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Cat eyes.JPG
LifeInATent, an example of attention whoring at its finest.
The literal meaning of his whoring.

LifeInATent (Powerword: Brian Dennis Martin) or currently Shortshizims BrianRocksYouDont on Know Your Meme and sh2222222222i on YouTube, born in August 29, 1984, went to Jurupa Valley High School and Norco High School, is a 29 year old YouTube Partner manchild who is most known for being one half of the reasons Eric Douglace successfully trolled the internet. Since garnering 20,000 new fanbois and proudly claiming to have owned a 14 year old over the internets, LIAT firmly believes he is alpha as fuck and is the final boss of YouTube. Outside of YouTube he works two full time jobs, traveled the world last year and is a proud member of the cyber police. Prior to becoming an internet celebrity, Brian owned and promoted several scam fast money websites, confirming his Jewly ways.

He has a twin brother named Kevin Martin who goes by the name of WeatherManKevin, also a YouTube partner (thanks to some dick sucking on Brian's part). Kevin claims to be the best weatherman in the world and he takes his meteorology very SRSLY, despite the fact nobody knows who the fuck he is besides LIAT's fanboys. He also claims to have a disease that will cause him to die in roughly 10 years. And he also has a hypocritical girlfriend name Chrissie L. Barmore who goes by the name of MeganLeeHeart aka MeganSpeaks aka TimeWithMegan. Also a YouTube partner by leeching YouTube with 30 second reply video spams with thumbnails of an arrow pointing at her pimpled mole tits that's breaking the rules for misleading spam. She's also a evil psychopathic human being just like LifeInATent.

Before JewTube

Dominica Laspinas Niala Martin the mail order bride of LIAT.

Brian Martin and his twin were born to paraplegic coke dealers in a low class street alley sometime in 1984. Unsurprisingly enough, both were born with Assburger's syndrome. Of course growing up as two scrawny twin retards that rode the short bus to school, the normal kids just called them niggers and beat the shit out of them. Allegedly the pair are well known in the area they live in for being loud mouthed tough guys who act the way they do due to poor self esteem as children. When they turned just about the average age of their subscribers, they decided to abuse steroids and set out to become alpha as fuck.

1. These two "boys" are known throughout their local neighborhoods as nothing but big mouthed, blowhards, who just talk trash and make various idiotic threats and have been known to cause trouble for years.

2. There multitude of claims of fame, wealth, and notoriety are all talk. None of these two own anything at all, other than a couple of beat up cars. The areas that they live are in rundown very lower class and income areas.

3. Both are known by the local Police departments in which they reside and both have had several run-ins with the law enforcement officials. The single of claim of interaction with the police made by Brian Martin is blatantly false and was from only one department.

4. The local TV and Media stations are well aware of their bizarre claims and actions. Despite repeated attempts to self ignite their fame by trying to appear on various media, they are turned down. Their phone calls and emails are constantly ignored. The only things found were their self-submitted articles in "internet papers" and a couple of AM radio talk show 5 minute gigs. None of the media contacted had the slightest interest to have any interaction with them as they have all had the same negative information given to them on these two and realize that they just blow their own horn with nothing to support their claims. Although Martin uses modified NWS data, the NWS 100% realizes these two are all talk of their self importance and find any talk about them to be total entertainment.

5. Both are well considered and recognized by many as most probably having severe emotional and / or mental issues.

6. These two were the scrawny little kids growing up and constantly belittled and abused by others. It was after numerous years they started the Steroid abuse and workouts in another attempt to gain some positive recognition. This is why they constantly post their own pictures and most are seen to be taken of themselves while they stand before cameras and mirrors. This is just another of their ways of trying to prove their self-worth to themselves although no one else is giving this to them.


Brian Martin started out YouTube as MartekTheSuperHero. Originally, his idea was to be called MolestoTheSuperHero, but later changed it to "Martek" so people don't suspect him as a sex offender. This later gave clues of his suspected pedophilia by hitting on underage girls.

