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VK irl. The reason she's always so secretive about showing anyone photos. SAUSAGE FINGERS AHOY.
Truly, she is the image of sophistication.
red lines showing only a few of the many anatomy problems in her anthro drawings.
There is absolutely no part of this animal that has correct anatomy.
Surely if she wants to get into any kind of art college, she should be working on a portfolio, not using her art as an outlet for her sexual frustration.
This is obviously what Vani references her dog's fur from.
Her friends jumping on 'Makime' due to her innocent yet HELPFUL crit of Vani's anthros.

Deep within the bowels of DeviantART's popular section, roaming somewhere near the top ten percent there will be a large, unnaturally-colored kitsune/dog/cabbit hybrid with ear-fluff longer than its legs and an iPod blasting out Fall Out Boy. This is Vanillakitsune, AKA Ashley Jefferson.

She's an immature bitch who never left her fluffy, anatomically-bankrupt oekaki bubble. Her style is apparently meant to resemble Disney, because she apparently has the talent to get a job there. All she drew before settling into her Kuitsuku/Disney hybrid style was a bunch of copies of ChikaPika's drawings with some gay animu thrown in. What's funny is that since Kuitsuku herself copies Disney and some anime known as Bleach, her current style is a triple rip, creating a time paradox. The icing on the cake is truly that, now she's decided to draw "humans", her art has turned into a pathetic rip of Jubilation's.

If you try to point this out to her, nicely-worded or otherwise, she will shrug you off as jealous, even if your art skill surpasses her own.


If you are unfortunate or brave enough to look at her art, you'll notice that among other irregularities, around the necks and chests of all her animals is a distinctly lion-like mane. One would assume that these are 'referenced', but no - she believes that she made these up, and that they are the most original thing ever. She says they are chimera, and her fans believe anyone else who has a chimera character is copying her.

Despite polluting art school for the past few years, she has made almost no progress with her technical skill or her understanding of art. This was most spectacularly evidenced when she shot herself in the foot with her own Journal entry:


WHAT THE BOOK SAID: Don't rip off other artist's concepts, characters, etc, but practice drawing off of a well known artist (such as a famous painter, for example, like we all did in high school art class) in order to gain basic skill that you can then mold into your own style.


This of course caused her to do a barrel roll and stop listening to anyone who tried to explain basic referencing to her. Attempts to tell her that neon green text on a black background is akin to raping the very idea of colour theory have also apparently fallen on deaf ears.

If you get into an art college/school it is universally known you have to at least try to understand the anatomy of what you're drawing. This is just one of the long list of things Vani sucks at. Instead of looking at a photo of an actual dog once in a while, she covers all her mistakes in kawaii ribbons, bells, etc, thinking this will compensate for her total lack of knowledge.

Vani thinks you're a jealous prick if you try to critique her work even in the nicest way. Or in any way at all, really. All the internet fame has gone to her head so now she thinks she will "LIEK, TTLY GET A REEL ART JOB". But in reality, any company worth their salt will hang her resume and art up by the water cooler to raise office morale by letting their employees get a good laugh out of them.

OHMYGAWD YOU GUYS Vani is totally original... oh wait.

This is original?!1!

Moar evidence of this can be viewed here, ...and moar, and moaaaaaar, ...and oh shit moarmoarmoarmoar!

Even though she can't stand people 'picking off little things' from her reference sheets, she's been busted stealing more than once - from 'borrowing' simple details like similar attitude and strange abilities from popular anime to straight up theft. She of course denies this, and if a picture of hers suddenly disappears from her devianTART gallery, it was undoubtedly because someone called her out on her theft and either provided evidence that she couldn't accuse of being fake, or didn't back down when she tried to use her popularity to win an argument.

She also rips off her coloring styles from much more established artists. If you see a respected artist put up a coloring tutorial, you only have to wait until Vani's next picture for her to claim she's changing her coloring style 'to be original'. She, of course, only creates a sloppy substitute.

