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Teamspeak is still more popular

Ventrilo is a another step forward in the ways of communication on the Internet, allowing basement dwelling nerds to communicate voice to voice. It is also called "Vent", but nobody gives a shit.

This: "Oh, STFU u SOB!! WTF is wrong with u!? My pet monkey can play more better than u, and he's my grandma!" is an example of common Ventrilo dialouge as their servers are full of internet tough guys and 12 year old children. In other words, it's just like Teamspeak.


Ventrilo, like Teamspeak, is still an untapped market for lulz, provided one has downloaded a voice changer in order to ensure that those who hear you cannot recognize how badly your voice fails.

There are many way to achieve lulz through Ventrilo. Here are some examples:

Your Typical Ventrilo Conversation

Ventrilo Harasment

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