The channel was filled with videos that were a trailer for a terribly made “Flying Camper “ trailers for a video game or movie with the main character being Martek the Super Hero shaped after the Willy Wonka fag himself. (None of the videos survived as far as we know)

More recently

Brian still continues to try and herp derp his way back onto Youtube, and even though he claims it has nothing to do with the money and everything to do with teh lulz/trying to prove a point, someone who makes $10,000 a month in monopoly money really should consider investing in a life outside of the world of YouTube. As of today his home interwebz has been shutdown, so he is forced to use dial-up speed library interwebz with all the other higher-class bums with their craptops.

Already contacted them as well as my attorney to have that site down thanks.


—LIAT's reaction to this article

LIAT's Somewhat return

After a long vacation from Jewtube on the 24th of April 2012 LIAT shows his face again with this video.

Re-uploaded by Fantard for Great Justice

Being the marketing genius that he is, Sirliat (as he would be known for a couple of days) created a new Facebook and Twitter page for all his fans to visit:

Trying to Petition LifeInATent Back on Oct 20, 2011!! What a Terrible Idea!!

Apparently, LifeInATent's account's status has been changed from Terminated to Suspended now. If there are 1000 videos petitioning LifeInATent back onto Youtube (however, a partner's Want LifeInATent video would count as 10 videos so only 100 partner videos of such a nature are necessary), then LifeInATent can get his Youtube channel back! Oh no! When he comes back, the butthurt and stupidity levels on Jewtube will raise to well over 9000 and the apocalypse will happen! Let's just hope LifeInATent is NOT brought back onto Youtube because the last thing we need is him back on the Tubes!

UPDATE: Thankfully, he hasn't been petitioned back onto Youtube although we can still FREQUENTLY still see his ugly mug and vileness on his girlfriend's videos of the MeganLeeHeart channel. Therefore, LifeInATent is still enjoying Youtube $$$ from having his GF make videos for him while he arduously struggles with low-paying illegal immigrant jobs! Now the scammer at least has to partially earn a honest living rather than just mooch off easy Youtube money!


What they do on their spare time from whoring.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: MeganSpeaks.

Also known as MeganLeeHeart, the hypocrite attention whoring psychobitch leeching YouTube money with the same tactics LifeInATent did except showing thumbnails of an arrow pointing at her disgusting tits.

Did You Know: ...that LifeInATent is behind the MeganSpeaks scam all this entire time so he can steal YouTube's jew gold and doesn't get instantly banned from YouTube again for his endless serious death threats and talking shit about innocent people dying from disasters?

YouTube's Bonnie & Clyde In Crime: Behind The Botting

It turns out that MeganSpeaks AND LifeInATent are behind the botting the entire fucking time thanks to The Daily Dot news. An anonymous informant has shown The Daily Dot some serious evidence to prove that they're botting to frame not only YouTube Favicon.png DireBoris but YouTube Favicon.png Yogscast and YouTube Favicon.png HappyCabbie as well. Found in chat logs LifeInATent discussing to pay a stolen amount of $920.50 to frame them with 540K views to bot for talking shit against his reply whore MeganSpeaks. They can deny the truth all they want but the truth will still gangbang them in whatever holes they can find to fuck in. You can read all about it below:


It looks like Kevin Martin is carrying on his brothers legacy of Derping his way into drama but this time with us.