Recent Drama Bullshit

Even though she claimed that she 'hasn't even had drama with anyone in months', this recent chat log posted to Vani's LiveJournal (and now, funnily enough baleeted) says otherwise. It also says that Vani's logic needs some serious fucking work. Vani started this argument after she was given a thorough and very helpful crit:

Roxeiyurame: Lol... the fact that you can't even draw a cartoon dog yet you still think you're the shit says a lot about what you consider to be "art". xD;
heartattack high: ..i think that says more about what you consider to be art.
heartattack high: since when does not adding unnatural colors, human hair, corset ribbons, bells, & other unappealing shit to dogs equal not being an artist..
Roxeiyurame: At least i'm not the one who got rejected from SROA. e_____e;;
heartattack high: ..sorry to say, vani, but SRoA is not the staple of the art world. get hired by a major company that has a lot of successful output into the professional art world (as opposed to an oekaki full of spam wars) then you can come back & I'll listen to your bullshit about what's art & what's not.
Roxeiyurame: Your habit of using and symbols instead of typing AND is really annoying. o_o; Can you seriously not type A N D?
heartattack high: oh hi, cheap shot. of course i can fucking type 'and', I'm a ninth grader, vani. i don't see any reason why using & is a symptom of retardation.. the symbol '&' actually represents 'and'. & if you're going to be like that.. it's called an ampersand, not an 'and symbol'.
Roxeiyurame: Way to get off the topic. 8D
heartattack high: ..what. i was talking to you about art, you brought up the topic of my typing habits, & i responded to that. playing the 'i'm going to drag you off into another discussion & then bitch you out for being offtopic' card doesn't work with me, vani. & just for the record.. read back through this conversation. everything i say, every point i make, etc, you reply to with something definitely not directly related. if you're so right & i'm so wrong, shouldn't it be easy to disprove my points instead of avoiding them? hm. this is where i block you, tbh.

Even though this conversation shows Vani getting destroyed by a fourteen-year-old emo, she still posted it to her LiveJournal under the delusion that she was so right and the girl she randomly sparked an argument with was nothing but a bitch. Classy.

Another crit was received on the image above which, in Vani's defense, she didn't reply negatively to. This is probably due to the fact that this artist belongs to her oekaki and therefore wasn't much of a threat, because Vani could just banhammer her.

The conclusion? Vani hasn't changed a bit. Her oekaki is full of bitches. She'll never really get anywhere in the art world. She ripped the hideously-done candy shading off a more talented artist named Kaydee. Her human art sucks ass. Why somebody would want this in their college is anybody's guess.


If anyone at all dares to disagree with her, she runs to her journal in a fraction of a second and makes a giant and poorly written rant on how she is super-original. She also expects her fans to burn their retinas out reading it despite whatever obnoxious color scheme she's bestowed upon her journal. Whenever her shitstorms fail to placate the HAETURZ, she will usually reply with a bitchy one-liner about how they don't understand because their work isn't worth stealing:

"You know...people like us only rant about it because it happens all the damn time. Like every DAY. Its probably doesn't happen to you... so... you don't know what it feels like. 0_o;"


Vanilla Kitsune

Part 1 of TL;DR thief rant that she deleted once attention was called to it here.
Part 2 of TL;DR thief rant.

"I'm popular, you're not... so I don't have to listen to you. I’m always right.


The main problem here is that Vani assumes that everyone else thinks she's the best artist ever, and the first to use any cool idea. This kind of attitude has rendered her completely unable to take critique. Every time anyone is seen giving her even a minor critique you can expect one of three responses: she'll either ignore them, hide behind excuses, or try and puff up her huge mane of fur and state obnoxiously that she knows animal anatomy better than anyone else. When doing her tryouts for the Suta-Raito Advanced oekaki, she even wrote off every single critique into excuses, then got her friends to vote her in.

If more than one person exposes her for the fake she is, she will write another journal throwing another whine fest about how wrong they are and how they can never understand the strain her popularity puts on her. She will delete these journals less than a week after making them, complaining about the problems it's been giving her. This is, of course, just in hopes that she'll get enough of an asspat from her fan base before Anonymous come in, screen cap it, post it up here and point out the stupid shit she said.

To further push her down the spiral of artistic failure, the only times she does acknowledge a critique and/or suggestion is when it comes from one of her SEXTASTIC idols (Huskie, Evana, etc.) She doesn’t actually act on these suggestions, just agrees with them.

In My ED?

On November 25, 2007 Vanilla Kitsune discovered ED and began to BAWWW all over her LiveJournal, devianTART, and... basically anywhere she'd get attention. Not smart enough to actually provide an alias she posted it under her weeaboo sockpuppet, Reversed Pocky. She first decided to write a TL;DR entry discussing copyright claims to her pathetic characters. Figuring (correctly) that nobody on ED would give a shit anyways, she then proceeded to delete fucking everything. This created about 2.72 seconds of e-drama until she learned the hard way that Vandalism is Pointless.

