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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Nothing says "I'm sorry" better than shitty giftart.
You can tell he's not on dA for the art.

VelvetFlowingAura or VFA, as he is called sometimes, is a devianTARTlet who did nothing but give fanart, giftart and bad camwhore photos. He also did a lot of ass-kissing, and bought subscriptions for his friends in hopes he'd get a little something in return.

However, VFA was turned down every time. He also sent notes to various female deviants, claiming he loved them, saying he'd like to meet them IRL. Every time he was denied, he would have a shitfit, dragging God into his defense, and saying that a true friend would give him their address, so he could meet them, or even write. However, before doing this, he shows his love by being deep, emotional, and caring.

He's rule 34'd various female artist's characters, and their personas themselves, with his Gary-Stu, Red Essence. He's also known to write bad fanfiction about him gettin' some from the Sailor Scouts, and from other female characters from various fandoms. He's also a StarWarstard, so steer clear from him. He might attack you with his plastic lightsaber if you say you don't want to date him.


Apparently, VFA has some issues with comprehension. Whenever he says something offensive to a girl, she tells him off, saying she doesn't want to talk to him anymore. VFA apologizes, asking to be friends again, even though what he said was wrong. However, the internet is serious business, and girls usually tell him no again, even typing it in caps for him. Then months later, he emails/notes/finds a way to contact the girl, she replies and cusses him out and repeats what she had said before, leaving him butthurt and angry. He then replies back in the same way, demanding an apology. This then returns to the apology phase, where he says he's sorry, and asks to be friends again. Right.

Each time this happened, he'd go to his hugbox and cry about it, including the icons/names of those that had hurt his feelings, in the hope that they'd see how depressed he was, and feel sorry for him. When he saw that didn't work, he would write more journals about how alone he felt. Someone call the damn Waaaambulance!

Another thing he's really good at is spamming the front pages of female deviants, usually with kind words or copypasta using an emoticon army, attempting to be nice. He also likes to whore shoutboxes from time to time, begging for forgiveness, or starting arguments, since that's the only thing he's good at. If comments are blocked, or shoutboxes are hidden, he goes to using notes.

God will smite j00!

VFA loves to use his religion to scare girls into being his girlfriend. He's also known to use Christianity and God as proof that he truly loves a girl. He doesn't like homos, and says God hates them too (he may be right on this particular point). Nice guy, huh? If you ever get into an argument with VFA, be ready to smack him with his own bible, because he'll play the God card on you!


VFA, in hopes of still being friends with tartlets, created new names to evade his ban on dA. However, those tartlets got him in trouble, and all his accounts were banhammered.

  • His DeviantART - VelvetFlowingAura
  • His OTHER devianTART - RedEssence24
  • His OTHER OTHER devianTART - Lucentanime2007
  • His OTHER OTHER OTHER devianTART - CrownAmbassadorBWW
  • His MySpace - Redessence23
Atomic.gif Warning!
This user has a FAILSPACE page. Accessing it will cause your computer to crash, fill with WEABOO and WAPANESE viruses, and then explode because of all the excessive amounts of shitty videos on one page.


VFA is known to be not only a total annoyance, but a total retard as well. He goes into emotional rages at any point if something goes wrong in his life, and will try to pull himself out of the gutter with happy thoughts.

Often, VFA doesn't know when to shut up or say the right thing. There are perfect examples in the comment gallery below, one of them being epic enough to fail instantly on a deviation of one of his friends.

VFA is still the perfect example of being a complete StarWarstard. Complete with awfully-shitty costuming, wrong-era backgrounds, and craptastic lightsaber-swinging action, it is just a pure example of pathetic LULZ. Likewise, the "I AM TEH EBIL ANAKIN OH NOES" poser image = EPIC FAIL.

People Pedoboy VFA wanted to Bang

  • Sailor Saturn from the Sailor Moon Series
  • Sailor Pluto from from the Sailor Moon Series
  • Ayaka Komatsu (Japanese singer)
  • Lolis
  • Zelda from The Legend of Zelda series
  • Sophitia from Soul Calibur
  • Various Original Characters he found on dA
  • Sabrina from Pokemon
  • Lust from the Full Metal Alchemist series
  • Elly from Phantasy Star Online
  • Padme Amidala from Star Wars

VFA's Latest Fap News

VFA is saving up his moneys so he can go to Japan to stalk his latest fap-material, Ayaka Komatsu. He wants to show her how big of a fan he is by meeting her in person. He even made an account on Yahoo! Japan, just so he could try and get a hold of her.

It's advised that all AZNS run for their fucking lives, because this guy means SRS BSNS.

Maybe he'll realize that "KAWAII DESU DESU" is not fluent Japanese...

But then again, we're talking about a fucking Weeaboo pedo. Probably not. Fucking dumbass Japanophile.

He's even now trying to keep in contact (note: see "stalk") with old female deviants that haven't replied to his emails in two years. Someone needs to tell this weaboo that his pitiful plans at getting a social life on the internets are FAILING EPICLY. What's even moar lulzy is the fact that even after the new email address gets ignored/blocked/deleted, he still fails to realize that they DO NOT WANT to talk to him, and he pursues new ways of trying to reach them. What a fucktard.

It's come to the point now where he uses friends of these female deviants to relay messages to them, of which they don't respond to either. He then tries to go about asking for their email, and when he learns he's blocked, he bothers the friends again to say to the female deviants that he wants to pick up in the "friendships" where he left off 2-3 years ago, because he "misses them dearly." BAWWWWWWWW DESU DESU.

No matter how hard they try, Pedofuck VFA does not want to accept the fact that trying to be friends with them is a LOST CAUSE. ABANDON SHIP. ABANDON SHIP. ABORT. ABORT.

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