A nice message to KMartinTV/LifeInATent
A nice reply from KMartinTV/LifeInATent. Notice the threat.
The whore behind the whore.
Re-uploaded for Great Justice

If by God you actually do knock on his door, he has a dildo aimed right at your ass, that when propelled will rip right into that pretty asshole of yours. Doesn't matter if you're wearing a layer of clothing on your butt, it will rip right through it like Bubba. No matter what gender (or age) you are, he has sexual things that will beat your ass to hell. If somehow you survived being sodomized by the dildo or Brian himself and enter through the front door, you will be greeted by two very fat poodles. They will most likely be starved to the brink of death, forcing them to rip you to shreds for food. There is a very high chance that he doesn't discriminate between an animal and a human being when looking for sex, so we suggest you attack Brian at night, where his dogs are too busy being in bed with him. If somehow you were lucky enough to survive being eaten alive and actually manage to come up the stairs (don't know why you would do that, Brian lives in the basement), you will have fallen into the most diabolical trap man has ever invented: The Titty Twister of Death. Just pray your manboobs don't rip off as it squeezes down on your nipples, twists them, lifts you up, and drops you down with enough force to make ReverendBurn cry! You will be lifted up and dropped down many times, so please make sure you're CP doesn't fall out of your pockets! You will be thrown down the stairs, and you will land in another dildo at the foot of the stairs. Gee, I wonder why Brian Martin has so many dildos lying around his house? See: Faggot

TL;DR You should go there, kill Brian and Kevin Martin, skullfuck MeganLeeHeart to death, then proceed to rape their women and murder their pets or the other way around, DO IT FAGGOT!

Failbook War

On April of 2011, several failbook users opened a fan page by the name of LifeENDSinATent (a name inspired by the BlackBusterCritic who also made LifeInATent butthurt). Originally, the failbook fan page was only for people against LifeInATent by posting screen-caps, links to "Exposing LifeInATent" videos, reopenings of LifeInATent channels, and many, many, many more.

LifeInATent was lured in to the page by accident, discovering all the true information regarding himself could ruin his reputation on more social networking sites. At the time, his name on failbook was and maybe still is Jihab Duhal. So what he did was to slander the moderaters and the fans of the page, but always ending up butthurt after each fail attempt. One of the most notable fails was on June 16, where he got butthurt to the point he was commenting random and disturbing words. You can see the evidence here ---->LifeInATent Album of Fail #1.

The fun didn't last for long, on June 22, LifeENDSinATent was terminated along with the accounts of the moderators by a false report made by LifeInATent himself after being butthurt...several times.

On March 17th 2012 on his Facebook he announce his final farewells to the internets and babble that he was trolling and won. What he really knows that he's in deep shit and has his KMartinTV account terminated. Which only leaves MeganSpeaks to terminate next, and the cataclysm will be finally over.

Running A Scammed Website

LifeInATent runs a cash gifting website where he wants people to give him thousands of dollars for no reason. Yes, it's another of his scamming websites. You too can help him by donating zero dollars. It's better than nothing.

Examples of LifeInATent's Death Threats, General Butthurtness and Hypocrisy

The cycle of LifeInATent as MrInternetable. Butthurt, threat, butthurt, block, and more butthurt. Word bubble is exploitable so go nuts.
"This goes to everyone who wants to fuck with me. Be prepared, this is me BITCHES!" Threaten LIAT with a bottle of chocolate milk.
A thousand truths fucks LIAT's ass with solid evidence.

The legal team has sent you a cease and desist notice from my offices. REMOVE this article now as it is defamation of character and libel.


—Quote the butthurt bully Kevin Martin AKA LifeInATent 2: Electric Boogaloo

The real truth behind LifeInATent.
The Fake Owner of the LlATPARODY channel Calls out ED
LifeInATent Is Now Denying He Did Steroids
This been re-uploaded by Fantard for Great Justice
Denying He Did Cash Gifting
This been re-uploaded by Fantard for Great Justice
LifeInATent's Butthurt Rant
This been re-uploaded by Fantard for Great Justice
LifeInATent's Butthurt Death Threats
Epic Butthurtness and Final Death Threats!
LoL @ Such Death Pathetic Threats!!

That is why people use video screen captures of his frivolous threats so that he can't falsely claim that those threats were photoshopped! Of course, he still tries to deny those threats were made by him, but at that point most people just tell him to stop bullshitting. The reason people are exposing LIAT of his wrong-doings is because they want the truth about LIAT to be heard!