"Removed this page-didn't agree with it at all. and it wasn't factual. You didn't have permission from any of the people to post there art or characters. It was dangeros for us if they one of our characters got stolen. You had no (c) on it or anything. And putting personal info on here isn't right.

any complaints from the person who wrote this please note me at my dA: reversed_pocky. "


—Reversed Pocky

Not only did she misspell dangerous, but she also made the mistake of thinking that Encyclopedia Dramatica would give a shit. Also note the change in tone from bitch to concerned SysOp to offended victim. And on top of it all, she also failed to create an alias, using the exact same username for her Deviantart account and Oekaki account.

She could be seen dividing by zero until the active SysOp put her in her place.

Tits or GTFO



As requested make sure to direct all of your opinions here, Deviantart-favicon.png Reversed Pocky.

Haterz from the DevianTART community.

On Christmas day, 2005 one of VK's biggest fans created a tribute for her [1] and proceeded to rip apart some of her deviations. Anatomy problems and duplicate poses between her pictures were pointed out to her, and as usual VK's best defense was "It's just a reference, it doesn't matter!" (she's famous, you see, so it's okay when she does it).

First she got the wrong color iPod case, now this? Vani is truly a pillar of strength to have overcome this hardship.


You cannot hide.

Vani, under the username Vanikins, wrote a lengthy journal about this article on her LiveJournal. A bit of super sleuthing provided us with her LiveJournal link. When checked a day later, she had made the entry 'Ass KissersFriends Only', perhaps to demonstrate just how much she doesn't really care. Luckily for you, it has been screencapped.

After showing a reference drawn by the old owner of the character, she says this. Can you say ASSHOLE?

General selfishness/fail

Since Vani is too lazy to get a job but wants expensive things, she can be seen whoring out her overpriced commissions everywhere. She has been known to take payment and then refuse to draw anything that isn't a dog, demanding another character even if the commissioner has paid her to draw a human. Not only that, but she'll even create character designs for you! Which you'll probably end up getting sued for, since they're most likely stolen.

She can be seen whining in her journals on Christmas and stating that she didn't get the right color iPod cover or she got some cheaper item rather than the 'super awesome' expensive one she wanted so very much.

Her parents can be seen buying her expensive shit left and right (such as a brand new car as her first one long before she needed one, and fancy clothes). Vani has not had to pay a cent for anything in her life and is a spoiled brat. This complaining of course gets to the heart of her fans who will spend hundreds of dollars on her merchandise, and then pay for postage as well.

Yet not a single fan sees anything in return, not even so much as a thank you doodle. Vani is too 'busy' to thank all her fans. Busy doing what? God knows.

Even when she has tons of commissions to focus on waiting on her dA account (about 50 commissions at last tally because she had to pay for her sextastic trip to Whereeversville) she has no problem spending other peoples' money, saying she's suddenly in an art slump and then running to her LiveJournal exchange community and drawing for them, for FREE.

It gets better! Instead of posting a simple character description she spams half the page with huge descriptions of her Mary Sue furries. She then requests you draw them with their internet fuck buddies, as demonstrated:

"She's a MOMMMYYYY...and a wife. Here's her super nerdy homophobic asshole of a husband. 8| So if you want to make this super awesome ( yes I love that phrase ) and draw them together then, lol here's his refs. Double DOES have an anthro form...there’s just no reference. and Trixy also has a pet Cabbit, named Star-Ohki. (8 "

"DESPITE HER LOVE FOR LYING TO GUYS TO GET WHAT...she wants. Yuna has a super awesome boyfriend, named JASU ...ok... Jason. She likes to call him Jasu because I don’t know, maybe it’s an Asian thing. So if you wanna draw her with him then that would be awesome."

"Hi. She's taken. If you wanna make this SUPERAWESOME you can draw her with her um... boyfriend Reed. Here's his quad and werewolf forms."

As of 2010, Vani's accomplished absolutely fuck-all! She currently attends Ringling College of Art and Design, though how the fuck she got in is beyond the rest of us.

