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This user has proven their worth to ED under the guidance of the holy Pope Meepsheep and has been named an honorary member of the prestigious #Meepcrew. As a result, they will likely show excessive love for catgirls, admiration of Lil B, undying support of the black homosexual community, Adventure Time avocation, and rampant Pynchon fanboyism. Keep in mind they are your intellectual superior, but you can be this cool too someday!

Please enable them with channel ops and powerful hallucinogens at all opportunities.

Hi, I'm Meepsheep. I work as a psychologist for the department of defense. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or via Twitter at @meepsheepfever

Thank you :^)

(& thank you based god)

Texan traphouse.jpg
its that fall 97 bro