—from anyone who isn't a brainwashed fan of his and can therefore see the truth.

Photographic Evidence About missing Pics

The Definition of LifeInATent

Insanity (in-san-i-tee)

1.) the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind. Synonyms: dementia, lunacy, madness, craziness, mania, aberration.

2.) such unsoundness of mind as frees one from legal responsibility, as for committing a crime, or as signals one's lack of legal capacity, as for entering into a contractual agreement.

3.) excellent description of LifeInATent

Quote The LIAT:

You should know that I do not have any respect for "laws" as it is not needed nor do they govern my life. A life I live on my terms. I am a full anarchist. The law does not exist in my eyes and many people should realize that and defend their own.


—LIAT as YouTube Favicon.png sh2222222222i admitting he is a criminal and a law breaker.

You got banned, good. You’re welcome. Next time don’t be a prick to Megan and of course myself, dip. Now that you’re banned, you can have a real life. Punk.


—LIAT as BrianRocksYouDont to a certain Gabe Newell he's harassing at Know Your Meme for posting stuff about him and his pet dog Megan.

I'm working on taking Zaiger, owner of ED to prison. I found US laws that will be happy to prosecute him.


Personal private message from LifeInATent as YouTube Favicon.png MrInternetable, still trying and failing to take down ED now that Megan's criminal mom Betty Marie Barmore is posted on her article.

Do people actually believe in Encyclopedia-Dumatica? (spelled wrong on purpose) I think the articles are full of shit with lies. RT


—LIAT using MrInternetable Twitter about ED.

Also, please understand that I used to exploit tragedies before I realized it was morally wrong. After that I completely changed. This video is meant to prove that MrRepzion has the same flaws and can change if he is decent enough to do so.


— Well, look who's talking! For someone who just admitted he is willing to cash in on the next earthquake after being butthurt on the Next Quote.

Dont worry pal, next earthquake i'm going to go hardcore on the trolling and make a shit ton of money. You'll see and there is nothing your punk ass will do about it either. The sooner you realize you waste time doing shit that doesn't matter to society the better. Now kindly F yourself with a broom stick and grieve over your dead parents you freakin liar.


LIATReborn showing his true color and being butthurt once more.

Truly the dumbest video i've seen. I am glad to be the one to waste your invaluable time. God it feels so good knowing how much time I waste out of your my pathetic lives.


LIATReborn talking about himself. Please take note of the "I" word in his comment.



LIATReborn final threat after seemly losing his mind.

You best tell me where the fuck you live so I could fucking kill your fucking bitch ass self slowly with a knife across your fucking throat


— SpeakUpBro's puppet resorting to his number one disturbing threat in his rage.

I know people. No miracle. How get a life right the fuck now


— SpeakUpBro's puppet basically telling other to get a life because he got butthurt.

Talking to me like a fuckin adult. so go for it. Lets see if you take my advice and maybe just maybe I will try and see yours but the more you keep using those usernames the more I am for sure bound to continue ripping into you.


— Said the childish and insensitive man with an nonexistent credibility.

You arr the fucking psychopath using that username you fucking idiot. Until you stop harassing people to that extent you will NEVER get any sort of credibility you fucking moron. I mean it's not rocket science and you are trying to give me advice? This is my internet more than it is yours dude. I have been on here way longer than you and first used Youtube the MONTH it came out back in 2005 so I wouldn't even start with me. If you want my good side, you can start by losing the usernames and cont


— Speakupbro's puppet trying to act tough by using the facts about himself to slander other and lying about being on Youtube since it first come out in 2005 when he there only for four years.

Oh BTW no strikes on those accounts lmfao!!!!! its called opening new accounts and staying perm.


— SpeakUpBro's puppet frivolous explanation why he decide to abandon SpeakUpBro and open LIATReborn.

Keep your shit up, fool. You're about to lose that account of yours today.


