one knows why they chose April Fools' Day to do this. They faked some e-mails with inspect element and shabbily cobbled together some audio clips that everyone could tell was fake. Then, released their proof to the unwashed twitter masses. Given how rabid every e-celebs core fanbase is it didn't take long for his fans on twitter to start calling bullshit and investigating who was behind these posts. GeePM was apparently in on it to get revenge on him getting ousted for previous trickery as well as other social media bottom feeders trying to get clout and rise in the ranks. Vinny is now taking a break, to get this situated and is apparently getting a lawyer. Only time will tell how this all turns out. Mandalore gaming decided to blindly support the allegations only to immediately retract his statements after losing hundreds of patreon subscribers and youtube subs.
Original Google doc of the allegations


And if there wasn't this much cancer in the fandom About missing Pics

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