Despite paying 40k a year to attend a decent art school, however, Vani feels no need to exercise work ethic like the rest of her classmates:

ferretsoda: haaaay I has a question for you
xkrisscrossx: hey do you know of a girl in Ill. named Ashley
xkrisscrossx: why are you lookin for her?
ferretsoda: anyway I've no idea what her last name is
she doodles sort of... sparkly art and I wanna find out more about her
xkrisscrossx: aw lol
i can ask my friend isabel
xkrisscrossx: shes a junior
xkrisscrossx: maybe she would know
ferretsoda: couldja? I'd be eternally grateful
all I know is she's black and she's the president of the anthro club, lulz
xkrisscrossx: oh....
xkrisscrossx: i think she was in ca before
xkrisscrossx: and she has really bad work ethic?
ferretsoda: lol really? how so
xkrisscrossx: my friend says she doesnt do anything in class
ferretsoda: wat
xkrisscrossx: and she never turned things in maybe we're confusing them maybe theres another ashley
ferretsoda: well this ashley I know of draws disney-esque stuff and has a big wig
with like, braids in it, or something like that
xkrisscrossx: yeah when she was in CA she never turned anything in
and had the worst work ethic
ferretsoda: lol how did she stay in it then
xkrisscrossx: my friend had class with her
ferretsoda: oh deary
xkrisscrossx: i dont know, thats why she switched i guess
but its continued into illustration
ferretsoda: christ Im wondering what her senior thesis will look like provided it gets in
er, passes
xkrisscrossx: yeah i donno

Some things never change.


The most frightening of these friends is Trixity.  Trixity’s fursona was completely made by Vani and her actual art usually contains eyes larger than the world.  It’s quite the sight.

Vani is aware of how much these friends love her, so she makes her characters date her friends’ fursonas and make ass-babies with them. She assumes that everyone loves these couples as well and will make a reference to them anytime she can.

It appears that any of her devoted minions will argue to infinity about how perfectly Vani captures form and line, despite the fact that she couldn't capture a wet paper bag. Should they be found in a debate about similar artstyles, they are not above attacking those with disabilities in order to distract the "heretics."


VK takes pride in bitching about how much people love to steal her ideas/original style/etc, conveniently ignoring the fact that she was never original from the start. She loves complaining, making long journals and flaunting about how much she hates when people steal her things.

She is, of course, a massive hypocrite. This became evident the second she stumbled across fellow dA user Kaziczek-Wolf. One quick glimpse through her gallery reveals that she is for once the epitome of what Vani bitches about: [2]. Vani lives for this.

Supposedly though, Vani is only 'watching' this artist to 'keep tabs' on her and make sure she doesn't steal any more, when in all seriousness we know that Vani does not possess the attention span nor the mental capacity for anything that reasonable. She's in it for the art and the butt-fuck.

It should be noted that Kaziczek-Wolf evidently "DOES NOT CARE" about this part of the article, thus proving that she is nothing more than a VK cock sucker. Normal common sense should usually tell a person that when their 'friend' is talking behind their back something is wrong, but we must all remember in the world of Disney-Animu nothing has to make sense. This includes anatomy as well as concern for your own wellbeing.

Suicide is FUNNY!

...oh that's too bad. :'3

Vani beat the odds by stooping even lower in her recent LJ post. After crushing on a guy and finding him in a bed with another girl, Vani obviously HATED HER GUTS!! Not that she had a chance with the guy to begin with, since he told her straight to her face that he can't stand her. I wonder why. As Vani mentions in her post, it would seem this girl recently killed herself. Vani's response?

"I mean I thought..him and Mina were having relationship issues NO SHE WENT AND KILLED HERSELF. It's horrbile to laugh but I can't help but chuckle. I couldn't stand this girl. Oh well, GOODBYEEEEEEEEEEE."


—Vani, a woman of morals

That's right, folks. Suicide is nothing to feel bad about, especially if you don't like the person! It's chuckle worthy, even!

Trends/Moar Rape:

Vani, after being shown the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged series by Littlekuriboh, began to quote it during every waking moment of her life, even in her tutorial on how to use oekaki. On a side note, this tutorial is a failure, just like everything else she does.

Vani has stated many times her goal in life: start an animation company with her friends. Before this, she wanted to work at Disney. With a basic knowledge of oekaki and a shit education, I’m sure we can all look forward to her amazing motion pictures soon.

In order to look cool or be one of the cool kids, VK has begun naming the titles of her artistic creations after /b/'s memes such as "So i herd u liek mudkip". But, since she rapes any trend she attaches herself to, she instead mutilates the humor with phrases such as "so I herd u liek Yogurt".


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