— SpeakUpBro AKA LifeInATent common vacuous threats to bigger Youtubers in his single minded attempts to suppress the truth from leaking out about his hypocrisy.

This one is gonna be gone this week too.


— SpeakUpBro AKA LifeInATent threatening to takedown another innocent Youtuber, YouTube Favicon.png IMirroredThisBro, for exposing the facts and truth about him. Butthurt much?

The description to the ED article is the reason this will be flagged. Change it or this video is gone. Final warning. Getting flagged, loser


— SpeakUpBro AKA LifeInATent blackmailing a innocent Youtuber, YouTube Favicon.png 21cbb, to remove the truth about MeganSpeaks or else he would flag him down out of being butthurt.

If they keep harassing me and my person or persons then yes I will threaten to kill them and I'm not even kidding. I'm fucking sick of these god damn keyboard warriors. I DARE them to tell me where they live.


—LifeInATent playing victim and resorting to violence after being butthurt.

Its called a fucking contest. You are NOT ALLOWED to do CASH CONTESTS and are you fucking stupid? Do you even fucking know that I LOST my channels for the stupid contests that I did? You dumb fucking moron. Educate yourself you piece of shit, you don't fucking know me.


— LifeInATent lying about why Youtube terminated his accounts.

Wanna make a bet? You're forgetting who the fuck you're talking to aren't you? Don't underestimate the best you faggot


—Common empty threats from LifeInATent.

You're right. I went to jail in 05 for fighting when I defended a cousin. I doubt these shit talkers are serious either.


—Serves you right douchebag.

Typical messages from Brian Martin start with "Fuck you!" and often involve death threats like this one here.


While you're down at their place please give them a old fashion ass kicking.

Brian Martin (The First Goggled Man) & Chrissie Barmore (The Hypocritical Reply Girl)

  • Name: LifeInATent, Call of Duty Comedy or LIAT
  • Real Name: Brian Martin
  • Current Address: 941 Cimarron Lane. Corona, CA 92879-8232 (House owned by Ramir & Lerrie Niala because LIAT & Megan are so poor they can't afford an apartment.)
  • Telephone: 951-496-4125
  • IP Address: (Used it to vandalize ED)
  • Email Address: [email protected]

Kevin Martin (The Return of the Goggled Man)

Kyle Lomax (The #1 Fanboy & #1 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Raider)

  • Name: K-lo, Kloboyswag, ViralnessParodys, Fanboy, Lard Butt, Kyle the Hutt, or Fatass
  • Real Name: Kyle Lomax
  • Hometown: Palmdale, CA
  • Current Address: 2769 White Ave #F. Chico, CA 95973 OR 16 Robbye Ln Searcy, AR 72143
  • Telephone: +1.1-530-828-9684

List Of People Living Here

  • Ramir Niala & Lerrie Niala - Owners of the house and parents of Dominica Laspinas Niala Martin.
  • Dominica Laspinas Niala Martin - The mail order bride of Brian Martin.
  • Brian Martin - The goggled internet tough guy and whore LifeInATent.
  • Chrissie Barmore - The hypocritical reply girl and serious attention whore MeganLeeHeart.

YouTube, Sock, and Misc. Accounts

Add as you go... Add only relevant accounts regarding LifeInATent only!!! If any are left out, please do so and add them!


  • YouTube Favicon.png sh2222222222i - His newest account which he is avidly using to white knight his stupid fiance Megan as usual[1]. He is also apparently threatening TheAmazingGaytheist's assclown YouTube Favicon.png MrRepzion that he will kill him at vidcon this year.
  • BrianRocksYouDont - His brand new Know Your Meme account and hiding spot. LIAT is only using this account to start shit with a certain Gabe Newell for posting photos and video clips of both him and Megan. Because they're more butthurt and not satisfied enough, he create multiple bots to stalk and spam thumbs down everything he and his friends says. There's a chance Episode 3 will be delayed again.


Active Socks

Terminated Socks

Misc. Accounts

Terminated Misc. Accounts

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